European Union

Renegotiation reality

17 November 2011 9:06

Governing is about choices. That goes for Europe too. The government says it can get everything it wants – that’s politics – but the reality is different. It actually faces… Continue reading


Cameron shows his eurosceptic side

15 November 2011 12:18

David Cameron’s speech at the Lord Mayor’s Banquet last night was a significant moment — the clearest articulation yet of his European Policy. In the crucial paragraph, he declared: ‘we… Continue reading


Can Italy rebound?

14 November 2011 17:50

I’m in Italy watching the bonfire of Silvio Berlusconi’s vanities first hand. From the ashes, most Italians hope a stronger nation will emerge. And for this reason, faith in former… Continue reading


Alexander drags Labour closer towards the Tories on Europe

14 November 2011 12:26

You know, having read through Douglas Alexander’s Guardian article a couple of times now, and listened to his appearance on the Today programme earlier, I’m still not sure how Labour’s new… Continue reading


Barroso’s warning

13 November 2011 10:52

José Manuel Barroso’s article in The Observer today is a plea for relevance. When you cut through the usual EU jargon, what you find is the Commission President—predictably—declaring his opposition… Continue reading


The spectre of populism

13 November 2011 10:21

Across Europe, the bien pensant are worried. They fear that the Eurocrisis could lead to the rise of populism — whatever that means — and even extremism. The spectre of… Continue reading


Berlusconi: latest victim of Europe’s reverse Arab Spring

12 November 2011 21:22

Berlusconi has finally resigned – and so continues what seems to be the Arab Spring in reverse (a Gnirps Bara). In the Arab world, people rose up against undemocratic juntas… Continue reading


Who speaks for the euro?

12 November 2011 17:04

That’s a more relevant question that you might think. Despite European leaders talking for ages about the nonsensical notion of the EU ‘speaking with one voice’ after the Lisbon Treaty,… Continue reading


How European sovereign debt became the new sub-prime

11 November 2011 15:13

The New York Times has a great piece today on how banks became so exposed to the sovereign debt of European countries with a history of defaulting. Here’s the nub… Continue reading


The new German Question

10 November 2011 19:45

The Eurocrisis has put Germany in a twofold position that it abhors. First, it has forced Germany into a much closer relationship with France than is comfortable. For German policymakers,… Continue reading


Euro crisis knocks Salmond off course

10 November 2011 16:06

A few years ago, SNP strategists coined the slogan ‘independence in Europe’. They don’t champion it too much now, for obvious reasons. To put it bluntly: they are in a… Continue reading


The Italian domino effect

10 November 2011 0:39

For all the debate about Theresa May and border security, the big news has not been at Westminster today. Instead, people have been watching what is happening in Italy. For… Continue reading


Angela we have heard on high

9 November 2011 16:41

As Italy and Greece implode, and the pressure increases for Germany to do something, anything, Angela Merkel has made a call for ‘structural changes’ in the EU. In other words,… Continue reading


Osborne gets frank with Europe

8 November 2011 22:54

George Osborne’s attack on the European Commission and his fellow finance ministers, for wasting time talking about a financial transactions tax when it is not going to happen, is quite… Continue reading


Who will bail out the EU bailout fund?

8 November 2011 13:33

While all eyes are fixed on Italy’s ever-increasing borrowing rates, a far larger problem may well be emerging. The EU bailout fund, set up to help countries who can’t borrow,… Continue reading


After the EU

7 November 2011 14:39

If the EU comes crashing down as a result of the Euro crisis, one thing is certain: the UK will be at the forefront of re-creating the bloc. Not exactly… Continue reading


Berlusconi may quit presto

7 November 2011 11:39

The word sweeping across Italy is that the PM may be forced to step down in a matter of hours, even "minutes". Ex-minister Giuliano Ferrara says: "That Silvio Berlusconi is… Continue reading


Papandreou to go, but uncertainty remains

7 November 2011 9:13

The eyes of Europe, which have been focused on Greece all week, will see a slightly brighter picture today – albeit one still engulfed in heavy fog. The good news:… Continue reading


A belaboured EU position

6 November 2011 11:00

While the Coalition is split over Europe, Labour does not look like they are in a much better position. Ed Miliband told the BBC that he was in favour of… Continue reading


The paradoxes of renegotiation

5 November 2011 11:48

David Rennie (aka The Economist’s Bagehot) has an excellent column in this week’s issue about the difficulties that Britain will face if she tries to repatriate powers from the EU.… Continue reading


Papandreou wins no confidence vote, but appears set to stand down

5 November 2011 4:02

The political situation in Greece remains unclear this morning. George Papandreou’s government survived last night’s confidence vote. But the main opposition party has rejected the idea of a national government… Continue reading


Envoy for repatriation

4 November 2011 10:45

A few days ago Douglas Carswell laid out a way for the Prime Minister to regain the eurosceptics’ trust. One of his ideas was to replace the UK’s new chief… Continue reading


Reuters: Papandreou to resign on Friday

4 November 2011 0:14

Reuters is reporting tonight that the Greek Prime Minister has agreed to resign on Friday. The news agency says that at a meeting Cabinet colleagues told George Papandreou that he… Continue reading


Papandreou stays… for now

3 November 2011 19:00

Confusion has reigned today in Athens, clouding the first day of the G20 summit in Cannes. Reports at midday that the Greek Prime Minister was to resign turned out to… Continue reading


The euro sparks a Cabinet row

3 November 2011 12:25

Word reaches me of a vigorous exchange of views in Cabinet this week between Chris Huhne and Michael Gove over the European question. Huhne, who has form when it comes… Continue reading