European Union

An ‘Anglican Brexit’ is Britain’s best hope

16 January 2017 13:03

One of the many admirable aspects of Japanese culture is that they have developed strong taboos against triumphalism in politics.…


Trump Team preparing US / UK trade deal

14 January 2017 10:33

Boris Johnson returned from the US this week boasting that the UK was now ‘first in line’ for a trade…

General Election - Economy

Leak suggests EU will seek ‘special’ deal to access the City post-Brexit

13 January 2017 22:12

The Guardian has a very significant story on its front page tomorrow. It has obtained notes of a meeting that…

There’s life after Brexit for Cambridge University

8 January 2017 8:00

As a former student of English at Cambridge, I am sent the faculty magazine, 9 West Road. Its latest issue…

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The other lesson that Theresa May must learn from Cameron’s failed EU negotiation

7 January 2017 10:31

Theresa May has clearly learnt one lesson from David Cameron’s failed negotiation with the EU. As I write in The…

Homeless people sit on the sidewalk outside Gare du nord station, in Paris

The sad state of Gare du Nord offers a miserable welcome to Paris

7 January 2017 10:00

Last week I took the Eurostar to the Gare du Nord in Paris. We had lunch next to the station…

Theresa May’s extraordinary opportunity

7 January 2017 9:00

It is the fate of all new prime ministers to be compared with their recent predecessors. Theresa May has already…

Theresa May won’t get a better chance to deal with the social care crisis

6 January 2017 8:57

What is the greatest problem facing Theresa May this year? The Prime Minister is preparing for her speech on what…

Britain was wrong to back the U.N’s anti-Israel resolution

4 January 2017 14:01

Like all the best mistakes, it was done for the right reasons. Knowing that for once the US wouldn’t veto,…

Germany remains a prisoner of its past

26 December 2016 10:00

In 1942, a man called Manfred Alexander turned up, unannounced, on my grandfather’s doorstep in Berlin. My grandfather knew him…

The six reasons why I voted ‘Remain’ in the referendum

25 December 2016 10:45

We’re closing 2016 by republishing our ten most-read articles of the year. Here’s No. 7: Matthew Parris’s article, written two…

Anis Amri was shot dead in Italy after being stopped by police

Anis Amri’s unchecked passage across Europe is nothing short of a scandal

24 December 2016 13:13

That the Tunisian terrorist who slaughtered 12 people in Berlin on Monday was even in Europe, let alone able to…

Why Leave voters are my heroes of 2016

23 December 2016 13:55

It’s rare that an opinion poll brings a tear to my eye. But this week one did. It was the…

Nicola Sturgeon’s Baldrick moment

21 December 2016 15:00

Yesterday, the Scottish government published its ‘plan’ for life after Brexit. It was, at 60 or so pages, more detailed…

Scotland has nothing to gain from staying in the single market

20 December 2016 9:30

The Scottish economy will be left in ruins. Tens of thousands of people will be thrown out of their jobs.…

A conversation about Brexit

20 December 2016 9:00

Now that almost six months have passed since the EU referendum, might it be time for old enemies to find…


‘Putinites on the web’ are the new ‘Reds under the bed’

15 December 2016 8:30

Wounded Remainers in Britain and the Hillary set in the US love banging on about ‘post-truth politics’. Lies are everywhere,…

Why it’s not true that Brexit is already starting to bite

13 December 2016 12:03

So, the Remoaners have at last got a piece of economic news they can try to crow about – the…


Labour has even bigger problems than Jeremy Corbyn these days

10 December 2016 10:38

Want proof of how bad things are for Labour? Jeremy Corbyn and his disastrous leadership is not even its biggest…

What the papers say: Is time up for the EU?

6 December 2016 8:28

Something is happening across Europe, says the Sun – but EU leaders are still intent on burying their heads in…

Beppe Grillo, leader of the Five Star Movement, speaks at a rally in Rome

Italy is in desperate need of a saviour

5 December 2016 15:35

Matteo Renzi lost his constitutional reform referendum – and his job – for a simple reason: too many Italians from…

Spectator live blog: The Supreme Court’s Brexit hearing, day one

5 December 2016 11:10

Today’s Supreme Court hearing did, for once, live up to its billing as being a ‘landmark case’. The court’s 11 judges –…

Eurozone Debt Crisis - General Imagery

Austria and Italian voters could plunge the EU into crisis

3 December 2016 10:31

Voters in Austria and Italy head to the polls tomorrow and could plunge the EU into a political and economic…

Martin Schulz’s return to German politics will make Brexit more bitter

28 November 2016 15:29

Shock news! Hold the (virtual) front page! Martin Schulz, arch bogeyman of every British Brexiteer – and even a few…


Tory Brexiteers pressure May to quit EU single market and customs union

19 November 2016 10:10

Normally, the Saturday before an autumn statement would be dominated by speculation about what is in it. But, as I…