European Union

Merkel’s fiscal union won’t solve the euro’s problems

2 December 2011 13:15

Few people have been as vindicated about the failings of the euro as Marty Feldstein, who was chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under Reagan. In 1997 he wrote… Continue reading


Iran lashes out

1 December 2011 9:15

The pressure is piling up on Iran – from below, as people demand greater freedoms; from the region, where Iran is about to lose its one ally, Syria, to a… Continue reading


Meanwhile, in Europe…

29 November 2011 18:09

There probably hasn’t been a meeting of European finance ministers as important as the one tonight. The euro is still at risk; with new governments in Spain, Italy, and Greece… Continue reading


On the road to break-up?

29 November 2011 11:38

Before we plunge into the Autumn Statement, we really ought to mention the poison cloud hanging over Brussels today. European finance ministers, including George Osborne, are meeting there later —… Continue reading


Cameron may have more leverage in Europe than he thinks

28 November 2011 18:05

There’s just over a week to go until the crunch EU summit on 8-9 December, so David Cameron has to decide how best to play his cards — and quick.… Continue reading


Europe’s debt overspill

25 November 2011 13:08

That Italy is now paying around 7.8 per cent for two-year borrowing, compared to the 4.5 per cent it was paying just last month, is a reminder that the imposition… Continue reading


What kind of Europe?

24 November 2011 12:49

A couple of weeks ago I tried to lay out what the future of Europe could look like, given that some member states want to create an ever-closer Union while… Continue reading


The dangers of ever-closer union

22 November 2011 17:51

Yesterday, Fraser wrote that ‘reporting of European issues tends to ignore public opinion’. Today, Philip Stephens has neatly illustrated Fraser’s point in his Financial Times column. Musing on Britain’s possible… Continue reading


Sorry, Mr Gul, but Turkey won’t be joining the EU any time soon

21 November 2011 16:02

It’s not going to happen. That’s what everyone says who knows anything about the subject that we’re going to be hearing quite a bit about this week: Turkey’s membership of… Continue reading


How ambitious is Cameron on Europe?

21 November 2011 14:45

Someone forgot to pack his handbag. We heard yesterday that David Cameron has agreed to let Merkel pursue full fiscal union – and in return she will… drum roll please… let… Continue reading


Are the Lib Dems pro-EU?

20 November 2011 16:57

This might seem a very odd question. A pro-EU position is part of the party’s internationalist DNA. Listen to any EU-related speech by the likes of Nick Clegg or Paddy… Continue reading


Cameron and Merkel: all smiles but no progress

18 November 2011 13:37

David Cameron and Angela Merkel were clearly keen to show that, whatever the tensions over the role of the European Central Bank, they still get on. I lost count of… Continue reading


Farage scolds Europe’s wrecking crew

18 November 2011 12:01

In his cover story for last week’s Spectator, Fraser described how the Frankfurt Group – which he dubbed ‘a new EU hit squad’ – has begun imposing it’s will on… Continue reading


What does the ‘carbon floor price’ mean? More emissions and fewer jobs

18 November 2011 11:18

After the Conservative Party Conference, Fraser described this statement in George Osborne’s speech as the Osborne Doctrine: ‘Let’s at the very least resolve that we’re going to cut our carbon… Continue reading


The debate over Europe’s future

18 November 2011 9:36

We’ve got two interventions by high-profile European politicians in the British papers this morning. In the FT, German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle lays out Germany’s stance, providing a taste of… Continue reading


Some context for the ongoing growth debate

17 November 2011 18:28

Listening to Ed Miliband’s speech today, you’d be left with the impression that the UK is suffering a huge decline in government spending this year, and that this is to… Continue reading


In defence of technocrats

17 November 2011 17:28

Is Mario Monti’s administration in Italy democratic? Is Greece’s new government? To some, especially in the blogosphere, it is the exact opposite: a technocratic and undemocratic government foisted upon Italy… Continue reading


European champions at last

17 November 2011 12:55

The UK can now claim to be No.1 in Europe… for inflation. Further to Tuesday’s figures, the EU has now updated its own spreadsheet. And this is what it shows:… Continue reading


Renegotiation reality

17 November 2011 9:06

Governing is about choices. That goes for Europe too. The government says it can get everything it wants – that’s politics – but the reality is different. It actually faces… Continue reading


Cameron shows his eurosceptic side

15 November 2011 12:18

David Cameron’s speech at the Lord Mayor’s Banquet last night was a significant moment — the clearest articulation yet of his European Policy. In the crucial paragraph, he declared: ‘we… Continue reading


Can Italy rebound?

14 November 2011 17:50

I’m in Italy watching the bonfire of Silvio Berlusconi’s vanities first hand. From the ashes, most Italians hope a stronger nation will emerge. And for this reason, faith in former… Continue reading


Alexander drags Labour closer towards the Tories on Europe

14 November 2011 12:26

You know, having read through Douglas Alexander’s Guardian article a couple of times now, and listened to his appearance on the Today programme earlier, I’m still not sure how Labour’s new… Continue reading


Barroso’s warning

13 November 2011 10:52

José Manuel Barroso’s article in The Observer today is a plea for relevance. When you cut through the usual EU jargon, what you find is the Commission President—predictably—declaring his opposition… Continue reading


The spectre of populism

13 November 2011 10:21

Across Europe, the bien pensant are worried. They fear that the Eurocrisis could lead to the rise of populism — whatever that means — and even extremism. The spectre of… Continue reading


Berlusconi: latest victim of Europe’s reverse Arab Spring

12 November 2011 21:22

Berlusconi has finally resigned – and so continues what seems to be the Arab Spring in reverse (a Gnirps Bara). In the Arab world, people rose up against undemocratic juntas… Continue reading