European Union


Merkel heads to the G8

18 May 2012 19:10

I doubt that Angela Merkel is looking forward to the G8 summit very much. It will mostly consist of the…


The View from 22: Greece is burning

17 May 2012 9:42

The upcoming Greek elections will push the nation into a confrontation with the European authorities, reports Faisal Islam, the economics…


Basel III and the EU’s strange desire not to compete

15 May 2012 18:27

Greece is the centre of European attention, but as George Osborne met with other EU finance ministers today there was…


Greece is still the word

15 May 2012 9:20

Remember when Europe’s leaders were basically saying, ‘Don’t worry, it’s all sorted’? Remember when they were putting out communiqués that…


The View from 22: Will the riots return?

10 May 2012 11:03

We haven’t done enough to prevent the riots of last summer happening again, says Simon Marcus in this week’s cover…


Why the Tories are shaping up for an EU referendum

10 May 2012 9:05

An EU referendum pledge in the next Tory manifesto is ‘basically, a certainty’ according to one of those most closely…


Hollande, Cameron and the 21st arrondissement

7 May 2012 10:18

While David Cameron has good cause to be glad of Sarkozy’s defeat, he has even better cause to be nervous…


How to get around the EU (and weed smokers)

2 May 2012 16:31

The Dutch government has just banned foreigners from the country’s ‘coffee-shops’ — aka, cannabis cafés. Given how often we’re told…


The Eurocrisis persists

24 April 2012 13:52

Holland and Hollande; they’re the non-identical twins that are causing palpitations across Europe today. Holland, because the country’s Prime Minister…


Encouraging signs from talks with Iran

16 April 2012 9:18

The weekend’s six power talks with the Iranians about their nuclear programme were more fruitful than many, including I, expected.…


Ed Davey’s ‘pro-European’ claim has Tory ministers fuming

4 April 2012 16:28

There’s barely disguised fury among Conservative ministers about Ed Davey’s claim that the coalition may well be more pro-European than…


How do you solve a problem like Baroness Ashton?

20 March 2012 13:44

Baroness Ashton has managed a return to diplomatic form by comparing the murder yesterday of three children and a Rabbi…


What Europe thinks

13 March 2012 15:34

Who thinks what about the European Union? We’ve covered the European Commission’s own polling on the matter before now, which…


Cameron’s Human Rights quandry

12 March 2012 18:03

The combination of the European Court of Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights is, I predict, going…


The role of Baroness Ashton

10 March 2012 10:13

Recent reports have suggested that David Cameron is interested in swapping Cathy Ashton’s job as the EU’s high representative for…


Europe is being strangled by the Franco-German alliance

2 March 2012 11:34

David Cameron’s complaints at last night’s EU meeting about the lack of a growth agenda have, in part, been addressed…


Imagine if Cameron hadn’t vetoed…

1 March 2012 18:21

When David Cameron headed to Brussels last December, it was far from certain that he would veto the proposed treaty.…


Europe’s latest tonic could worsen Osborne’s political problems

26 February 2012 9:57

Seems that the latest plan to fix the eurozone involves cooking up a pot of alphabet soup. Over in Mexico,…


The hurdles facing Greece

21 February 2012 19:00

Greece’s problems are far from over. As Pete said this morning, the €130 billion bailout hardly means the country is…


From the archives: Why England and France will never be best friends

17 February 2012 18:15

To mark David Cameron’s get-together with Nicolas Sarkozy today, we’ve dug up this essay from the Spectator archives by Lord…


Bailout country

16 February 2012 11:48

With the political wrangling over another Greek bailout continuing today, we thought CoffeeHousers might care to read (or re-read) Faisal…


The steady erosion of Greek democracy

15 February 2012 17:35

The longer this Greek crisis goes on, the clearer the various agendas at play are becoming. As the Greek finance…


Will Germany let Greece stay in the euro?

13 February 2012 12:35

The German government is split on the biggest policy question of the day, according to the FT’s German edition. As…

Size Matters: Dysfunctional Government Edition

8 February 2012 18:57

Via Andrew, Francis Fukuyama has a new gig at Stanford University running a Governance Project. Introducing it, he lobs a…


Ignore the European Court and deport Abu Qatada tonight

7 February 2012 13:24

The Al-Qaeda preacher Abu Qatada is a Jordanian national who is in the UK illegally (having come here in 1993…