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David Cameron with Herman Van Rompuy, who he met last week to discuss the forthcoming EU budget summit. Picture: Getty

EU budget: Cameron’s leadership under pressure

29 October 2012 8:54

David Cameron is already irritating European leaders with his refusal to support any real-terms increases in the multi annual EU…

David Cameron may face problems trying to negotiate with the EU. Photo: Getty Images.

The Conservative renegotiation strategy

27 October 2012 9:00

In The Spectator this week, Charles Moore argued that David Cameron — despite his oft-stated desire to renegotiate the terms…

Angela Merkel knows she needs to display some impatience with David Cameron's demands on the EU Budget. Picture: Getty

The Brussels budget imbroglio

26 October 2012 16:35

The EU budget negotiation, now a month away, promises to be David Cameron’s next big European test. The Prime Minister…

David Cameron astonishes Herman van Rompuy by setting out an already well-reported position on the EU budget. Picture: Getty

Herman van Rompuy’s revelatory Downing Street lunch

25 October 2012 17:05

David Cameron had lunch with Herman van Rompuy in Downing Street today to discuss the UK’s position on the EU…

David Cameron speaks to reporters as he arrives in Brussels for the European Council meeting. Picture: Getty

Cameron irked on Europe as backbenchers rattle the referendum cage

22 October 2012 17:00

Throughout his statement on the European Council, David Cameron seemed slightly irritated. One sensed that the headlines of the last…

John Dalli resigned as EU commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy. Picture: Getty

The EU commissioner who resigned on the grounds he was innocent

21 October 2012 19:07

I don’t suppose too many Coffee House readers will have noticed, but the EU is currently without a dedicated health commissioner. This…

David Cameron in Brussels for today's EU summit. Picture: Getty

David Cameron’s EU dilemma

19 October 2012 18:06

David Cameron is determined to renegotiate the terms of Britain’s EU membership. But to get a good deal and to…

Theresa May today announced government plans to opt-out of 130 EU law and order measures. Picture: Getty

The Home Office hokey-cokey on EU law and order opt-outs

15 October 2012 18:19

Yvette Cooper was in a stern mood this afternoon when she responded to the Home Secretary’s announcement about plans to…

David Cameron and Theresa May have big weeks ahead of them when it comes to European issues. Picture: Getty

David Cameron’s big European week

15 October 2012 8:41

David Cameron’s plan for this autumn was to largely avoid the topic of Europe at his party’s conference, then to…

The award of the Nobel prize has not hidden the EU's existential strain; if anything, it has exposed it further.

The Nobel Prize’s EU joke prompts questions about the nation state

12 October 2012 16:38

The award of the Nobel Prize to the European Union is a tremendous joke; and like all great jokes it…

Professor Mark Mazower believes that the era of international government is passing. What would such an event mean for the nation state? Image: Getty.

Governing the world – an interview with Mark Mazower

12 October 2012 13:36

‘People begin to feel that… there are bonds of international duty binding all the nations of the earth together.’ This…

Image: Getty

The EU wins the Nobel Peace Prize

12 October 2012 11:20

Today is not April the first; but the European Union has indeed won the Nobel Peace Prize. It is a…

William Hague addressed the Conservative party conference this afternoon. Picture: Getty.

Conservative conference: William Hague doesn’t want a minimalist Europe

7 October 2012 17:18

When it came to the passage in his speech on Europe, William Hague was clearly building up to a crescendo.…

Heseltine wanted closer ties with European defence industry. Photo: Getty Images.

What the BAE merger says about UK relations with the US and Europe

14 September 2012 20:58

The merger of British BAE Systems with French giant EADS finds the government at a tricky crossroads for the future…

José Manuel Barroso gave his annual State of the Union speech yesterday. Picture: Getty.

What Barroso should have said

13 September 2012 14:36

José Manuel Barroso gave his annual ‘State of the Union’ address in Strasbourg yesterday. If you are a glutton for…

Eurozone Debt Crisis - General Imagery

Cameron’s odd behaviour over Europe

19 July 2012 18:15

Europe, as everybody knows, is one of those issues on which a Tory leader needs to pay particular attention to…

British Prime Minister David Cameron lea

Cameron shows his hand on Europe

19 July 2012 8:45

David Cameron’s interview with the Telegraph today reveals that the Prime Minister would not campaign for an ‘out’ vote in…

Frankfurt City Feature

UK exports more outside EU for first time since 1970s

18 July 2012 15:45

Ministers will be taking heart today that they seem to be finally breaking into buoyant markets outside the European Union.…

Britain's Foreign Secretary William Hagu

The EU amuse-bouche

12 July 2012 20:00

Tory MPs clamouring for a new relationship between Britain and Europe were given an amuse-bouche today when William Hague announced…

British Prime Minister David Cameron (R)

Cameron hints at Coalition split on EU review

3 July 2012 17:45

Yesterday the Prime Minister made a point of showing his backbench how very willing he was to listen to their…

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A fresh deal and a fresh settlement

2 July 2012 16:45

Pressure has been building all weekend for the Prime Minister to give some form of concession to his eurosceptic backbenchers…


Ministerial aides push Cameron on EU

2 July 2012 13:00

David Cameron’s attempt to placate backbenchers clamouring for an EU referendum by writing a piece in yesterday’s Sunday Telegraph has…

Troops Arriving

Missed history lessons

9 June 2012 13:30

It’s a slow news day in the political world, as we wait for the Spanish government to take its cap…

British Prime Minister David Cameron lea

Cameron defies increasingly isolated Merkel

8 June 2012 9:00

‘No’ used to be the French prerogative in matters of European integration. Charles de Gaulle made a late career out…

Crosland's Successor

David Owen: It’s time for a referendum on Europe

7 June 2012 9:00

There is an intriguing intervention from Lord Owen in this morning’s Times (£)  — and he has also written a…