European politics


Polls suggest narrow ‘No’ vote in Greek referendum

5 July 2015 17:26

If the final result in the Greek referendum is as close as the polls (not exit polls, so treat with…


French economy minister pushes Germans on bailout money

18 November 2014 8:09

Emmanuel Macron has only been the French economy minister for a few months, but already he’s attracted plenty of domestic…

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Smoke, mirrors, magic: how George Osborne “halved” the £1.7bn EU bill

7 November 2014 16:48

George Osborne took a victory lap on Friday to declare that ‘instead of footing the bill, we have halved the…

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The EU’s gift to Nigel Farage – Brussels demands £1.7 billion more from Britain

24 October 2014 10:15

With truly dreadful timing, the European Commission has sprung David Cameron with a demand for £1.7 billion in extra British…

A Ukip supporter in March 2013 (Photo: Getty)

Ukip’s unsavoury Polish ally in the European Parliament

22 October 2014 11:57

One of the best arguments against European political integration is the people with whom British political parties end up allied…

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Britain gets better European Commissioner job than expected

10 September 2014 11:23

Jean-Claude Juncker clearly appreciated that high-five David Cameron gave him in Brussels recently: he’s appointed Lord Hill to a sizeable economic…


There is a silver lining to Juncker’s appointment

28 June 2014 9:55

David Cameron has been trying to look on the bright side after failing to stop Jean-Claude Juncker becoming president of…


How will Cameron work with Juncker?

27 June 2014 8:50

David Cameron has been repeating his line about the importance of sticking to principles in opposing Jean-Claude Juncker this morning…


Cameron needn’t worry too much about Juncker fallout – for now

17 June 2014 8:40

What happens if, as reports suggest today, David Cameron fails in his bid to block Jean-Claude Juncker as president of…


Has Merkel blinked in Juncker row?

3 June 2014 19:05

Angela Merkel has reportedly blinked in the row over Jean-Claude Juncker’s candidacy for president of the European Commission and is…


UK govt still confident of success in junking Juncker

3 June 2014 12:01

Government sources are very keen to dispel the impression in Westminster that David Cameron’s tough guy act over the candidacy…


Why William Hague’s ‘red card’ plan won’t work

1 June 2013 11:54

Alas, now we know William Hague has joined the list – and it’s a long list – of British government…

Beppe Grillo, the Comedian-turned-politician. Photo: Getty Images.

What next for the anti-euro parties?

22 April 2013 15:53

It’s not a surprise that since the eurozone crisis began, support for eurosceptic parties has risen across the European Union.…