Today in audio: Fallon says Putin would ‘Vote leave’

24 May 2016 17:34

Vladimir Putin’s name has popped up again in the Brexit debate. This time, however, it wasn’t the Prime Minister suggesting…

So what if Brexit briefly raises the cost of a family holiday, Prime Minister?

24 May 2016 8:18

Nicola Sturgeon urged the Government yesterday to lay off the ‘Project Fear’ strategy and instead focus on spelling out the…

Tony Benn on the 1975 referendum

24 May 2016 7:35

This letter from Tony Benn to his constituents was written in 1975 and published in The Spectator.  In 1975 you…

Brexit might cause a short-term shock but it won’t be as bad as the Treasury makes out

23 May 2016 17:07

There’s already quite a wide consensus around the basic assumption of the Treasury’s latest report that there would be a…

Boris hits back in Brussels banana row. But has he got his facts right this time?

23 May 2016 14:03

Boris has hit back in the row over whether Brussels tells Brits what types of bananas we can eat. Last…

On the EU campaign trail with Boris

23 May 2016 13:03

Boris Johnson is on the Vote Leave campaign trail in York this morning, and has just addressed a medium-sized crowd…


David Cameron’s former adviser Steve Hilton backs Brexit

23 May 2016 9:07

Although David Cameron is keen to suggest of late that the dubious bunch backing Brexit includes Vladimir Putin and Isis, he may…

The Treasury dishes up more Brexit fearmongering. Will it work?

23 May 2016 7:58

It’s now exactly one month until the EU referendum and the Treasury has marked the moment with another economic warning…

Jeremy Corbyn And Alan Johnson Launch The Labour In Battle Bus

Labour’s attempt to get on first-name terms with voters backfires

22 May 2016 13:57

Oh dear. Spare a thought for whichever bright spark at Labour HQ is responsible for today’s email on the EU…

The bookmakers are giving up on the chances of Brexit

21 May 2016 8:30

The EU referendum is only weeks away and while the pollsters aren’t offering much certainty about the result, on the betting…


Pat Glass calls voter a ‘horrible racist’ while out on the EU campaign trail

19 May 2016 15:01

In the General Election, a number of Labour supporters defected to Ukip over growing concerns that the party was no…

Today’s inflation figures tell us nothing about Brexit. Why does the Treasury pretend otherwise?

17 May 2016 12:16

We’re now at the stage in the EU referendum debate where every announcement is explained in terms of its relationship…

The Spectator podcast: Boris needs you!

14 May 2016 9:51

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Mass immigration 
hasn't caused M&S to run out of things to sell (Photo: Getty)

Immigration: a (belated) response to Andrew Neather

13 May 2016 13:57

A while ago, I promised to write about my response to allegations by Andrew Neather that the government had covered…

The IMF serves up more Project Fear – and it’s working

13 May 2016 13:18

Another day, another warning about the economic bombshell which would follow Brexit. This time it’s the turn of the IMF.…


Vladimir Nabokov wades into the Brexit debate from the grave

13 May 2016 13:02

So far in the Brexit debate, a range of figures — from David Cameron to David Icke — have chipped in to…


Can we really trust the economists on EU immigration?

13 May 2016 10:49

A recent Coffee House blog quite rightly noted that many British people are concerned that high levels of immigration have hurt…

Is the Brexit campaign ‘morphing into Ukip’?

13 May 2016 8:25

Is the Brexit campaign ‘morphing into Ukip’? That’s what Sir John Major will say he fears is happening later. In…

(Photo: Getty)

The English right’s Putinesque conspiracy theories

12 May 2016 18:08

The right, as well as the left, is home to the kind of flaming conspiracy nut who, in Bertie Wooster’s…

In the EU debate about control, today’s NI migrant stats are particularly toxic

12 May 2016 10:42

Statistics revealing the number of foreign workers in the UK are an age-old headache for the Government of the day.…

The Spectator podcast: Boris needs you!

12 May 2016 7:53

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A freight container moored at Tilbury Dock. Image: Getty

Britain is selling less to Europe but the EU is still hugely important

10 May 2016 16:39

Britain’s trade deficit – the gap between what the UK imports and exports – is now at its biggest since…


IDS’s claim about Germany’s hidden EU renegotiation role is hugely damaging for ‘Remain’

10 May 2016 8:03

Yesterday, David Cameron was all talk of ensuring peace in our time and preventing world war three by staying in…

Today in audio: Boris vs Dave

9 May 2016 16:56

With the May elections over, the EU referendum campaign is now in full swing. David Cameron started the day warning…


Does anybody actually think the EU guarantees ‘peace and stability’?

9 May 2016 10:36

According to David Cameron this morning, if Britain votes to ‘Leave’ the EU on 23 June, the Germans will invade…