Ed Miliband's Minister for Women is likely to be one of Harriet Harman's spiritual daughters; but that's not the only - or even the best - reason to be suspicious of the post. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Why must we have a Minister for Women?

15 April 2014 17:41

Does it make you feel better about yourself, girls, ladies, to know that if Labour’s elected, Ed Miliband will have a Secretary of State for Women, and Equalities, with Cabinet… Continue reading

Operation Buzzard

Women should not fight on the frontline

10 April 2014 13:44

Writing in the Spectator Diary some time ago, the evergreen Peregrine Worsthorne, observed that one of the things about getting on was that you ended up forgetting the reason why… Continue reading

Women should have access to all areas of the army (Photo: Scott Olson/Getty)

Let women fight on the front line, but only if they pass the tests

8 April 2014 11:17

The head of the British Army has given the clearest sign yet that women will soon be given the right to fight on the front line in a combat role.… Continue reading

A poor attempt at protest (Photo: http://itooamoxford.tumblr.com/)

A selfie isn’t a form of protest, it’s a form of narcissism

20 March 2014 15:20

How to protest these days? You can’t rely on our music industry to kick out a good protest song, and the film industry does a pretty feeble job. So once… Continue reading

Tony Benn and Emily Davison (Photos: Hulton Archive/Getty)

Tony Benn – feminist

14 March 2014 12:05

You may not have agreed with the late Tony Benn’s politics, but as Mary Wakefield points out in her interview with him, ‘his faith in humanity had deep roots’. And… Continue reading

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Mary Wollstonecraft. Image: Getty

What would Mary Wollstonecraft make of today’s feminism?

7 March 2014 13:02

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day, and no doubt it will be marked by plenty of discussions about internet misogyny, everyday sexism, the war on women and all the other things… Continue reading

(Photo: Reuters/Stefan Wermuth)

Janet Street Porter chickens out of Mensch showdown

27 February 2014 11:58

Gobby Janet Street Porter has been silenced – for today at least. She pulled out of this morning’s edition of the BBC’s Daily Politics just two hours before broadcast when she… Continue reading

Mutilating young girls is not something Britain should tolerate (Photo: AFP/ Nichole Sobecki)

The campaign against FGM must ignore intersectionality

25 February 2014 17:58

Two terms have been bouncing around a lot recently: FGM and intersectionality. Julie Burchill dealt with the latter in the Spectator last week, and triggered an angry reaction, proving that… Continue reading

Julie Burchill and Paris Lees.

Podcast: Julie Burchill vs. Paris Lees, Putin’s plan to rule the world and Cameron’s love for Angela Merkel

20 February 2014 8:00

What is intersectionality and why is it ruining feminism? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Julie Burchill and Paris Lees debate the current state of feminism and whether intersectionality… Continue reading

Many young people are comfortable with ideological purity; they are offended by compromise. This is why they are angry, self-righteous and intolerant. (NICOLAS ASFOURI/AFP/Getty Images)

Why are feminists intolerant? It’s age, not sex

7 February 2014 16:06

There has been a lot of comment about a recent Michelle Goldberg piece in the Nation on feminism in social media and how incredibly unpleasant feminists are to each other.… Continue reading


Feminism must pay attention to the boys let down by our education system

4 February 2014 12:39

The Universities and Colleges Admission Service (UCAS) has released its latest admission statistics, and they aren’t pretty. Of the 580,000 people that applied for places at British institutions, 333,700 of… Continue reading

Ann Clwyd has announced that she will not be standing for re-election in 2015. The seventh female Labour MP to do so. (ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images)

Tories and Labour both losing 8% of their female MPs

3 February 2014 12:51

Another day, another female MP decides to quit politics. Ann Clwyd has announced that, after 30 years in the Commons, she will not be standing in 2015. Female MPs have… Continue reading


Sorry Laurie Penny, but the patriarchy likes short hair

28 January 2014 15:34

Boy oh boy do I feel sorry for Laurie Penny. I hope that’s not a sexist thing to say. There she is, doing what she does, churning out perfectly harmless po-mo guff… Continue reading

John Snow has some interesting ideas about sex.

