European Union

We should be flattered not threatened by France’s bid to take on the City

22 October 2016 10:05

The French are trying to seduce the British to come and work in Paris. A video hymns the delights of…

Have our thin-skinned times killed off satire for good?

20 October 2016 13:43

Is satire dying? Zoe Williams asks in the Guardian whether the shrinking of permissible speech is killing comedy. To make her point,…

Will Brexit butcher the banks?

16 October 2016 11:33

The financial crisis defines our age. It helps explain everything from the presidential nomination of Donald Trump to Jeremy Corbyn’s…

Arab Students Rally At UC Irvine

What the increase in hate crime really tells us about post-Brexit Britain

14 October 2016 13:01

It’s official: there is 41 per cent more hatred in Britain now than there was before the vote to quit…

Thank goodness ‘Marmitegate’ is over

14 October 2016 9:45

Back in the halcyon days of EU membership, a case for ‘Remain’ was presented upon these very pages. It explored…

Tesco finally meets its match

13 October 2016 12:15

Only in the bizarre, upside-down, post-Brexit referendum world could Tesco try to portray itself as a victim of bullying by…

The battle for Brexit moves to the High Court

13 October 2016 11:14

More than 17 million people voted for Brexit. Yet for some, that mandate isn’t quite enough. Today, the High Court…

Is Germany becoming the new sick man of Europe?

11 October 2016 14:48

It’s not going well for Germany at the moment. Their largest bank is on the verge of collapse while their…

The Treasury’s ‘Hard Brexit’ warning shows Project Fear isn’t over yet

11 October 2016 9:45

Can someone please tell HM Treasury that the referendum is over? During that campaign, it made history by producing a…

Why Brexit is just like having a baby

10 October 2016 14:02

Since that moment in the early hours of June 24 when David Dimbleby said ‘The answer is: we’re out’, Brexit…

A good Brexit is a hard Brexit

8 October 2016 8:17

What you really should have done if you were in Birmingham on Monday this week was skip the not notably…

David Davis: I’m 100 per cent sure EU migrants working in Britain can stay after Brexit

5 October 2016 10:04

Theresa May has gone out of her way to repeatedly reassure people that Brexit means Brexit. But where the Prime…

Theresa May’s love of class politics shows she’s no heir to Blair

2 October 2016 8:57

One of the professional drawbacks of coming from Scotland and then moving to London is that I don’t really know…


May’s Brexit offering

1 October 2016 22:47

Theresa May’s biggest conference dilemma was what to say about Brexit. She doesn’t want to trigger Article 50 yet, or…

Hong Kong offers an exciting vision of a post-Brexit future

24 September 2016 9:00

Since he moved to Hong Kong three years ago, the Rat’s Cantonese has been coming on apace. This has rather…


The Brexit bounce continues – ten forecasters up their predictions for 2016 growth

21 September 2016 12:49

The Brexit bounce continues. HM Treasury has today released forecasts of the economists it follows, as it does every month.…


Brexit U-turns: who is rowing back on their Project Fear warnings?

21 September 2016 12:35

In the run-up to the referendum, we were warned Brexit would unleash misery. George Osborne suggested a vote for Brexit…


Will Donald Trump have the last laugh?

19 September 2016 15:44

‘I am getting nervous. But it’s not because Trump is good. It’s because people are stupid’. So said the (usually)…

The Spectator podcast: The Brexit bounce

10 September 2016 9:56

On the morning of the 24th June, Britain woke to find its stock market shattered and its pound pummelled. It…

Martin Roth, the director of the V&A (Photo: Getty)

Imagine there’s no countries… and therefore no museums

10 September 2016 8:30

I’m not a great optimist about the whole Brexit thing, although my colleagues would mostly disagree. It’s as if we…

The Spectator podcast: The Brexit bounce

8 September 2016 9:43

On the morning of the 24th June, Britain woke to find its stock market shattered and its pound pummelled. It…

Let’s not overhype a free trade deal with Australia

7 September 2016 8:34

The best thing to say about the UK kicking off preliminary trade talks with Australia is that they’re a start. In…

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Some clues as to what David Davis means by Brexit

5 September 2016 19:12

David Davis has just finished his first statement to the Commons on the process for the UK exiting the European…


Theresa May’s honeymoon period comes to an end

5 September 2016 12:33

The Prime Minister and her colleagues are very slowly starting to reveal what they think they mean when they say…


Is May dropping the ‘Leave’ campaign’s immigration policy?

5 September 2016 7:53

‘Brexit means Brexit’, Theresa May has repeatedly reassured us. But it seems Brexit might not mean an introduction of a…