Ian Fleming

If I were prime minister, by Ian Fleming

14 May 2015 19:35

This article was first published in The Spectator on 9 October, 1959. I am a totally non-political animal. I prefer the name of the Liberal Party to the name of any… Continue reading


Like all the best spiritual leaders, this diet theologian will leave you trembling

16 April 2015 17:19

Eat. Nourish. Glow., the healthy eating book currently number one in at least three Amazon categories, came to my attention recently while I was in a stew of self-loathing over… Continue reading


Does George Osborne really lock his office fridge at night?

18 November 2014 17:11

It seems the most exciting thing to come out of today’s Commons press gallery lunch with Danny Alexander was the Chief Secretary to the Treasury’s claim that George Osborne locks… Continue reading

Blairite food. Getty Images

Are bowls of pasta Blairite?

29 October 2014 18:54

If Thatcher was Britain’s Bonaparte, then Blair was most certainly our Louis-Philippe. It was during the reign of the latter that the bourgeoisie came to dominate the status quo in… Continue reading


The limits of ‘superfood’ – debunking broccoli

17 October 2014 16:43

Over in my day job, I recently wrote a piece about ‘superfoods’ and the myths that a particular kind of food can protect you from illnesses. The only food advice… Continue reading

Image: Getty

And the best private hospital for food is… 

29 August 2014 16:50

News today that the government is going to try to improve NHS food with that old New Labour favourite, the league table. Not that I’m knocking it – I’ve been… Continue reading


Ten foods to tackle diabetes

7 August 2014 14:58

Diabetes is spreading to epic proportions in the UK. It affects 3.2 million people, a figure which has doubled since 1996 and is expected to rise to five million by… Continue reading

Stansted Airport. Photo: Bethany Clarke/Getty

Airports are hell – no wonder staycations are growing in popularity

28 July 2014 13:10

Last week I experienced the horror of Stansted Airport. I had paid for a fast track through security to avoid the hell of standing in a queue for an hour… Continue reading

Image: Clarissa Leahy/Getty Images

Picnics are ridiculous. Don’t expect me or my dog to have any respect for them

16 June 2014 13:31

In the past few weeks my poor dog Maisie has been screamed at, threatened, vilified and monstered, just as she is every summer. Why? Because as soon as the weather… Continue reading

A plaque honouring the first Indian rest

Edible food: a triumph of immigration and globalisation

3 June 2014 12:43

As usual I enjoyed Hugo Rifkind’s column in the Times today. His central point that fights, whether on Europe or Scotland or whatever, can’t be ducked forever and that complacency is fatal… Continue reading


Masterchef is a food programme by tossers for tossers

19 May 2014 12:47

There is so much to hate about massively successful TV series Masterchef that I have been glued to it for ten years. But then I always watch Nigel Farage when… Continue reading

77 H7N9 Bird Flu Cases Confirmed In China

Don’t chicken out of labelling food

9 May 2014 16:05

Do you know where the chicken in your lunchtime sandwich came from? Where it lived and how it died? For most people, the answer’s probably no, so it might have… Continue reading


Today in #middleclassproblems: worrying how your lamb was killed

8 May 2014 16:06

It doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t. At least not very much. The notion, apparently scandalous, that the Great British food market is being contaminated – sorry, infiltrated – by meat… Continue reading

Activists Protest Kosher Slaughter

It’s not acceptable to pass off halal food without telling us

8 May 2014 13:53

    It matters; it really does, if meat from animals conscious when killed is being passed off on us by stealth by supermarkets, schools and restaurants. It wouldn’t be… Continue reading


The poetry and poignancy of the Consumer Prices Index

14 March 2014 9:39

Tufted carpets out, flavoured milk in. Canvas shoes in, take away coffee out. Last year we accepted spreadable butter, dropped round lettuce. In 2006 we let in the chicken kiev… Continue reading

Image: Getty

If this picture puts your toddler off his lunch, he should consider vegetarianism

28 February 2014 14:40

How can we encourage children to be closer to nature, when 80% of Britons live in urban areas? This is the question that Michael Gove attempts to answer in his… Continue reading

Image: Getty

MP tries to remove the poison from the food debate

14 February 2014 16:24

One of the more unpalatable news stories of the week was the survey by West Yorkshire councils that seemingly innocuous food was made up of all sorts of things that… Continue reading

A dramatic, gory picture does not necessarily tell the whole story. (Image: Michael Heath)

Let them eat whale

30 January 2014 11:28

If the Faroe Islanders want to eat whale, let them. So says Tim Ecott in today’s Spectator. He argues that the Faroese – who live on dramatic and remote islands… Continue reading


My January diet and detox – anything to stay in the middle class

9 January 2014 15:20

Like many of you folks out there, I’m currently engaged in the thinly-disguised admission of alcoholism that is ‘Dry January’. I’m also on a diet, and this week have eaten… Continue reading

HRH Princess Anne, The Princess Royal, riding Stevie B, falls at the water jump during the cross country equestrian event at the Badminton Horse Trials on 1st May 1982.

Let us eat horse

15 November 2013 19:09

Could creating a UK market for horsemeat be the solution to the increasing number of equine welfare cases? This was the question posed by Princess Anne yesterday at World Horse… Continue reading

Meadham Kirchhoff - Runway - LFW F/W 2013

Brazen marketing pitch of the day

3 September 2013 14:05

Marketing types are desperately jostling for a piece of the action at London Fashion Week, which starts at the end of the month. Take an irony-free press release trying to flog… Continue reading

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King Rib supper, single smoked sausage, pickled onions, saltnsauce. My supper yesterday, actually.

George Orwell’s lesson for Jamie Oliver

27 August 2013 17:08

Jamie Oliver, eh, what a card? Why can’t Britain’s revolting poor eat better food? If they can afford televisions they can afford mussels and rocket too, don’t ya know? Something… Continue reading

Scott's has survived the Nigella crisis. In fact, it's thriving. (VALERY HACHE/AFP/GettyImages)

No Nigella slump for Scott’s

24 July 2013 17:14

You might have thought that being the scene of a tabloid sensation — and one concerning a national treasure — could have spelled a tricky period for Scott’s of Mayfair. Not a… Continue reading

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Dr. Raquel Chan displays test plants (Ar

Owen Paterson’s thoughtful GM revolution

20 June 2013 21:55

Bravo to Owen Paterson for making such an extensive and detailed case for the value of genetically-modified crops today. That he gave this speech to Rothamsted Research at all is… Continue reading

If we're throwing away around a third of food in a country where demand for foodbanks is mushrooming, there's a problem that ministers must talk about.

Labour ignores reality with its political hunger games

26 April 2013 13:07

There are few things more frustrating in politics than attempts to shut down a valid debate about a real social problem using the speaker’s personal circumstances. Today’s victim appears to… Continue reading