Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands’ pitch to Jeremy Corbyn falls on deaf ears

26 September 2016 19:32

In a crowded field, one of Jeremy Corbyn’s more controversial suggestions during his time as Labour leader has been putting…

Alicia Castro, Argentine ambassador to the UK (Photo: Juan Mabromata/Getty)

Argentina’s ambassador to the UK trolls the Tory backbenchers

3 March 2015 12:36

Nothing like a bit of Argie-bargie to get the Tory backbenchers going. Mr S has been passed a letter and…

British sailors re-enacting a scene from the battle of the Falkland Islands for a film.  (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)

The Spectator at war: Blood and water

10 December 2014 8:30

From News of the Week, The Spectator, 12 December 1914: An incident connected with the naval action off the Falkland Islands…

Maximilian von Spee – a German admiral whose command attacked British shipping and troop vessels after the outbreak of war

The Spectator at war: Revenge on the seas

8 December 2014 8:30

From News of the Week, The Spectator, 12 December 1914: The week has been a week of good news. Last…

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has gone on the attack over the Falklands in today's newspapers. Picture: Getty

Cristina Kirchner forgets the most important people in the Falklands row: the Islanders

3 January 2013 9:20

The British government has been gently rattling the bars in its stand-off with Argentina over the Falklands of late: giving…


Max Hastings, John Keegan and Falklands - Spectator Blogs

10 August 2012 12:07

In a notebook from Iceland in this week’s magazine, Max Hastings pays tribute to the late Sir John Keegan with,…