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A horse on display at a horse market in Poland. Image: Getty

After the bute revelation, what’s the government doing to prevent another horsemeat scandal?

11 April 2013 16:47

When shadow Defra minister, Mary Creagh, first raised the possibility four months ago that the veterinary drug phenylbutazone – aka bute – might be found in horsemeat in supermarket products… Continue reading

David Cameron speaking at an event earlier today. Picture: Getty

Cameron confident of common ground with Merkel

11 April 2013 16:33

David Cameron is setting off with his children to visit Angela Merkel on Friday. It’s part of his EU reform mission that started and was thrown off course on Monday… Continue reading

European Union Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs Olli Rehn talks to the media during a press conference today. Picture: Getty

Olli Rehn bosses George Osborne around

10 April 2013 20:32

Olli Rehn, the European Commissioner who is in charge of economic affairs, called in the Brussels press corps this afternoon to announce the conclusion of his ‘in-depth review of the… Continue reading

David Cameron has a round of meetings this week with European leaders. Picture: Getty

David Cameron makes the case for reform in Europe

8 April 2013 8:55

Germany has elections on the way, Spain is just about holding a lid on its economic crisis while keeping a wary eye on the uphill struggle that its neighbour Portugal… Continue reading

The taxpayer needs to cut his losses on Baroness Ashton's £400,000 retirement salary. Photo: Getty Images.

Has the taxpayer received bang for buck from Baroness Ashton?

7 April 2013 21:57

A great deal of fuss is being made about Baroness Ashton’s retirement salary. She leaves her ludicrous post as High Representative for Foreign Affairs at the European Union next year… Continue reading

Conservative MPs want enabling legislation for an EU referendum bill in this May's Queen's Speech. Picture: Getty

Over 100 Tory MPs demand EU referendum bill: exclusive details

2 April 2013 12:04

Tory backbenchers have written again to the Prime Minister demanding legislation guaranteeing a referendum in the next Parliament. Conservative MP John Baron delivered the letter, which bears more than 100… Continue reading

It seems a long time since David Cameron's EU referendum speech: MPs are now demanding something more. Picture: Getty

Momentum grows for EU referendum bill

25 March 2013 9:34

One other area besides immigration where Tory MPs want their leader to go further than he feels he can is, unsurprisingly, Europe. There is growing pressure within the party for… Continue reading

Cypriot protestors wave banners during a demonstration against the EU bailout deal. Picture: Getty

What will it take to keep Cyprus in the euro?

19 March 2013 20:43

How will the eurozone respond to the Cypriot parliament’s overwhelming rejection of the bank deposit levy? There are only a few days in which to make a deal before the… Continue reading

Picture: Getty Images

Cyprus: This isn’t a tax, it’s a bank raid

18 March 2013 15:52

You know this levy on Cyprus bank deposits? It’s not a levy. A levy is a kind of tax, and what is happening to the people with bank deposits in… Continue reading

Lynton Crosby

Tory pressure for EU referendum bill grows

11 March 2013 16:58

David Cameron and Lynton Crosby are holding a meeting with Conservative MPs this week to discuss 2015 strategy, I understand. The party held a similar meeting with Andrew Cooper in… Continue reading


Germany realises the limits of the EU project

7 March 2013 12:01

Britain isn’t the only country whose politicians are getting just a little bit jittery about an increase in Bulgarian and Romanian migrants. In this week’s Spectator, Rod Liddle examines the… Continue reading

Image: Getty

What the government must do to prepare for Romanian and Bulgarian migrants

22 February 2013 17:13

Ministers and MPs are nervous about a mass influx of Romanian and Bulgarian migrants putting the benefit system under strain next year. But ministers should beware, and learn from the political mistakes… Continue reading

Horsemeat for sale in a French butchers last week. Image: Getty

Horsemeat scandal: four key questions

17 February 2013 10:35

The ongoing horsemeat scandal has opened up a hugely complicated web stretching across the EU, highlighting the difficulty of tracing the origins of the meat on sale in this country.… Continue reading

