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Cameron campaign for EU poster

David Cameron asks business: “help me make the case for Britain to stay” in the EU

21 January 2016 7:01

David Cameron is giving a speech in Davos later today with a message for British business: he wants to enlist…

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While the ‘Out’ campaigns squabble, the ‘In’ campaign has splashed the cash

19 January 2016 14:47

The EU referendum is looming, but the biggest fight at present is not between the two sides of the argument…

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What’s the hold up with the British Bill of Rights?

16 January 2016 10:27

Before the election, the Tories talked about introducing a British Bill of Rights in their first 100 days in office.…

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Who will reveal their Brexit plan?

15 January 2016 10:07

George Osborne’s Newsnight interview has drawn ire from the Eurosceptics chiefly because the Chancellor used it to stamp on any…

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How many EU referendums we will end up having?

14 January 2016 18:33

The pre EU referendum skirmishing stepped up a notch today. Chris Grayling became the first member of the Cabinet to…

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Eurosceptics brand no contingency plan for Brexit ‘disgraceful’

10 January 2016 12:41

David Cameron’s admission on the Marr Show this morning that the EU referendum might take place either a little later…

Argyll And Southern Highlanders Home Coming Parade

If Britain votes to leave the EU, Scotland could vote to end Britain

10 January 2016 10:04

One of the things that worries me about a vote to leave the European Union (which I should like to…

Conservatives Campaign In The Fourth Week Of The General Election

Which way will Boris and Gove go on Europe?

9 January 2016 10:30

David Cameron might have announced this week that Cabinet Ministers will be allowed to campaign for Out come the EU…

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The EU campaign has begun – and Tory wars are back

8 January 2016 10:11

Liam Fox’s new year party at the Carlton Club has become the traditional start to the Tory Party’s year. This…


Cameron hints EU renegotiation timetable could slip again if necessary

7 January 2016 18:07

Could David Cameron have to delay his European renegotiation still further? In his press conference today with Hungarian Prime Minister…

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Has Liz Truss just declared her support for Cameron in the EU referendum?

6 January 2016 10:42

David Cameron’s declaration that ministers will be able to campaign on the opposite side from him come the EU referendum…

David Cameron delivers his Europe speech. Image: Getty

Cameron: EU referendum campaign needs to be longer than three months

5 January 2016 18:00

In his statement to the Commons this afternoon, David Cameron confirmed that ministers will be free to campaign for Britain…


Exclusive: Stephen Gilbert to step down as deputy chairman of the Conservative party

21 December 2015 12:02

In the new year the EU referendum battle will heat up, and it seems the Conservative party are already starting…

Conservatives Campaign In The Fourth Week Of The General Election

Boris for Foreign Secretary?

19 December 2015 8:43

David Cameron is warming to the idea of making Boris Johnson Foreign Secretary. As I write in The Sun this…

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron arrives for The European Council Meeting In Brussels held at the Justus Lipsius Building on December 17, 2015 in Brussels, Belgium.

Why is David Cameron so cheerful after his European Council summit?

18 December 2015 10:36

David Cameron was in such a hurry to tell everyone about how well last night’s talks with EU leaders had…

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The Vote Leave campaign could be formidable – but it has an Achilles heel

17 December 2015 17:55

As David Cameron prepares to make his case to European leaders over dinner this evening, the Out campaign is stepping…

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The Donald must be thrilled to be name-checked by David Cameron

16 December 2015 16:41

Corbyn was back on drone duty at PMQs. He monotoned his way through six questions about NHS funding and gave…

Former Conservative British Prime Minister John Major makes a speech on April 21, 2015 in Solihull, England.

John Major: leaving the EU would push Britain into ‘splendid isolation’

16 December 2015 9:39

David Cameron is heading off to a European Council meeting tomorrow, where talks will continue on reforming Britain’s relationship with Brussels.…

Prime Minister David Cameron Makes Speech On The UK's Position In Europe

Can Cameron convince people to trust him on the EU referendum?

15 December 2015 12:24

David Cameron will be relived that his European Referendum Bill is finally on its way to Royal Assent, after weeks…

exit from the eurozone concept

Brexit is gaining momentum, according to two new polls

15 December 2015 8:55

Two new opinion polls suggest that support is growing for Britain to leave the European Union. Today’s Daily Telegraph reports on an ICM survey…

A new part, the second level of the metal fence is built by Hungarian prisoners from the Csilla jail of Szeged town at the Hungarian-Serbian border near Roszke village, on September 10, 2015.

The EU plan to seize control of national borders

11 December 2015 18:09

When the EU is in crisis, the Commission’s answer is, inevitably, more Europe. So, its response to the migrant crisis…

Cameron is being reasonable, to a fault, in his renegotiation demands

No, Britain can’t direct Europe. Let’s stop pretending otherwise

11 December 2015 5:30

Can Britain reorder Europe? When James Forsyth and I interviewed the Prime Minister on Monday we were struck by his line…


‘Voters think: Oh Christ, push Europe away from me!’ – David Cameron interview

10 December 2015 6:01

This is an extended version of an interview with the Prime Minister from the Christmas special issue of The Spectator. The last…


Number 10 admits defeat on EU renegotiation timetable

3 December 2015 15:27

David Cameron has dropped his plans to sign off his renegotiation of Britain’s relationship with Europe at the December European…

U.K. Chancellor Of The Exchequer George Osborne Presents The Autumn Statement

The EU renegotiation is now the biggest obstacle to Osborne making it to Number 10

28 November 2015 10:22

At the start of this week, everyone was wondering how George Osborne was going to get out of trouble on…