Nigel Farage leader of Britain's UK Independence Party (UKIP) celebrates with candidate Janice Atkinson, left, as he hears the results of the south east region European Parliamentary Election vote at the Guildhall in Southampton, England, Monday, May 26, 2014.

Janice Atkinson is just the latest example of Ukip’s persistent problem with candidates

20 March 2015 12:35

Ukip is in crisis once again. Today’s Sun reveals that Janice Atkinson, an MEP for the South East and PPC for Folkestone and Hythe, has been suspended and may face a police enquiry over… Continue reading

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Watch: Nigel Farage’s car crash interview on LBC

16 May 2014 12:13

So much for Nigel Farage’s image as a straight-talking politician. On LBC this morning, the Ukip leader went head-to-head with James O’Brien, covering a range of topics including some of… Continue reading


The Tories have brought back the expenses scandal and buried their own good news

9 April 2014 14:33

PMQs today was bad for David Cameron, but nowhere near as bad as it could have been. No permanent damage was done to him. Ed Miliband did not, to my… Continue reading


PMQs was messy, but it won’t help Labour

9 April 2014 13:54

PMQs was very messy for David Cameron. It was never going to be fun coming after Maria Miller’s resignation (although it would have been a lot less fun if Miller… Continue reading


Miliband’s moment of decision, does he call for Maria Miller to go?

8 April 2014 19:03

Ed Miliband faces a big decision tonight, does he use PMQs tomorrow to call for Maria Miller’s resignation. So far, he has limited himself to saying that Cameron has questions… Continue reading

Image: Getty

How do you fix MPs’ expenses conduct? Give them more control over it.

8 April 2014 18:46

It’s not often I would, in the fashion of the late Tony Benn, pass lightly over the personalities in a row in favour of discussing what he liked to call… Continue reading

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Curious lack of support for Miller in Cabinet

8 April 2014 13:53

Senior 1922 Committee members are quite surprised by the suggestion that tomorrow’s end-of-term meeting with the Prime Minister represents the deadline for the Maria Miller problem to be resolved. But… Continue reading

London's mayor Boris Johnson delivers a

Boris Johnson: Maria Miller is being hounded

8 April 2014 8:54

As backbenchers apparently gang up on Maria Miller, she’s seen Conservative and Lib Dem colleagues trying to defend her – and dampen down Esther McVey’s comments – on the airwaves… Continue reading

David Cameron asked Patrick McLoughlin to apply a 'smell test' to see if expenses claims were justifiable in the court of public opinion in 2009.

Court of public opinion hands down awkward judgement on Miller case

7 April 2014 17:32

There are always all sorts of bizarre petitions calling on politicians to do this, that and the other. By and large, politicians tend to ignore them. But the petition calling… Continue reading

David Cameron and then leader of the Welsh Conservatives Nick Bourne in 2011. Image: Getty

Will David Cameron insult the Welsh by sending them Maria Miller?

7 April 2014 16:28

The Maria Miller problem is not going away for the government. Tory MPs who went back to their constituencies over the weekend have come back to Westminster depressed about how… Continue reading

Culture Secretary Maria Miller And Alan Davey Unveil Items Accepted In Lieu From The Estate Of Lucian Freud

Maria Miller and the anatomy of a Tory row

7 April 2014 8:42

The papers are trying to keep the momentum going in the Maria Miller row this morning, with a fresh angle in the Telegraph. Such is the seriousness of an adviser’s threat… Continue reading


Will Maria Miller become a victim of the ten-day rule?

6 April 2014 15:17

Today’s newspapers do not make happy reading for Maria Miller – or David Cameron. After informing the press that it was ‘time to draw a line’ under Miller’s expenses, he… Continue reading

Maria Miller. Image: Getty

Maria Miller, a political zombie

5 April 2014 11:20

Talking to Tory ministers in the last 24 hours, one of the things I’ve been struck by is the level of irritation with Maria Miller’s graceless apology. It is easy… Continue reading

Maria Miller

The twists and turns of the Miller tale

4 April 2014 18:27

From tonight’s Evening Blend – a free round-up and analysis of the day’s political events from the Coffee House team. Subscribe here. ‘I think that we should leave it there,’ said David… Continue reading

Maria Miller. Image: Getty

Why has Labour’s response to Maria Miller taken so long – and why has Cameron’s been so weak?

