EU referendum

Protesters campaign for an EU referendum. Picture: Getty.

Pro-referendum MPs to plot for Labour and Lib Dem manifesto commitment

2 July 2013 8:59

MPs from all parties who want a referendum are meeting this week to discuss how to get a pledge into the Labour and Lib Dem manifestos, I hear. The All-Party… Continue reading

Prime Minister David Cameron Makes Speech On The UK's Position In Europe

Cross-party EU referendum campaign aims to counter partisan problems

1 July 2013 12:32

The Tory campaign on James Wharton’s EU referendum bill has been very slick but very partisan – I examined some of the problems with this last week when eurosceptic Labour… Continue reading

Ed Miliband takes part in a question-and-answer session on the NHS in Manchester. Picture: Getty.

Miliband’s EU referendum dilemma

29 June 2013 13:00

Friday’s vote on James Wharton’s EU referendum bill is going to push the whole Europe question right back up the political agenda. The Tories will try and use it to… Continue reading

James Wharton's Private Member's Bill will have its second reading on 5 July. Picture: PA

Exclusive: partisan EU referendum campaign dampens Labour support

25 June 2013 17:57

The Tories are putting off Labour MPs from backing their Private Member’s Bill on an EU referendum with an overly partisan campaign, Coffee House has learned. John Cryer, who chairs… Continue reading

James Wharton's Private Member's Bill will have its second reading on 5 July. Picture: PA

Exclusive: Tories go public with EU referendum bill

18 June 2013 19:00

The Conservatives will table James Wharton’s Private Member’s Bill for an EU referendum tonight for publication tomorrow. Coffee House has exclusive details of the changes to this piece of legislation, and a clever new plan by the party to make the most of this backbench bill as possible.

Ken Clarke

Ken Clarke reignites What Would Thatcher Do? to argue for an ‘In’ referendum vote

18 June 2013 8:59

Those cracking jokes about bears visiting the woods following Ken Clarke’s latest warning about the dangers of Britain leaving the EU miss the point. The former Chancellor and Minister without… Continue reading

Tony Blair Continues Speaking Tour In Auckland

Tony Blair is pessimistic about the chances that Europe will change

15 June 2013 14:21

Tony Blair has plenty to say on the crisis in Syria in his interview in today’s Times, as you might expect. But he also makes a few points on other… Continue reading

Grant Shapps and his Tory colleagues are thrilled that Labour will abstain on the EU referendum bill. Picture: Getty

Tories toast Labour abstention plan for EU bill

13 June 2013 16:58

From being all over the shop in the past few months when it came to message discipline, the Tories have gone into overdrive in the last two days after the… Continue reading


The View from 22 — Gove the revolutionary, a society without religion and will the EU referendum split the Tories apart?

13 June 2013 9:26

How much love is there for Michael Gove on the opposition benches? In this week’s Spectator cover feature, Toby Young argues, quite a lot. The Education Secretary has the policies… Continue reading

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 09.55.21

Tories pressure Labour and Lib Dems on EU bill

12 June 2013 10:09

Credit where credit’s due to the Tory spin machine for following up a good idea and putting pressure on Labour and the Lib Dems. This doesn’t happen very often, so… Continue reading


Grant Shapps’ peacemaking letter to Tory grassroots

29 May 2013 12:40

Largely because of events, the febrile atmosphere in the Tory party has gone as damp as the weather after weeks of bickering. A combination of the Woolwich killing and recess… Continue reading


EU shopping list tips from Ben Goldsmith, Bill Cash, Nancy Dell’Olio and Matthew Elliott

17 May 2013 13:28

Ben Goldsmith, Partner at WHEB Partners and signatory to Business for Britain In the private sector, every business must provide regular and accurate accounts. Yet when you try to look into… Continue reading

David Cameron needs to work out what exactly it is that he wants from negotiations with EU leaders. Picture: Getty

What does Cameron actually want back from Brussels?

16 May 2013 17:21

If you ask what’s the problem with David Cameron’s European strategy, a cacophony of voices strike up. But it seems to me that most of their complaints are tactical when… Continue reading

Prime Minister David Cameron And Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg Visit Essex

The Tory Blame Game

16 May 2013 15:24

Who is to blame for last night’s Tory uprising on Europe? It’s more entertaining to pin the blame on everyone, rather than one person, and in this case, it’s wrong… Continue reading

David Cameron didn't want to bang on about Europe, which has ultimately led to a great deal more banging. Picture: Getty

Refusing to bang on about Europe has brought about even more banging on than before

16 May 2013 12:20

The BBC loves nothing better than a narrative in which Tory anti-European eccentrics split their party, and a bewildered public votes Labour. It is certainly the case that some of… Continue reading

Who would have thought that one piece of vellum could cause such a rumpus? Picture: Getty

130 MPs support Queen’s Speech amendment on EU referendum

15 May 2013 20:02

So 130 MPs have backed the Baron/Bone amendment to the Queen’s Speech. There will be Labour and other parties in this group, but reasonable estimates suggest that 100 Tories went… Continue reading

Picture: Carla Millar

Cameron says he’s relaxed about tonight’s Queen’s Speech vote. But is he?

15 May 2013 17:13

MPs are storming their way through the Queen’s Speech debate this afternoon, with a vote on that troublesome EU referendum bill amendment expected around 7pm. But for all their talk… Continue reading

David Cameron

David Cameron is right to be relaxed about tonight’s EU vote

15 May 2013 13:14

It simply isn’t correct to claim that the Conservative Party is at odds over a possible vote on legislation paving the way for a referendum on Britain’s membership of the… Continue reading

John Baron

Forget the nasty party: this is the Angry Party

15 May 2013 9:08

Even those who like to specialise in the inner workings of the mind of a Tory backbencher are rather baffled by the twists and turns of the party this week.… Continue reading


Will the draft EU referendum bill calm Tory tensions?

14 May 2013 20:18

The last few days have seen the Tory party losing its collective head. Number 10 hopes that the publication of a draft referendum bill will begin to restore order. If… Continue reading

Protestors take part in a demonstration

Not all eurosceptics are asking for more from the leadership

14 May 2013 14:30

The Tory MPs who are unhappy with Number 10′s offer of a draft EU referendum bill have been making the most noise this morning, but there have been some interesting… Continue reading

Norman Lamb

Tory EU turmoil allows Labour and Lib Dems to develop strong message discipline

14 May 2013 9:17

The dizzy behaviour of the Tory party on Europe is allowing its opponents to develop an incredibly strong message discipline. This is ironic because the Labour party has its own… Continue reading

David Cameron giving his Europe speech. Picture: Getty

Tory leadership publishes draft EU referendum bill in a panic, and fails to convince backbenchers

13 May 2013 23:13

David Cameron was trying to work out how on earth to deal with the latest Europe row in his party. He heard them demanding legislation in this parliament for a… Continue reading

Obama and Cameron give a joint press conference this afternoon. Picture: Getty

Obama warns Britain that leaving the EU would be an isolationist step

13 May 2013 17:25

President Obama took care this afternoon when asked about an EU referendum to give as nuanced an answer as possible. He emphasised repeatedly that this was a matter for the… Continue reading

David Cameron once described himself as a 'man with a plan'. He needs to give that impression now as his party chooses turmoil on Europe once again. Picture: Getty

David Cameron needs to become a man with a plan

13 May 2013 8:52

‘I’m a man with a plan,’ David Cameron told the Conservative party conference in 2008. Now the Prime Minister is struggling to give the impression he does have a plan… Continue reading