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Scottish Brexit poll shows big drop in support for ‘Remain’

15 June 2016 12:54

‘Remain’ have being having a woeful time in the polls lately, with numerous surveys putting ‘Leave’ ahead. But north of…

Vote Leave’s action plan shows why Brexit wouldn’t be a ‘leap in the dark’

15 June 2016 7:35

What do David Cameron and the likes of Ed Balls and Harriet Harman have in common? The answer: they’ve all…


Coffee House shots: Brexit builds momentum, but can ‘Remain’ fight back?

14 June 2016 17:06

Brexit has continued to build momentum in the EU referendum race with successive polls putting ‘Leave’ ahead. So with nine…

‘Remain’ dodges a hammer blow from the European Court of Justice

14 June 2016 15:31

‘Remain’ might be trailing in the polls, but the campaign can at least be grateful they haven’t been dealt another…


Gordon Brown shows once again he’s learnt nothing from his run-in with Gillian Duffy

13 June 2016 13:50

Gordon Brown’s intervention in the EU referendum debate was meant to be all about putting forward the positive case for…


Can Gordon Brown give the ‘Remain’ camp the boost it so badly needs?

13 June 2016 8:21

As the countdown to the EU referendum debate continues, the momentum appears to have continued to swing towards Brexit: ‘Leave’…

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Going for Boris just makes the Remain side look rattled

11 June 2016 10:35

All sides of the Remain campaign are turning their fire on Boris Johnson at the moment. But these attacks are,…


‘Please don’t go’: Spiegel magazine urges Brits not to leave

10 June 2016 17:48

A week after Angela Merkel intervened in the Brexit debate to say she hopes Britain stays in the EU, Germany’s…

Is the looming prospect of Brexit dampening trade with other EU countries?

9 June 2016 17:00

Is the looming prospect of Brexit dampening trade with other EU countries? Not if the latest trade statistics are anything…

The Spectator podcast: Brexit – the first 100 days

9 June 2016 8:14

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Today in audio: ‘Remain’ fights back as PM warns of Brexit ‘bomb’

6 June 2016 17:16

Momentum in the ‘Leave’ campaign seems to be growing after Brexit took the lead in two polls out today. There…

Vote Leave has brought out its Turkish weapon

6 June 2016 13:50

Vote Leave feel that they now have the momentum in this campaign. The three polls out today all have them…

Brexit momentum builds as another poll puts ‘Leave’ ahead

6 June 2016 8:19

If the polls this morning are anything to go by, the momentum for Brexit is building: an ITV poll for…

Boris Johnson Leads 48Hour Brexit Blitz Of Campaigning

Could the Vote Leave strategy work?

4 June 2016 10:31

The Leave campaign have had their best week of the campaign this week. After months of being battered by the Whitehall machine,…

The Treasury’s Brexit forecast is ludicrous. We’re better off out of the EU

4 June 2016 8:30

Leaving the EU should boost pay and create more jobs. Spending our own money on our own priorities ensures that…

The Cincinnati zoo backlash shows how democracy is just a step away from mob rule

2 June 2016 20:48

Here’s a really heart warming story, about a young criminal and all-round bad guy who became a dad and turned…

Boris Johnson Delivers Stump Speech For The Vote Leave Referendum Campaign

Why the opinion polls still matter

1 June 2016 18:03

This EU referendum is a particularly difficult contest to poll and after the general election we all should be wary…

Every pro-EU argument boils down to not being able to trust the ‘plebs’

1 June 2016 12:07

We all know that the Remain camp has peddled the politics of fear. But what is the object of their…

Boris ignores some basic points when he argues Brexit would cut fuel prices

31 May 2016 8:43

Would Brexit mean cheaper fuel bills for Brits? That’s the claim made by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove today, who…

Post-Brexit Britain could cut net migration by 100,000 a year. Here’s how

30 May 2016 13:41

The absence of an outline of a post-exit immigration regime is a serious gap in the Referendum debate. That need…

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How Vote Leave plan to persuade the electorate that there are real risks to staying in the EU

28 May 2016 10:31

The IN campaign’s plan for victory in this EU referendum is relatively simple.  ‘Do you want the status quo or…

The Spectator podcast: Brexit, and the return of political lying

28 May 2016 9:29

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The Spectator poll: Are You In or Out? Bob Geldof, Tim Rice & Joey Essex have their say

27 May 2016 15:30

The Spectator’s EU Poll asked a fairly random group of well-known people how they’d vote in the EU referendum, and…


Vote Leave’s £50 million question

27 May 2016 10:01

If you ask most people if they wanted to win £50 million, the answer would be: where do I sign…

Purdah could give the Brexit campaign the boost it so badly needs

27 May 2016 8:15

If you’ve become fed-up with half-baked Treasury statistics, the start of the purdah period is welcome news. The ban on…