Jess Phillips and Philip Davies

Philip Davies interview: I don’t like being bullied

6 January 2017 10:30

Philip Davies originally wanted to be a journalist but decided against it after coming to the conclusion that he lacked…

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The ‘Women’s March’ on Washington is a protest against democracy

5 January 2017 10:33

The ‘Women’s March’ on Washington might not have actually happened yet but it can already be judged a success. Few demonstrations…


Forget ‘soft’ feminism. I want my feminism ‘hard’

6 November 2016 9:00

Can you be a Disney princess and the feminist messiah? I wondered this earlier this week, upon seeing new images…


Glamour’s ‘women of the year’ awards are a feminist farce

3 November 2016 17:30

Glamour magazine has announced its annual women of the year awards, and, this year, they’re naming a man of the…


The Labour party’s struggle with the F-word

29 September 2016 22:05

This year, Labour’s Women Conference saw Harriet Harman take to the stand to describe Theresa May as ‘no sister‘. Hoping…

Richard Neville, the central editor of Oz magazine, with his girlfriend Louise Ferrier in 1968 (Photo: Getty)

The Swinging Sixties should be renamed the Seedy Sixties

9 September 2016 10:56

You know you’re getting old not when the policemen start looking young, but when a public figure dies and you…

Unconditional love is a dangerous delusion

22 August 2016 16:10

When I think about love, that old line by William Goldman about Hollywood comes back to me: Nobody knows anything.…

Kevin Roberts, the chairman of advertising agency Saatchi and Saatchi, has been put on leave for saying the debate on gender bias in the industry is 'all over' (Photo: Getty)

Saatchi’s sexism row suggests feminists can’t handle debate

2 August 2016 11:46

Forget Pimm’s, sunburn and rain abandoned picnics. What really makes summer is a heap of outrage directed at an old…

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The show’s over for the Women’s Equality Party

20 July 2016 10:34

In the post-Brexit upheaval, the Women’s Equality Party (WEP) has fallen out of sight. Its members once told us ‘WE can,…

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The reason Theresa May is the better candidate has nothing to do with motherhood

9 July 2016 10:58

Well! It hasn’t taken long for the commentariat to get over their excitement at the prospect of another female prime…

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world

Labour preach feminism. Tories practise it

7 July 2016 17:45

So now it is certain: the Conservatives will produce Britain’s second female Prime Minister, after Andrea Leadsom eliminated Michael Gove…


Sadiq Khan’s advert ban shows he is an illiberal censor at heart

14 June 2016 12:20

Six weeks ago I was one of the 1.3 million Londoners who voted for Sadiq Khan as mayor. Boy do…

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Glastonbury’s ‘women-only’ venue deserves to sink into the mud

9 June 2016 16:40

It was only a matter of time before Glastonbury, the world’s most middle-class festival, caught up with the latest political…

The most appalling thing about Hillary Clinton is that she makes Donald Trump seem like a crazed feminist choice for 45th president (Photo: Getty)

Hillary Clinton’s nomination is a setback for feminism

8 June 2016 11:46

Women of the world unite! Back Hillary Clinton! Otherwise, prepare to be damned to that special place in hell that…

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan delivers a speech, flanked by his wife Emine (Photo: Getty)

President Erdogan’s views about women should terrify European feminists

7 June 2016 13:13

As I entered my 30s I remember thinking how lucky I was. I had a successful career, owned property and…

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Muhammad Ali embodied everything lefties hate about ‘lad culture’

7 June 2016 9:52

Every wet leftie has been paying tribute to Muhammad Ali over the past 72 hours. Which is kind of weird…

Colouring book for adults

Women are becoming more and more infantile. It’s time to grow up, girls

27 May 2016 13:10

I consider myself such an extreme feminist that I make Germaine Greer look like Greer Garson. (Ask your gran.) But…

Harriet Harman is wrong to say Kardashian’s naked selfies are any different from Page Three

26 May 2016 12:30

It’s official, Kim Kardashian’s naked selfies have been given the Labour party seal of approval by Harriet Harman. On ITV’s…


Forget Zac — the Women’s Equality Party are the real fearmongers

5 May 2016 10:36

Imagine using the politics of fear to try to get elected in a city as buzzing and optimistic as London.…


The BBC should commission a Christian version of Woman’s Hour

2 May 2016 16:48

In his new book God is No Thing: Coherent Christianity, Rupert Shortt notes that religion is in some ways taken…

Middle-class feminist manuals worth ignoring

Women don’t need feminist instruction manuals

23 April 2016 10:17

Another day, another instruction manual is published on how to be female. ‘Girl Up’ by Laura Bates, author of ‘Everyday…

Donald Trump's wife Melania speaks to supporters at a campaign before the Wisconsin primary (Photo: Getty)

Republicans have started using feminism to fight Donald Trump

6 April 2016 13:59

Washington DC In La Crosse, Wisconsin, on Monday night, Donald Trump said, ‘If we do well here, folks, it’s over.’…


Britain’s young men are falling further and further behind. Does anyone care?

8 March 2016 14:56

The toughest causes to campaign for are those which are not fashionable. To fight racism in the 1950s or stand up for…

Lena Dunham claimed the image of her on the cover of Tentaciones magazine had been Photoshopped. It hadn't.

No, Lena Dunham, the world isn’t out to get you

3 March 2016 12:15

The face of young feminism, Lena Dunham, took a break from campaigning to #FreeKesha this week to focus on the issue…


Is flashing at a man the best way to punish him? I’m unconvinced

19 February 2016 16:00

I’ll never forget the first ‘Funisher’ I met. It was sometime in the late 1980s when you could meet all sorts…