Flowers and tributes left for David Bowie at an impromptu shrine in Brixton

Daft celebrity mourners have made 2016 the year of the ‘Tearleader’

19 December 2016 15:27

Despite my ‘difficult’ reputation, I am a cheery cove in real life, all the more so as I get older.…

Corporation tax, Facebook and Italian banks

21 November 2016 12:47

Corporation Tax The Prime Minister will today pledge to match the lowest corporation tax rates within the G20 — even…


Facebook blocks Admiral from using profiles to price car insurance. But what of Facebook’s privacy credentials?

4 November 2016 11:24

For one in seven people alive today, Facebook is their window on the world. More than one billion of them…

Colorful lead glass window at the Canterbury Cathedral

How ‘spiritual’ people are spreading anti-Jewish poison on Facebook: a vicar blows the whistle

28 October 2016 11:56

Nazi-inspired conspiracy theories are gaining popularity among liberal Facebook users who think of themselves as ‘spiritual but not religious’. That’s the claim…


Where should the line be drawn over the famous Kim Phuc photograph?

10 September 2016 10:47

Can you imagine, in the wake of a terror attack in London, a tabloid, or any other kind of media…


How scheming ratbags spread lies on social media

3 September 2016 12:41

It’s a safe bet that any post starting ‘What the mainstream media won’t tell you’, or words to that effect,…


Facebook is helping the left to eat itself

22 May 2016 7:42

I hate Facebook, mostly because it’s full of other people’s happiness. I appreciate this makes me a terrible person, but…


The internet’s war on free speech

10 May 2016 16:12

The dream of internet freedom has died. What a dream it was. Twenty years ago, nerdy libertarians hailed the web…


Facebook’s ‘Motherhood Challenge’ is designed for sad exhibitionists

5 February 2016 17:06

Further proof that social media is fundamentally evil comes by way of Facebook’s Motherhood Challenge. It has been doing the…


Yes, we wear poppies. But we don’t print our faces onto them

18 November 2015 15:57

‘What’s worse: people who add French flags to their Facebook profiles, or those who sneer at them?’ asks my colleague…

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 10.40.16

What’s worse: people who add French flags to their Facebook profiles, or those who sneer at them?

18 November 2015 10:41

Robert Frost famously defined poetry as the moment when emotion finds thought, and the thought finds words. But in the…


A big ‘like’ to the ‘dislike’ button – Facebook should be a forum, not an echo chamber

16 September 2015 11:37

Stormy seas ahead for the virtue signallers of this world. Mark Zuckerberg has indicated that he may soon introduce a…

Labour's candidate for Leader Liz Kendal takes part in a hustings in The Old Fruitmarket, Candleriggs on July 10, 2015 in Glasgow, Scotland.

Liz Kendall’s Facebook Q&A offers a window into the Labour party’s madness

14 July 2015 19:48

Liz Kendall spent an hour on Facebook this evening answering questions from Labour supporters. Those sitting on a social network on…

Royal Opera's controversial new production of Rossini's William Tell. Photo: Clive Barda

Boo the knee-jerk reaction to William Tell not the rape scene

1 July 2015 13:05

‘I blame Princess Diana’, was my guest’s response to it all. Certainly, there is much we might lay at the…


Mass surveillance is being undermined by the ‘Snowden effect’

2 June 2015 14:28

We are in the middle of a Crypto war again. Perhaps we have always been in the middle of a…

Day Four - The Labour Party Holds Its Annual Party Conference

Andy Burnham’s barmy online army

29 May 2015 10:03

Andy Burnham’s campaign has ensured he remains the current favourite to be the next Labour leader. Part of his nascent…

Do independent publishers realise what they are signing up for? (Photo: Simon Lees/Getty)

Do Google and Facebook threaten the free press?

20 May 2015 12:50

What are newspapers for? The answer, of course, is not just to tell us what’s going on and explain the…

Nicola Sturgeon taking a selfie. Getty Images.

This is a social media election. But in the most miserable, sinister way

24 April 2015 13:29

A friend of mine was notorious at university for photoshopping every single photo of her that went onto Facebook. Every…


The ‘Darknet’ is dangerous. It’s also deeply democratic

12 March 2015 14:39

The ‘Darknet’ is in the spotlight. Over the past few months, stories of paedophile rings, drug empires and terrorist organisations…

Fackbook Acquires WhatsApp For $16 Billion

Monitoring social media is easier said than done

26 February 2015 17:43

The three British girls who packed their bags and took a flight to Turkey have apparently crossed the border into Syria. Their…

A screenshot of the hacked Malaysia Airlines website

Are the members of hacker group Lizard Squad cyberterrorists or cybervandals?

27 January 2015 11:14

Another day, another hack. This morning, Facebook and Instagram went dark. Facebook has blamed a technical glitch; ‘Lizard Squad’ celebrated another…

Facebook officials chose the 'sceptical' room for their meeting with Ukip

Coffee Shots: Facebook HQ ‘sceptical’ of Ukip

20 January 2015 10:00

When Ukip officials arrived at Facebook HQ for a meet-and-greet, they were surprised to be led to a boardroom that went…

(Photo: Getty)

Facebook’s founder asked his 31 million followers to pick up a book. That can only be good news

6 January 2015 12:25

It’s the private messages Mark Zuckerberg will have sent early in the new year that I’d really like to see.…


Why do internet companies have one rule for paedophilia and another for terrorism?

19 December 2014 12:52

Today’s Times investigation into how the Islamic State is encouraging young British women to marry into this terrorist organisation is chilling.…

The Facebook logo is reflected in the eye of a girl surfing the internet. Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Podcast: Geeks vs spooks, a three-way Tory split and Theresa May’s manoeuvrings

27 November 2014 8:34

Are the nerds of Silicon Valley responsible for harbouring terrorists? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Hugo Rifkind and James…