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European Leaders Gather In Brussels For EU Crunch Summit

Cameron: Britain’s place in the EU has been ‘allowed to fester for too long’

18 February 2016 19:24

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Cameron’s EU summit: Long night ahead in Brussels

18 February 2016 18:30

Journalists are waiting in the glass smoking pen at the Justus Lipsius building for the next development in the negotiations…

Today in audio: The EU summit as it unfolds

18 February 2016 16:30

EU leaders have been arriving in Brussels for the crunch summit where Britain’s reform demands will be thrashed out. David…

It’s here: David Cameron’s long-awaited EU deal D-day arrives

18 February 2016 9:26

David Cameron – and the travelling circus of officials and journalists around him – is in Brussels today for that…

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Which way will Gove go?

13 February 2016 10:32

If all goes according to David Cameron’s plan, he’ll have his EU deal by this time next week. But Downing…


Will Catholic bishops try to scare their flocks into voting against Brexit?

9 February 2016 22:05

The Catholic bishops of England and Wales – and the separate hierarchy for Scotland, for that matter – have long…


Who will be out for Out?

6 February 2016 10:30

The Leave campaigns continue to bicker with each other in increasingly absurd fashion, but it would be wrong to think…

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Briefing: What is the EU ‘red card’ and will it make any difference at all?

2 February 2016 18:02

The ‘red card’ on proposed EU legislation has been hailed by David Cameron as a breakthrough; the ‘Stronger In’ campaign…


Emergency brake breakthrough, claims Downing Street

31 January 2016 22:34

Donald Tusk will not circulate the proposed draft UK/EU deal tomorrow. It had been thought that Tusk would put out…


Downing Street expects draft EU deal to disappoint

30 January 2016 10:30

We are only days away from seeing Donald Tusk’s proposed text for the UK/EU deal. The President of the European…

Why does EU ‘in’ campaign insist on insulting voters’ intelligence?

28 January 2016 8:17

David Cameron wants to get the European Union referendum over with quickly — and understandably so. Things are still going…

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Eurosceptics to push Cameron on EU renegotiation in Commons debate

27 January 2016 11:43

It’s fair to say that David Cameron’s answer to John Baron at last week’s Prime Minister’s Questions, in which the…

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How many Tory MPs will back staying in the EU?

23 January 2016 10:30

With the government still convinced that there’s a better than 50:50 chance of a deal at the February EU Council…

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What’s the hold up with the British Bill of Rights?

16 January 2016 10:27

Before the election, the Tories talked about introducing a British Bill of Rights in their first 100 days in office.…

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How many EU referendums we will end up having?

14 January 2016 18:33

The pre EU referendum skirmishing stepped up a notch today. Chris Grayling became the first member of the Cabinet to…

Conservatives Campaign In The Fourth Week Of The General Election

Which way will Boris and Gove go on Europe?

9 January 2016 10:30

David Cameron might have announced this week that Cabinet Ministers will be allowed to campaign for Out come the EU…


Cameron hints EU renegotiation timetable could slip again if necessary

7 January 2016 18:07

Could David Cameron have to delay his European renegotiation still further? In his press conference today with Hungarian Prime Minister…

Conservatives Campaign In The Fourth Week Of The General Election

Boris for Foreign Secretary?

19 December 2015 8:43

David Cameron is warming to the idea of making Boris Johnson Foreign Secretary. As I write in The Sun this…

A new part, the second level of the metal fence is built by Hungarian prisoners from the Csilla jail of Szeged town at the Hungarian-Serbian border near Roszke village, on September 10, 2015.

The EU plan to seize control of national borders

11 December 2015 18:09

When the EU is in crisis, the Commission’s answer is, inevitably, more Europe. So, its response to the migrant crisis…

Prime Minister David Cameron Makes Speech On The UK's Position In Europe

OBR suggests Cameron’s benefits row with EU leaders is a bit pointless

8 December 2015 16:47

What if David Cameron does win his fight – staged or otherwise – with European leaders to block benefits for…

U.K. Chancellor Of The Exchequer George Osborne Presents The Autumn Statement

The EU renegotiation is now the biggest obstacle to Osborne making it to Number 10

28 November 2015 10:22

At the start of this week, everyone was wondering how George Osborne was going to get out of trouble on…

Lords At State Opening of Parliament, UK

Lords votes to give 16 and 17 year-olds the vote in the EU referendum

18 November 2015 19:24

The House of Lords has tonight voted to give 16 and 17 year olds the vote in the EU referendum.…

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Cameron rekindles collective responsibility row with EU comments

28 October 2015 17:08

David Cameron’s decision to make it clear that he is definitely not ruling out Brexit by saying that ‘people need…


How Stella Creasy helped boost Bernard Jenkin’s Eurosceptic cause

26 October 2015 16:25

Although Stella Creasy has proved to be one of the most vocal pro-European politicians, the Labour MP may have unwittingly…

European Commission President-elect Jean-Claude Juncker. Image: EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images

Jean-Claude Juncker accused of saying that the UK doesn’t need the EU

14 October 2015 16:33

The ‘Out’ campaign in the EU referendum has seized on comments made by Jean-Claude Juncker where he appears to say…