European Union

Merkel and Sarkozy try to hold the euro together

2 November 2011 20:55

Right about now, Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel are having George Papandreou for dinner. There have been all sorts of rumours today about what Sarkozy and Merkel will demand from… Continue reading


A declaration of independence?

30 October 2011 18:30

The British electorate, in a referendum held on Thursday 19th June 2014, votes to leave the EU. On Monday, 23 June 2014, the Prime Minister and the Leader of the… Continue reading


The wisdom of Eurosceptic crowds

30 October 2011 17:06

How much does public opinion on Europe matter? A poll for today’s Sunday Times found that 41 per cent want out of the EU and on the BBC1 Politics Show… Continue reading


The Great Repatriation Question

29 October 2011 15:05

And the word of the weekend is ‘repatriate’. Not only do we have yet another poll showing that the British public, when asked, would prefer to tug powers back from… Continue reading


From the archives: Cut off in Brussels

28 October 2011 18:14

Let’s end the working week how it began: with talk of a European referendum. The talk, in this case, is provided by Daniel Hannan, who wrote an article for us… Continue reading


Europe’s new battlefield

28 October 2011 9:15

The long flight from Australia should give David Cameron plenty time to think about Europe, and how it just won’t go away. He didn’t want this battle — not now,… Continue reading


Cameron’s Euro-migraine

27 October 2011 21:03

The picture of Nicolas Sarkozy not even turning around to shake David Cameron’s hand rather neatly sums up the Prime Minister’s problems right now. The danger for him is that… Continue reading


The government’s European tribulations continue

27 October 2011 11:37

It has been a fraught and ill-tempered week in Westminster. And — whether it is the rumour that Tory backbencher Andrea Leadsom told George Osborne to "f**k off", or David… Continue reading


Summit for nothing?

27 October 2011 9:08

The punchline to yesterday’s eurosummit comes in the very first paragraph of the official statement, released in the darkness of morning: "The euro continues to rest on solid fundamentals." Now… Continue reading


The Euro masquerade

26 October 2011 18:00

So much rot has been said about the Eurozone crisis that you do wonder whether Merkel, Sarkozy et al have come to believe their own spiel. This is an economic… Continue reading


Why this is not the time for an EU referendum

25 October 2011 16:52

Having spent five hours in the debate last night, one thing was absolutely clear: we are all Eurosceptics now. So why did I choose to vote against the motion? It… Continue reading


The coalition bares its tensions over Europe

25 October 2011 12:39

Here’s an irony: last night’s EU fandango was the fifth largest vote in favour of the government this year. And yet there is little about the situation that is favourable… Continue reading


43 percent of Tory backbenchers vote for an EU referendum in defiance of David Cameron

24 October 2011 23:01

The scale of tonight’s rebellion is quite remarkable, 43 percent of Tory backbenchers have defied a three line whip—and we are only 18 months into the parliament. Indeed, if you… Continue reading


Europe Minister’s PPS quits over referendum vote

24 October 2011 18:09

Adam Holloway, PPS to the Europe Minister David Lidington, has just effectively quit his job by giving a speech setting out his intention to vote for the motion. That the… Continue reading


Another voice: Why Cameron had no choice but to fight

24 October 2011 17:50

Fraser performed a valuable service to the MPs currently debating a motion proposing a referendum on membership of the European Union by imagining what he thought David Cameron ought to… Continue reading


Cameron’s warm up act

24 October 2011 17:04

David Cameron’s statement on the European Council served as the warm up act for this afternoon’s debate on the EU referendum motion. Cameron attempted to show his backbenchers that he… Continue reading


Whipping up a storm

24 October 2011 14:56

It looks like about a third of Tory backbenchers will rebel in tonight’s vote on an EU referendum. 18 months into government, this is a massive rebellion and one that… Continue reading


Dave’s EU opportunity

24 October 2011 11:51

Lucky David Cameron. His chance to repatriate powers from the EU will come sooner than he thought. Now the latest EU summit is over, it looks as if there will… Continue reading


Your scorecard for today’s EU referendum vote

24 October 2011 9:29

I hope you adjusted your calendars accordingly, CoffeeHousers. The parliamentary debate and vote on an EU referendum starts at 1600 today — and what morbid fun it promises to be… Continue reading


Tory Wars, redux

23 October 2011 18:15

Even after reading Jonathan’s post, I struggle to see the strategy in David Cameron’s position with his party over Europe. The motion is non-binding, and Miliband has three-line-whipped his party… Continue reading


Cameron’s strategy is better than it looks

23 October 2011 11:27

The number of Tory MPs set to defy the government in the vote on an EU referndum tomorrow now stands at around 90, and numerous backbenchers – including John Redwood and David… Continue reading


Liddington: EU vote should follow a new treaty

23 October 2011 10:30

David Liddington, the Europe Minister, has just told the Murnaghan Show that the moment for a referendum on the European Union is once a treaty change has been agreed. Liddington… Continue reading


More fuel for the EU rebellion

22 October 2011 11:56

Today’s Daily Express poll will add to the sense of momentum that the Tory rebels are feeling ahead of Monday’s vote. The fact that 81 per cent of Tory voters… Continue reading


Cameron unmoved by the Eustice amendment

20 October 2011 21:00

Sources in Number 10 tell me that the party leaderships feels it cannot support the Eustice amendment. They stress that it is not Conservative party policy. But I also detect… Continue reading


Cameron needs an amendment – and fast

20 October 2011 13:59

A third of Tory backbenchers have now signed the EU referendum motion. Worryingly for the whips, this isn’t the limit to this motion’s appeal. There are several Tories who plan… Continue reading