Falkland Islands

Alicia Castro, Argentine ambassador to the UK (Photo: Juan Mabromata/Getty)

Argentina’s ambassador to the UK trolls the Tory backbenchers

3 March 2015 12:36

Nothing like a bit of Argie-bargie to get the Tory backbenchers going. Mr S has been passed a letter and booklet sent by the Argentine Embassy in London to all… Continue reading

British sailors re-enacting a scene from the battle of the Falkland Islands for a film.  (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)

The Spectator at war: Blood and water

10 December 2014 8:30

From News of the Week, The Spectator, 12 December 1914: An incident connected with the naval action off the Falkland Islands which has touched us deeply, and which we are sure… Continue reading

Maximilian von Spee – a German admiral whose command attacked British shipping and troop vessels after the outbreak of war

The Spectator at war: Revenge on the seas

8 December 2014 8:30

From News of the Week, The Spectator, 12 December 1914: The week has been a week of good news. Last in order but first in importance comes the naval victory… Continue reading

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has gone on the attack over the Falklands in today's newspapers. Picture: Getty

Cristina Kirchner forgets the most important people in the Falklands row: the Islanders

3 January 2013 9:20

The British government has been gently rattling the bars in its stand-off with Argentina over the Falklands of late: giving the Queen a stretch of land in Antarctica which Cristina… Continue reading


Max Hastings, John Keegan and Falklands - Spectator Blogs

10 August 2012 12:07

In a notebook from Iceland in this week’s magazine, Max Hastings pays tribute to the late Sir John Keegan with, among other things, a notable anecdote: ‘One day at the… Continue reading

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