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U.K. Chancellor Of The Exchequer George Osborne Delivers 2015 Spring Budget

Don’t expect Budget fireworks from George Osborne

12 March 2016 10:00

Don’t expect ‘fireworks’ from the Budget one of Osborne’s closest political allies told me this week. Ahead of the Budget…


Can Boris do as effective a job for Out as Cameron is doing for In?

5 March 2016 10:00

Pro-Brexit Tory Cabinet Minister would, I suspect, not be complaining about the government’s referendum campaign tactics if they didn’t fear…

Stuart Rose Launches The Stronger In Europe Campaign

Head of the IN campaign says wages will go up if we leave the EU

2 March 2016 19:34

Stuart Rose will have to be added to the long list of British businessmen who have struggled to make the…


How the migrant crisis could get much worse

29 February 2016 18:43

Angela Merkel gave a defiant interview last night in which she defended her handling of the refugee crisis. She declared,…

International Paralympic Day in Trafalgar Square

Can Cameron and Boris keep a lid on it?

27 February 2016 10:30

David Cameron’s slap down of Boris Johnson on Monday was one of the most brutal, and personal, that I’ve seen…

A woman with an umbrella depicting the l

Big business backing the ‘In’ campaign shows us what’s wrong with the EU

24 February 2016 21:25

So, FTSE 100 company bosses have come out in favour of staying in the EU – even if, as Ed…

Boris Johnson and Michael Gove at last year's Spectator awards. Picture: PA

This referendum is now a battle between two visions of the future

21 February 2016 19:04

George Osborne’s plan for this referendum was to turn it into a question of the future versus the past, for…

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Blow to Cameron as Boris backs Brexit

21 February 2016 16:01

David Cameron used to always remind people who asked him about what Boris would do in the referendum that the…

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Contrary to what Cameron and Osborne say, Gove hasn’t been an Outer for 30 years

21 February 2016 10:53

David Cameron and George Osborne have responded to Michael Gove’s decision to campaign for Out by saying that he has…

The Door To Number 10 Downing Street

What was said at the EU referendum Cabinet

20 February 2016 14:45

At Cabinet this morning, every minister spoke in strict order of Cabinet seniority. This meant that Michael Gove was the…


Exclusive: Sajid Javid to back staying in the EU

20 February 2016 10:15

Sajid Javid will campaign for Britain to stay in the EU. The Business Secretary’s decision is a blow to the…

The UK’s Global Engagement Begins in Europe

20 February 2016 9:30

The advocates of Brexit like to paint an optimistic picture of a post-EU Britain as an active, globally engaged power.…

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Will more than half a dozen Cabinet Ministers back Brexit?

20 February 2016 8:00

The Cabinet convenes this morning at 10am with, at least, six of those present set to back Out. The most…

European Leaders Gather In Brussels For EU Crunch Summit

David Cameron cancels Friday night Cabinet

19 February 2016 16:35

David Cameron had hoped to agree a deal today, return from Brussels this evening, hold a special Cabinet meeting and then…

Briefing: What’s holding up EU leaders in Brussels?

19 February 2016 14:49

David Cameron is locked in negotiations with the other European leaders at the crunch summit in Brussels. With no sign…

EU summit: Tired European leaders left waiting for their ‘English lunch’

19 February 2016 14:35

EU leaders have a funny way of going about their negotiations. The best way, it seems, is to conduct most…

European Leaders Gather In Brussels For EU Crunch Summit

Cameron: Britain’s place in the EU has been ‘allowed to fester for too long’

18 February 2016 19:24

This is from tonight’s Evening Blend, a free email round-up and analysis of the day’s events. Subscribe for free here.…


Cameron’s EU summit: Long night ahead in Brussels

18 February 2016 18:30

Journalists are waiting in the glass smoking pen at the Justus Lipsius building for the next development in the negotiations…

Today in audio: The EU summit as it unfolds

18 February 2016 16:30

EU leaders have been arriving in Brussels for the crunch summit where Britain’s reform demands will be thrashed out. David…

It’s here: David Cameron’s long-awaited EU deal D-day arrives

18 February 2016 9:26

David Cameron – and the travelling circus of officials and journalists around him – is in Brussels today for that…

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Which way will Gove go?

13 February 2016 10:32

If all goes according to David Cameron’s plan, he’ll have his EU deal by this time next week. But Downing…


Will Catholic bishops try to scare their flocks into voting against Brexit?

9 February 2016 22:05

The Catholic bishops of England and Wales – and the separate hierarchy for Scotland, for that matter – have long…


Who will be out for Out?

6 February 2016 10:30

The Leave campaigns continue to bicker with each other in increasingly absurd fashion, but it would be wrong to think…

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Briefing: What is the EU ‘red card’ and will it make any difference at all?

2 February 2016 18:02

The ‘red card’ on proposed EU legislation has been hailed by David Cameron as a breakthrough; the ‘Stronger In’ campaign…


Emergency brake breakthrough, claims Downing Street

31 January 2016 22:34

Donald Tusk will not circulate the proposed draft UK/EU deal tomorrow. It had been thought that Tusk would put out…