4 April 2014 12:11

The response of both parties to the Maria Miller row has been very strange. Labour has waited until today to make a comment, with Chi Onwurah saying in the last… Continue reading

Sir Ian Kennedy speaks at the Institution of Royal Engineers

Ipsa’s costly pursuit of one MP undermines its purpose

3 March 2014 16:30

Ipsa, never popular with MPs anyway, has done itself a disservice with its pursuit of Conservative MP Stewart Jackson over its demand that he hand over £54,000 to the expenses… Continue reading

Ipsa has released their final recommendations on MPs pay today. Photo: Flickr

Five things you need to know about Ipsa’s final report on MPs’ pay

12 December 2013 15:04

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority has released its final report on MPs’ pay today. It’s pretty much what was expected — a big salary bump, paid for by cutting back… Continue reading

Nadine Dorries arrives at Heathrow after her appearance on 'I'm a Celebrity'. Picture: PA

Nadine Dorries says Ipsa is ‘asleep on the bloody job’, but MPs’ pay and expenses will cause even more grief this year

15 February 2013 16:58

Nadine Dorries has vowed to ‘go after’ Ipsa today after the watchdog announced her expenses were under investigation. There will clearly be more to come on this, but the claims… Continue reading

Adam Afriyie

Why is Adam Afriyie being touted for leader? Expenses.

28 January 2013 13:19

The Adam Afriyie leadership stories this Sunday confirmed several things. First, there’ll be no shortage of candidates when David Cameron goes. A large tranche of backbenchers have become increasingly irritated… Continue reading

Maria Miller

Downing Street’s Maria Miller dilemma

13 December 2012 15:18

There was a time during the Leveson Inquiry when Jeremy Hunt’s departure from the government was treated as almost inevitable by the media, including yours truly. But Number 10 backed… Continue reading

Maria Miller's adviser tried to warn the Telegraph off publishing a story about her expenses by mentioning her connection to Leveson. Picture: Getty

Downing Street defends Maria Miller’s special adviser

12 December 2012 11:30

Downing Street has defended Maria Miller’s special adviser over the way she warned the Telegraph about the Culture Secretary’s connection to Leveson as it prepared a story on her expenses.… Continue reading


Maria Miller’s adviser reminds us why politicians can’t be trusted with press regulation

12 December 2012 9:22

An email from an Asian friend last night pointed me to a piece in the Telegraph  saying: ‘This is the kind of thing they do in Singapore! I’m amazed it’s… Continue reading

Maria Miller's adviser warned the Telegraph of her role in Leveson as it prepared to print a story on her expenses. Picture: Getty

Maria Miller’s Leveson threat

12 December 2012 9:00

Journalists don’t normally reveal their conversations with special advisers to ministers, no matter how grumpy they are about a forthcoming story. So it is significant that the Telegraph has chosen… Continue reading

Would their Lordships afford the same treatment to the general public as they have to Margaret Moran? Image: Getty

Margaret Moran: an MP too depressed for prison

15 November 2012 14:50

Are you happy that the former Labour MP Margaret Moran, who swindled more than £50,000 from the taxpayer in rogue expenses, will escape a custodial sentence because she is ‘depressed’?… Continue reading

Nigel Farage made the case for leaving the EU. Image: Getty

UKIP are being taken more seriously but they have got to cut out the unforced errors

4 November 2012 11:47

With UKIP regularly challenging the Liberal Democrats for third place in the polls, the party is now beginning to be treated with the seriousness it deserves. In an interview on… Continue reading