President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel shake hands in Berlin (Photo: Tobias Schwarz/Getty)

Thankfully for Cameron, EU treaty change isn’t a black and white issue

26 May 2015 15:21

It seems every week now there is a story about France and/or Germany ruling out EU treaty change and thereby putting pay to David Cameron’s EU reform push before it… Continue reading


The Greek crisis is back, and this time it’s more serious than before

25 April 2015 16:26

Amidst the hullabaloo of the general election campaign, one thing that has generally gone unnoticed in Britain’s political discourse is the worsening Greek situation. You now have European finance ministers… Continue reading


Greece isn’t the only country that wants to leave the euro

19 February 2015 16:13

With EU budget talks breaking down on Monday night, there was, for a time, an outside chance that Greece would leave the euro. Worryingly for EU leaders, there are plenty… Continue reading

Results In The Greek General Election

Bet on a swift Grexit

19 February 2015 11:08

‘Will Greece exit the eurozone in 2015?’ Paddy Power was pricing ‘yes’ at 3-to-1 on Tuesday, with 5-to-2 on another Greek general election within the year and 6-to-4 on the… Continue reading

The leader of Greece's left-wing Syriza party Alexis Tsipras casts his ballot at a polling station in Athens (Photo: Aris Messinis/AFP/Getty)

Greece lightning: six things you need to know about Syriza’s victory

26 January 2015 8:10

It’s official: Syriza, the Greek anti-austerity leftist party, has won the general election. With 98pc of the votes counted it is looks to have taken 149 out of 300 seats, just two short of… Continue reading


A Syriza majority will put Athens and Berlin on a collision course

25 January 2015 18:53

The next set of exit polls are now out from Greece and they, again, show Syriza pulling off a spectacular victory. Their lead might even be just enough to see… Continue reading

Image: Getty

David Cameron is acting in a principled way over Juncker – so let’s back him

27 June 2014 12:52

It’s pretty rich hearing the Labour Party criticize Cameron for taking a principled stance on Europe. How vulgar, they say, how amateur. Doesn’t he know that the job is to… Continue reading

Bank Of England Cut Interest Rates To All Time Low

The Battle for Threadneedle Street

30 January 2014 16:13

I thought it obvious that Mark Carney’s trip to Scotland yesterday was a bad day for Alex Salmond and the Scottish nationalists. Sure, the governor of the Bank of England… Continue reading

Is it now India's turn to produce a Marie Curie figure? (Photo: AFP/Getty)

George Osborne: Britain is better off in a reformed EU

15 January 2014 13:48

George Osborne’s speech to the Open Europe conference this morning was billed as the Chancellor taking a tough guy stance with European leaders, demanding that they reform or see their… Continue reading

Credit Crisis Threatens Banking Jobs

The Closing of the Nationalist Mind

29 August 2013 17:52

A paper with the title Scottish Independence: Issues and Questions; Regulation, Supervision, Lender of Last Resort and Crisis Management is not one liable to set pulses racing on the streets of… Continue reading


Are the SNP’s plans for a currency union a) Expedient, b) Sensible, c) Dangerous or d) All of the Above

23 April 2013 11:02

Even if George Osborne is right about the problems of a currency union between an independent Scotland and the rest of the UK he possesses the uncanny knack of being… Continue reading

Jose Manuel Barroso, Herman Van Rompuy, and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao. Image: Getty

Would you prefer to do business with the eurozone or China?

25 March 2013 17:51

Does it really matter now whether the eurozone breaks up or not? The damage may already have been done, in terms of business confidence. A £10 billion bailout for Cyprus… Continue reading

Cypriot protestors wave banners during a demonstration against the EU bailout deal. Picture: Getty

What will it take to keep Cyprus in the euro?

19 March 2013 20:43

How will the eurozone respond to the Cypriot parliament’s overwhelming rejection of the bank deposit levy? There are only a few days in which to make a deal before the… Continue reading

Picture: Getty Images

Cyprus: This isn’t a tax, it’s a bank raid

18 March 2013 15:52

You know this levy on Cyprus bank deposits? It’s not a levy. A levy is a kind of tax, and what is happening to the people with bank deposits in… Continue reading

Pier Luigi Bersani secured a majority in the Chamber of Deputies, but not in the Senate. Picture: Getty Images

Italian elections: ‘The worst possible outcome’

26 February 2013 15:16

Forget Moody’s. If you want to see market panic, just look at Italy. As Isabel reported this morning, the unexpectedly strong performance of Beppe Grillo’s anti-establishment party, the Five Star… Continue reading

Time for a double dip? Today's figures suggest that the Eurozone is back in recession.

Eurozone enters double dip recession

15 November 2012 9:50

The Eurozone is now in recession – this, at least, is what is implied by today’s avalanche of dire economic data. Eurostat has not (yet) made this calculation; but Capital… Continue reading

Anti-austerity protesters in Madrid. Picture: Getty.

Spain draws closer to a bailout

28 September 2012 16:44

The results of stress tests on Spanish banks will be revealed at 5pm, and the rumour on the trading floor is that the country may also announce that it is… Continue reading

The UK's trade deficit narrowed to £1.5 billion in July from a £4.3 billion deficit in June. Picture: Getty.

UK trade deficit narrows

11 September 2012 15:40

It’s been a funny 24 hours, hasn’t it? The UK has had good news from the tennis and good news on the economy. Unusual, particularly in the latter’s case, where… Continue reading

Mario Draghi unveiled his measures that he hopes will save the eurozone today. Picture: Getty.

Draghi makes good on his promise: but will it save the euro?

6 September 2012 23:05

David Cameron and François Hollande met this evening. As you would expect, they discussed the situation in the eurozone, which is currently looking a little more cheery than usual after… Continue reading

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has asked for 'breathing space' on cuts. Image: PA.

Greek PM seeks breathing space on cuts

22 August 2012 9:18

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras is looking for a breather this morning as he meets Jean-Claude Juncker, head of the eurozone finance ministers, to discuss Greece’s ability to make the… Continue reading

Eurozone finance ministers are discussing a possible Greek exit from the eurozone. Photo: Getty.

Eurozone leaders prepare for Grexit

20 August 2012 14:42

On one level, a government minister confirming that their colleagues are discussing the possible break-up of the eurozone is hardly a surprise. It would have been far more controversial had… Continue reading

Eurozone Debt Crisis - General Imagery

The Eurozone crisis approaches its crescendo

8 August 2012 17:11

Based on past performance, one wouldn’t want to put one’s mortgage on Mervyn King’s forecasts. One thing, though, that King is right about is that the crisis in the Eurozone… Continue reading

FILES - Photo taken on July 9, 2012 show

Draghi’s day of reckoning

2 August 2012 11:55

Today is the day when European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi’s big talk last week about doing ‘whatever it takes’ to save the single currency meets its test. The ECB… Continue reading

Debt Wracked Greece Goes To The Polls For Critical General Election

Kicking the euro crisis can down the road

31 July 2012 18:34

Today brought yet more reminders of why the eurozone can’t carry on like this much longer. Youth unemployment in Spain and Greece is above 50 per cent – a generation… Continue reading

The Eurozone Crisis Deepens As Greece Attempts To Avoid Bankruptcy

Whatever it takes to save the euro

30 July 2012 8:50

In case you were in any doubt about how committed eurozone leaders are to the survival of the single currency, Angela Merkel has put out another statement on doing ‘everything… Continue reading