Julie Bishop, the Australian foreign minister, has said that her country would not indulge the British right's fantasies (Photo: Getty)

It’s a Eurosceptic fantasy that the ‘Anglosphere’ wants Brexit

12 April 2016 14:28

No one does as much damage to a country as patriots who affect to love it the most. If you…

(Photo: Getty)

The government can’t be relied on to rear happy farm animals

8 April 2016 17:42

Yesterday, the government abandoned its plans to scrap farm animal welfare codes, but if you think that means the cheap…

David Cameron defends £9m spend on EU leaflets

7 April 2016 13:25

David Cameron has defended the £9m government leaflet promoting the EU as ‘money well spent’ and ‘necessary’, as the Tory…


Boris Johnson blasts government’s £9m EU leaflets: ‘it’s a complete waste of money’

7 April 2016 11:46

The news today that the government are to spend over £9m of taxpayers’ money on leaflets for the pro-EU campaign has…

Steel Production In North East England

The government would not do more for the steel industry, even if the EU allowed them to

30 March 2016 16:51

Sajid Javid is the driest and most Thatcherite member of the government. So, it is no surprise that he is…

Why is Gus O’Donnell misleading the public about the EU rules on Brexit?

30 March 2016 12:03

When Sir Gus O’Donnell was head of the civil service, those who worked under him would have prided themselves in…

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Are Boris’s admirers prepared to have their hearts broken?

29 March 2016 17:52

When I was 18, I had my first tutorial on Anglo-Saxon history. I cannot remember the details but the don…

Conservative Party Conference - Day 3

Vote Leave exec accuses Alan Duncan of asking for a board position before backing Remain

27 March 2016 14:32

This week Sir Alan Duncan penned a piece for the Telegraph entitled ‘why this lifelong Eurosceptic is now voting to…

Day 2 - Paralympic Torch Relay

In defence of Boris Johnson

27 March 2016 10:10

It is good that Matthew Parris has taken on Boris. The Mayor has had too easy a press in many…


Can the ‘leave’ campaign convince British farmers that they’d be better off out?

24 March 2016 12:58

As Nigel Farndale wrote in this magazine in February, leaving the EU would have a dramatic effect on British farmers…

Cabinet reshuffle

Listen: Justin Webb takes Amber Rudd to task on Today over her ‘plague of frogs’ Brexit claims

24 March 2016 10:24

Today Amber Rudd is doing her bit for the In campaign with a speech in which she will warn the nation that…

David Cameron meets Reccep Tayyip Erdoğan in 2012 (Photo: Getty)

Cameron’s support for Turkey’s EU membership should worry us all

15 March 2016 16:05

David Cameron this morning claimed that people who wish to leave the EU are ‘taking a risk with people’s jobs,…

Activists protest against supporters of the Alternative Für Deutschland (Photo: Getty)

Is more multiculturalism really the cure for the EU’s problems?

15 March 2016 15:10

Germany is on its feet again; the country’s answer to Ukip, Alternative Für Deutschland, made huge gains at the polls,…

(Photo: Getty)

Don’t listen to Obama – real Americans want Brexit

14 March 2016 12:31

Because Americans love Britain, and because we are a presumptuous lot, we often advise the United Kingdom on its foreign…

AfD supporters celebrate in Rhineland-Palatinate

Right-wing populists surge in Germany’s state elections

13 March 2016 20:55

Angela Merkel continues to reap the whirlwind. In this weekend’s elections Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) has emerged as the fastest-growing political…

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Photo: Getty)

How would Turkey’s EU membership stem the flow of migrants?

9 March 2016 14:47

Stop me if I haven’t got this right. But as I understand it, as a result of the deal that…


Andrew Marr accused of EU bias over Boris Johnson interview

6 March 2016 11:59

This week Nigel Farage revealed that he had been left ‘worried’ about Boris Johnson’s ability to campaign for Brexit after…


When the EU is no longer able to bribe Turkey, the blackmail will begin

4 March 2016 16:11

As James Forsyth mentioned earlier this week, things could get much worse in Turkey. Indeed, they will. Europe’s hope that Turkey…


Watch: Labour MEP stuck in lift in European parliament

4 March 2016 9:44

Brexit campaigners make the argument that the European Union just isn’t working when it comes to Britain’s interests. While some are yet to…


If the left doesn’t wake up soon, it could be responsible for Brexit

3 March 2016 11:44

It’s only been a week and a half since the starting gun was fired, yet for people outside of the…

The Spectator podcast: Donald Trump’s angry America

3 March 2016 8:37

In this week’s issue, Freddy Gray discusses Donald Trump’s success on Super Tuesday. America has been the world’s most benevolent…

Baby bottle for boy

Trade comes before trade agreements (but the ‘in’ campaign don’t think so)

2 March 2016 16:50

The government, or at least David Cameron’s bit of it, seems to think that trade is something that takes place…

jeremy corbyn

PMQs: Why won’t Corbyn address the Tory EU divide?

2 March 2016 13:28

David Cameron coasted through another PMQs today. Jeremy Corbyn asked about childcare but his questions were too long and unfocused…

Brexit won’t mean more expensive flights for Brits. Here’s why.

1 March 2016 9:09

We’ve been warned that Brexit could spell the end of cheap travel. But is it really true that Britain voting…


Watch: Tom Watson jokes about Labour’s misery

29 February 2016 18:09

Although the Tories currently find their party divided over Europe, they can at least take heart that the opposition face greater…