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If Deutsche Bank collapses, it’s taking the euro with it

11 February 2016 13:06

The queues haven’t started forming outside branches in Frankfurt or Cologne yet. Even so, it is hard not to suspect…

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Marina Wheeler: why David Cameron’s EU deal isn’t enough

10 February 2016 13:28

This is an extract from the new issue of The Spectator, out tomorrow: Last week Donald Tusk, President of the…

Is it really wise for David Cameron to threaten us with migrants?

8 February 2016 16:42

Is it really wise for David Cameron to threaten us with migrants? That is what he has done today with…

Margaret Thatcher was advised not to publicly support leaving the EU. Photo: CHRISTOPHE SIMON/AFP/Getty Images

Charles Moore: Sorry, but Margaret Thatcher would not have voted to stay in the EU

7 February 2016 9:37

Margaret Thatcher would have voted to stay in the European Union, her former foreign policy adviser Lord Powell writes in…

Today in audio: Julian Assange vs Philip Hammond

5 February 2016 16:32

Haven’t had a chance to follow the day’s political events and interviews? Then don’t worry: here, The Spectator, brings you…

Spectator most-read: Trump’s defeat, life in the Royal Navy and ‘racist’ Oxford

5 February 2016 15:54

The Spectator’s fifth most-read article of the week was Nigel Farndale on what life was like on board a warship…

Voila! Cameron's deal, depicted by Morten Morland in the cover of this week's Spectator

The Spectator Podcast: Eurosceptic chaos, Trump’s campaign and the inaugural What’s That Thing? Award

4 February 2016 9:03

In this week’s issue, political editor James Forsyth asks whether David Cameron has somehow managed to dish the Eurosceptics for…

Migrants walking through Hungary to the Austrian border (Photo: AFP/Getty)

Would the migrant crisis have happened without the EU?

3 February 2016 14:21

For those people already bored with the interminable European question, Radio 4 might get unbearable over the next few months.…


PMQs: Corbyn offers Cameron some respite from the EU deal

3 February 2016 12:48

David Cameron’s focus today is on his statement to the Commons about his EU deal, and so was much of…

Today in audio: Tuesday 2nd February

2 February 2016 17:11

Haven’t had a chance to follow the day’s political events and interviews? Then don’t worry: here, The Spectator, brings you…

David Cameron in Chippenham (Getty).

Jeremy Corbyn is right: Cameron should have made his EU speech in the Commons

2 February 2016 14:17

With David Cameron in Chippenham, it was left to the Europe Minister David Lidington to respond to Jeremy Corbyn’s urgent…


Why won’t David Cameron come clean about his EU migrant benefits deal?

2 February 2016 13:31

For the last three years, David Cameron has held out the prospect of voting ‘no’ in the referendum if he…

Eurosceptics get themselves in a tangle over EU red card

2 February 2016 11:06

The Eurosceptic campaign – already divided between two camps – seems to have got itself into another tangle over the…

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Can Denmark preserve its international reputation?

2 February 2016 10:50

Copenhagen Denmark has had a difficult few weeks. While it’s used to grabbing the headlines for being the happiest country…


Boris Johnson: EU ‘red card’ is not enough

2 February 2016 10:37

Downing Street is doing its best to spin national parliament’s right to use a ‘red card’ against EU laws –…

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A warning flag on David Cameron’s Brussels negotiations

1 February 2016 17:47

In the past week, David Cameron has held a number of last-minute talks with EU counterparts in the hope of agreeing…

EU referendum: A third of MPs could still back Brexit

1 February 2016 16:25

How many MPs will come out for Brexit? After hearing endless best guesses, we got rather fed up, and used…

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 18.12.38

With an 18-point lead in the latest poll, momentum is with the EU ‘in’ campaign. 

29 January 2016 17:59

Why is David Cameron having such trouble persuading Jean-Claude Juncker to give in to his minimal demands for EU reform?…

David Cameron’s EU renegotiation headache as pressure mounts to get a deal

29 January 2016 16:45

David Cameron gave all the appearances of being in a bullish mood as he said negotiations so far over Britain’s…

"The Churchill Factor: How One Man Made History" by Boris Johnson - Book Launch Party

Another day, another Johnson comes out for the In campaign

28 January 2016 12:02

Although David Cameron has said he will allow ministers a free vote on the EU referendum, only a handful of cabinet…

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Three reasons why this Eurosceptic infighting is such a gift to David Cameron

28 January 2016 10:10

There will have been gales of laughter in Downing Street and the In campaign this morning as they read Sam…

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There’s one major lesson Labour should learn from Syriza’s anniversary

26 January 2016 15:09

If a week is a long time in politics what’s a year? A century? A millennium? An Ice Age? If…


Stuart Rose forgets the name of his own campaign

25 January 2016 13:15

Although a number of rival groups are currently vying to be the official Out campaign, it seems that some members…

Will the In campaign’s relentless negativity turn off voters?

25 January 2016 9:22

Stuart Rose has again warned the public of the risks of leaving the EU, but will the relentless negativity of…

Michael Caine wades into the EU debate: ‘I feel certain we should come out’

22 January 2016 8:57

Michael Caine started his Today programme interview apparently unsure about whether he was going to vote in or out in…