The horsemeat in British food could come from Mexico. Picture: Getty

Owen Paterson worried by risks of Mexican horsemeat in British food

13 February 2013 16:43

The horsemeat scandal illustrates just how much of our daily government now takes place in Brussels. Owen Paterson is heading there today, for any real action on this crisis will… Continue reading

Cameron is trying to paint himself as a Galileo-style EU heretic. Picture: Carla Millar

Victorious PM paints himself as Camileo the EU heretic

8 February 2013 18:30

In his victory address after the successful EU Budget deal this afternoon, David Cameron sought to paint himself once again as a Galileo-style EU heretic who spoke truth to power.… Continue reading

David Cameron on another chilly walk into the EU budget talks. Picture: Getty

EU budget victory: What does Cameron do next?

8 February 2013 16:11

The Haribo they were eating all night clearly worked: European leaders have just agreed on the first budget cut since the EU’s formation. All credit to David Cameron for getting… Continue reading

David Cameron meets with key allies as EU Budget talks get underway. Picture: Getty

Historic EU Budget cut on the cards for Cameron

8 February 2013 9:25

EU leaders have just left their negotiations over the EU budget for a two hour break and so far it’s looking very, very positive for the Prime Minister. Perhaps David… Continue reading

David Cameron arrives at the European Council summit in Brussels. Picture: Getty

Cameron in tight spot as he refuses to budge on EU Budget

7 February 2013 18:40

David Cameron caused a stir today by walking, yes, walking, into the meeting of European leaders in Brussels to discussed the multiannual financial framework. Other leaders arrived in their cars.… Continue reading

A truck carries the bus damaged by the suicide bomb blast which targeted a group of Israeli tourists at the airport in Bourgas, Bulgaria, on July 19, 2012. Image: Getty

Bus bomb: It Was Hezbollah

5 February 2013 17:48

The report of the Bulgarian authorities into the bus-bombing which killed a local bus driver and five Israeli tourists in Burgas last summer has confirmed what so many of us… Continue reading

Even europhiles accept that the terms of the debate about Britain and Europe have changed. Picture: Getty

How the terms of debate on Europe changed

30 January 2013 16:34

The website of the new Centre for British Influence through Europe reveals just how far on the back foot the pro-Europeans are. Its introductory article states: ‘It is also wrong… Continue reading

Will the end of transitional controls lead to more immigration from the newest EU members? Picture: Getty Images

Briefing: Immigration from Bulgaria and Romania

29 January 2013 12:27

What’s changing? Bulgaria and Romania joined the European Union on 1 January 2007. This gave their citizens the freedom to travel unrestricted within the EU, but countries were allowed to… Continue reading

Boris Johnson next to an ice sculpture representing London 2012 in Davos. Picture: Getty

The view from Davos: Boris Johnson’s economic adviser on infrastructure

26 January 2013 17:29

As the speaker for yesterday’s Davos British business leaders’ lunch, Boris Johnson had the audience in his hand in his usual colourful way. I grabbed his very new Chief Economic… Continue reading

David Cameron delivers his Europe speech. Image: Getty

The EU must change

26 January 2013 12:11

I have been out of the country for a couple of weeks and away from the sweet furore of the internet. I’ll be posting in the coming days on some… Continue reading

The opinion on Cameron's EU speech in Davos isn't as peachy as it is in the UK Image: Getty

The view from Davos: Cameron’s mad to talk about leaving the EU

25 January 2013 16:02

‘Cameron’s speech on Europe is badly timed; we must stop this endless European bickering when facing such huge worldwide political challenges’.  That’s the view of Neil Selby, the London-based Director… Continue reading

Government sources were relieved that Angela Merkel's reaction to Cameron's speech suggested that a renegotiation was possible. Picture: Getty

Cameron & co relieved by Merkel reaction to speech

24 January 2013 16:29

Angela Merkel’s statement yesterday was a big fillip to David Cameron’s European strategy as it suggested renegotiation was possible. One senior government source called it ‘as good as we could… Continue reading