Jon Snow: sex expert

27 January 2014 14:25

Jon Snow’s interview in the Standard today makes for perfect post-lunch reading: ‘Sex comes into every evaluation of a woman, there’s no doubt about it. It’s there. Once you’ve established… Continue reading

Actress and director Lena Dunham is at the centre of a body-ogling row between two women's publications. (FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images)

Ugliness and cynicism – all in the name of feminism

21 January 2014 12:27

Another day, another ‘victory’ in the name of feminism. Jezebel, the feminist blog aimed at women’s interests, last week offered $10,000 to anyone who could provide them with ‘unaltered’ images… Continue reading


Nigel Farage missed the point about ‘young, able women’

20 January 2014 16:09

Nigel Farage isn’t afraid ‘to court controversy’ over the issue of women’s pay. Speaking on the issue of equal pay, he described how a pay gap exists because women who… Continue reading


Women shouldn’t see fertility treatment as a lifestyle choice

17 January 2014 16:50

Pasted between adverts for chewing gum and the latest Hollywood blockbuster, a series of adverts on the tube are currently flogging ‘fertility for the over-40s’. They come at a time… Continue reading

Gender segregation at universities in the UK is the latest example of the left's moral cowardice and inaction. Female genital mutilation is another example. (SIMON MAINA/AFP/Getty Images)

‘The left’ doesn’t matter; but its cowardice does

17 December 2013 18:02

I know it’s not quite the year’s end. But I think the sweetest words I heard in 2013 are already set: ‘The left doesn’t really matter’. Those words were said… Continue reading

What would Rosa Parks have made of this shameful hypocrisy over segregation?

The segregation of women and the appeasement of bigotry at Britain’s universities (part two)

11 December 2013 13:04

On the Today programme this morning Justin Webb covered the decision by Universities UK to allow fundamentalist speakers to segregate women from men at public meetings. With a characteristic disdain… Continue reading

David Cameron meets Saudi Arabia's Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud, who is no liberal. (FAHAD SHADEED/AFP/Getty Images)

The Malala phenomenon – as seen from Pakistan

23 November 2013 9:30

Mixed emotions stirred here in Pakistan when Malala Yousafzai came within kissing distance of the Nobel Prize. The reaction was reminiscent of how we felt when Sharmeen Chinoy’s Saving Face was up… Continue reading

(Photo: YouTube)

‘Miley Cyrus vs Lily Allen’ is not a worthy battle for feminism

14 November 2013 18:33

If ever there was reason to believe that feminism has lost its way, then it is found in the current debate about bottoms. It all began with twerking – the… Continue reading

Women are banned from driving in Saudi Arabia. Ed West suggests that, given the appalling road safety standards in Saudi, men ought to be banned too. (FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP/Getty Images)

Should Saudi men be allowed to drive?

5 November 2013 15:47

It’s important that newspapers make themselves sounding boards for unpopular opinions, especially in an age when identity is sacred and people are judged by having the right views rather than… Continue reading

New Zealand Celebrates ANZAC Day

The View from 22 podcast books special: World War I and grave hunting

5 November 2013 10:35

I’m delighted to present the first View from 22 books podcast. We begin with Allan Mallinson’s new book 1914: Fight the Good Fight (reviewed here by Peter J. Conradi), which argues… Continue reading

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Women breastfeed their babies on July 24

My views on breast-feeding in public are politically indecent

31 October 2013 18:32

The Daily Mail has got itself into a bit of a lather over a “young mum” who was asked not to breast feed her baby at a swimming pool in… Continue reading

An Alternative View Of The Liberal Democrats Annual Party Conference

Real feminists stand up for women

18 October 2013 12:42

As Edmund Burke wrote: ‘Manners are of more importance than laws. Upon them, in a great measure, the laws depend.’ Testify, brother – and if our lawmakers have no manners,… Continue reading