EU referendum

Coffee House Shots: The final countdown

22 June 2016 17:28

There are now only hours until the polls open in the EU referendum. But the campaigning has continued today right…

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Spare a thought for the proud Brits denied tomorrow’s vote

22 June 2016 15:46

I live in Italy at the heart of the European Union and have witnessed first hand how the euro has…

BBC Hosts EU Debate At Wembley Arena

Boris Johnson’s closing speech was the defining moment of the campaign

22 June 2016 14:46

For me, last night provided the defining moment of the campaign. I was in the audience of 6,000 or so…


What next for Ukip after the EU referendum?

22 June 2016 13:41

For someone who has spent his whole life building up to the referendum, Nigel Farage has had a rather patchy…

FTSE Continues To Fall Amid Growing Concerns Over Recession

If Brexit is the result, start buying the market

22 June 2016 12:40

It is four o’clock on Friday morning. The early returns suggest Leave is edging ahead. You’ve just seen a tweet…

The Spectator’s Guide to EU Referendum day (and night)

22 June 2016 12:24

Britain goes to the polls tomorrow for the most important vote in a generation, as the country decides whether it…


Is it a case of Tim-Nice-But-Dim for Remain?

22 June 2016 11:53

Another day, another Brexit poll. This time YouGov claim to have discovered what a name can tell you about someone’s voting tendency. If…

The PM boils his entire referendum campaign into a single word. But will it convince voters?

22 June 2016 8:53

David Cameron has boiled down his entire EU referendum campaign into a single word: together. The Prime Minister made one…

Would a narrow win for ‘Leave’ be useful in getting a better post-Brexit deal?

22 June 2016 8:02

In less than 24 hours, the polling booths will finally open. We’ve seen today the now familiar raft of letters…


Highlights: EU referendum Wembley debate

21 June 2016 18:24

Boris Johnson, for Leave, and his successor as London Mayor Sadiq Khan, for Remain, were among six panellists who took part in…


Coffee House shots: Who will triumph in tonight’s final TV showdown?

21 June 2016 16:57

As many as eight million people are expected to tune into tonight’s BBC Brexit debate, where Boris Johnson, Sadiq Khan…


Take it from a divorcee: Brexit will cost you dear

21 June 2016 14:50

I suppose there are such things as amicable divorces. Mine wasn’t. Like the First World War, it was fought for…

Victoria Beckham: ‘The Euro-bureaucrats are destroying every bit of national identity’

21 June 2016 14:25

Victoria Beckham has said today she wants Britain to remain a member of the European Union. But ‘Posh Spice’ hasn’t…

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David Cameron uses Downing Street to say ‘Brits don’t quit’

21 June 2016 14:22

David Cameron has just given a rather bizarre statement in Downing Street pleading with voters to back Remain on Thursday.…

The Prime Minister And Chancellor Join Forces For The Remain Campaign

What if we vote Remain… then still have a recession?

21 June 2016 10:18

A vote to leave the EU would cause economic Armageddon. We know because David Cameron and George Osborne have told…


Steve Hilton claims PM was told net migration target is ‘impossible’ whilst we’re in the EU

21 June 2016 7:49

So long as the economy was at the top of the agenda, ‘Remain’ will have felt safe in the knowledge…

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Remain have revealed their own hateful prejudices

20 June 2016 18:13

Who is really poisoning public debate? Who is it that has turned what ought to have been a smart and…

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Frexit and Italexit? Support for the EU dwindles in France and Italy

20 June 2016 18:06

Various freak political events—the unexpected Tory election victory, the rise of Ukip—have conspired to allow Britain to hold its referendum…


Coffee House shots: Have ‘Remain’ done enough to win?

20 June 2016 17:23

We’re in the final days of campaigning before the country goes to the polls on Thursday. But what is the…


Every political generation has its low moment; this is ours

20 June 2016 14:59

No, there was never a Golden Age of genteel and elevated discourse. Never a time when the fate of the…

Baroness Warsi defects to ‘Remain’: ‘Leave aren’t the kind of people I’d get on a night bus with’

20 June 2016 7:42

Baroness Warsi hasn’t always been one to help out the Prime Minister when he’s in a spot of bother. But…

Emily Sheffield and her sister, Samantha Cameron (Photo: Getty)

Sam Cam’s sister vows never to vote Tory again if Leave win

19 June 2016 21:01

There’s a lot at stake for David Cameron when it comes to the EU referendum. As well as having to…


Pumped-up Cameron takes pummelling on immigration 

19 June 2016 19:56

David Cameron put in a confident, passionate performance tonight in his Question Time grilling. At one point the Prime Minister…

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Corbyn’s immigration honesty creates a problem for Remain

19 June 2016 11:08

Jeremy Corbyn went on The Marr Show this morning to talk about Jo Cox’s tragic death and the EU referendum.…

EU Referendum - Signage And Symbols

Latest polls show a swing back to Remain

19 June 2016 10:28

We are now in the final week of the referendum campaign and the swing back towards the status quo appears…