EU referendum

Boris Johnson Leads 48Hour Brexit Blitz Of Campaigning

Has Boris finally realised why Turkey shouldn’t join the EU?

18 April 2016 14:44

So good to see Boris Johnson making the obvious case for Brexit, namely that the Turks are at the door.…

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The deceptions behind George Osborne’s Brexit report

18 April 2016 14:02

Sometimes, George Osborne’s dishonesty is simply breathtaking. Let’s set aside the way he has positioned himself over the years (if he…


Priti Patel brings primary schools into the EU debate

18 April 2016 13:32

Another interesting change of tack in the EU referendum campaign comes from the Leave camp today, with Priti Patel warning…


Watch: Tristram Hunt feels the heat over the EU on Sunday Politics

18 April 2016 9:13

With the outcome of the EU referendum predicted to be on a ‘knife edge’, there are growing concerns that David…


How ministers had to change tack in the EU referendum campaign

18 April 2016 8:56

George Osborne harnesses the might of the Treasury machine today in the EU referendum campaign, publishing a weighty tome that…

The left's weird cosying up to a vast institution it once agitated against is best captured in the figure of Yanis Varoufakis (Photo: Getty)

The strange death of left-wing Euroscepticism

17 April 2016 8:00

Jeremy Corbyn’s eye-swivelling about-face on the EU – he once wanted to leave, now he wants to stay – has…

G7 Leaders Meet For Summit At Schloss Elmau

Boris v Barack on Brexit

16 April 2016 10:55

The US President flies into town next week to wish the Queen a happy 90th birthday and to encourage Britain…

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Referendum camps try to enthuse voters as official campaign starts

15 April 2016 9:14

Rather like the 2015 General Election campaign, the EU referendum campaign feels as though it has been going on rather…

Why Obama’s Brexit intervention will matter whether we like it or not

15 April 2016 8:42

It now looks likely that Barack Obama’s visit to London next week will see the President calling on Britain to…

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The Bank of England should butt out of the Brexit debate

14 April 2016 12:54

Unelected. Technocratic. Exercising a great deal of power over people’s lives, without much in the way of accountability. Staffed by…

uk x eu

Will the EU referendum be a fair fight?

12 April 2016 7:57

It is the most important decision that the Electoral Commission has ever taken: who to select as the lead campaign…

David Cameron Addresses University Students Over The EU Referendum

There’s a right way – and a wrong way – to hold a referendum

10 April 2016 11:56

Personally, I love referendums. It’s the notion that the people really can have things their way which is so pleasing,…

Young Ukrainian activists hold placards reading 'Help Ukraine and Ukraine will help Europe' (Photo: Getty)

The Dutch EU-Ukraine vote raises some tricky questions for team Brexit

7 April 2016 16:26

Yesterday’s rejection of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement by Dutch voters was loudly cheered by Leave campaigners. It will certainly have…

David Cameron defends £9m spend on EU leaflets

7 April 2016 13:25

David Cameron has defended the £9m government leaflet promoting the EU as ‘money well spent’ and ‘necessary’, as the Tory…

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Why has the government been so behind the curve on steel?

2 April 2016 10:30

This hasn’t been a good week for the government. As I say in my Sun column today, it has been…

Like Iceland and Switzerland, post-Brexit UK could do a trade agreement with China, but do Brexiteers really want to copy these agreements? (Photo: Getty)

Boris and the Brexiteers are talking nonsense about Britain’s trade policies

1 April 2016 9:35

Meet Boris Johnson, Britain’s new chief trade negotiator. I admit it is an effort to imagine Boris in that parish,…

Why is Gus O’Donnell misleading the public about the EU rules on Brexit?

30 March 2016 12:03

When Sir Gus O’Donnell was head of the civil service, those who worked under him would have prided themselves in…

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Are Boris’s admirers prepared to have their hearts broken?

29 March 2016 17:52

When I was 18, I had my first tutorial on Anglo-Saxon history. I cannot remember the details but the don…


Would Brexit mean Boris as PM? If so, should we worry?

26 March 2016 15:08

This time last year, Matthew Parris was about the only commentator predicting that the Tories would win a majority. In…


Jeremy Corbyn’s brother backs Brexit: ‘the EU is the tool of big corporations and asset strippers’

26 March 2016 11:16

The upcoming EU referendum has proved to be a divisive issue for families as well as politicians. With Boris Johnson the…


Cameron can’t just focus on the EU referendum

26 March 2016 10:00

Early on in his leadership, David Cameron was clear that he wanted the Tories to stop ‘banging on about Europe.’…

Tory Wars

Podcast: IDS, Ros Altmann and the return of Tory Wars

20 March 2016 11:08

Iain Duncan Smith has just given what James Forsyth refers to as a “bombshell interview” which turned into “a missile…

Activists protest against supporters of the Alternative Für Deutschland (Photo: Getty)

Is more multiculturalism really the cure for the EU’s problems?

15 March 2016 15:10

Germany is on its feet again; the country’s answer to Ukip, Alternative Für Deutschland, made huge gains at the polls,…


Meet the British Poles who back Brexit

14 March 2016 14:01

Britain’s Poles appear to be struggling with a sort of Brexit-induced identity crisis. Earlier this month, BBC News showed Poles…

Raisa Gorbachev Foundation Annual Fundraising Gala Dinner - Arrivals

Boris vs Barack in the EU referendum campaign

14 March 2016 9:06

As the EU referendum campaign wears on, the rules of engagement from both sides are becoming clearer – or at…