EU referendum

Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband Focuses On The Economy

Ed Miliband’s non-policy EU policy

13 March 2014 17:16

‘You only offer a referendum if you want to ratify your existing policy,’ a Tory veteran told me this morning while discussing Ed Miliband’s recent referendum announcement. The Tory illustrated… Continue reading

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg And Business Secretary Vince Cable Visit Ricardo Engine Assembly Facility

PMQs sketch: what Tony Blair knew about being a toff, and what Nick Clegg doesn’t

12 March 2014 17:37

Hattie Harman tried to crack Clegg today. The deputy prime minister, standing in for David Cameron, explained carefully that his boss was visiting, ‘Israel and the Occupied Palestinian territories.’ Not… Continue reading

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Will there really be a ‘furious backlash’ to Ed Miliband’s EU referendum stance?

12 March 2014 13:52

The Tories have been hoping that their pledge for a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU would split Labour – it was the rationale behind John Baron’s regular pushes… Continue reading

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Ed Miliband’s speech on Europe: full text

12 March 2014 11:21

In a speech today at the London Business School, Ed Miliband set out Labour’s policy on an EU referendum: unless there are further transfers of powers, there won’t be one. Here’s… Continue reading


Douglas Alexander’s weasel words on Labour’s EU pledge

12 March 2014 8:58

Unsurprisingly, Douglas Alexander’s Today interview about Ed Miliband’s pledge to not give the British people a referendum without saying he’s not giving you a referendum wasn’t the most edifying performance.… Continue reading


Ed Miliband rules out EU referendum

11 March 2014 21:56

Why is Ed Miliband going to rule out a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU in a speech tomorrow? The Labour leader has written in the FT that he… Continue reading

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Downing Street confirms Coffee House scoop on Cabinet row

4 March 2014 13:24

As James exclusively revealed on Coffee House this morning, an ambush took place at this morning’s Cabinet meeting on legislation for an EU referendum and recall of MPs. Downing Street… Continue reading

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Exclusive: Cameron and Osborne ambush Lib Dems in Cabinet meeting

4 March 2014 11:05

A dramatic Cabinet this morning as the Tories ambushed the Lib Dems over the contents of the Queen’s Speech. First, Cameron took them by surprise by demanding that a recall… Continue reading

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Merkel makes it clear: no special status for Britain in the EU

27 February 2014 14:28

Angela Merkel’s speech today didn’t close doors on EU reform but nor did it open as many as some close to Cameron had hoped that it would. As the German… Continue reading

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Is there a difference between voting to get out of the UK and voting to get out of the EU?

20 February 2014 12:15

Those of us who want a referendum on the European Union need to be cautious in our approach to the Scottish one. What is sauce for Alex Salmond’s goose may… Continue reading

Julie Burchill and Paris Lees.

Podcast: Julie Burchill vs. Paris Lees, Putin’s plan to rule the world and Cameron’s love for Angela Merkel

20 February 2014 8:00

What is intersectionality and why is it ruining feminism? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Julie Burchill and Paris Lees debate the current state of feminism and whether intersectionality… Continue reading

Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney. Image: Getty

An EU referendum isn’t ‘bad for the economy’ – businesses want it to happen

18 February 2014 10:30

Mark Carney has been a very successful Governor of the Bank of England. Since coming to office in June last year, the British economy has gone from strength to strength.… Continue reading

Lynton Crosby

Lynton Crosby gives Tories ‘lovely’ roasting as MPs demand govt EU referendum bill

4 February 2014 19:10

The Conservatives have just held a party meeting where Lynton Crosby was supposed to be reading them the riot act over their behaviour in the past few weeks. But the… Continue reading

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Cameron needs to ensure Eurosceptic ire is directed at Labour, the Lib Dems and the Lords – not at him

31 January 2014 16:49

The EU referendum bill has just been knocked on the head in the House of Lords. The peers, led by Labour and Liberal Democrat Lords, have denied the bill the… Continue reading

Conservative MPs need to realise that Ed Miliband is the enemy, not their own leader.

Dominic Raab is a brilliant fighter. It’s time he focused on Labour

31 January 2014 7:23

Dominic Raab is one of the most impressive members of the Tory back benches, able to pick a string of good fights and – even rarer – able to win… Continue reading

David Cameron delivers his Europe speech. Image: Getty

Bernard Jenkin’s letter is just the start – renegotiation will expose every Tory division on Europe

13 January 2014 14:38

Straight after David Cameron’s speech last January committing himself to renegotiation and a referendum, I asked one Tory minister what he made of it. He chuckled and said that Cameron… Continue reading

The Tories' Let Britain Decide campaign is as much about data collection as publicity.

Will peers decide to #LetBritainDecide?

10 January 2014 9:42

The first week back in January is always a miserable one. Commuters stare miserably out of rain-streaked train windows contemplating the end of the festive season. More couples turn to… Continue reading

Prime Minister David Cameron Delivers His Keynote Speech At The Conservative Party Conference

What is David Cameron for?

18 December 2013 14:45

A mischievous question, I know, but one prompted by Janan Ganesh’s latest Financial Times column. It is eight years since David Cameron became leader of the Conservative party and three and a… Continue reading

Prime Minister David Cameron Delivers His Keynote Speech At The Conservative Party Conference

Faster curbs on ‘benefit tourism’ are easy-peasy compared with Cameron’s real EU task

18 December 2013 8:54

The Prime Minister’s announcement today that he is fast-tracking his curbs on ‘benefit tourism’ was designed to reassure worried MPs that the government really is moving as fast as it… Continue reading

Photo Credit: Open Europe

It’ll take more than one vote for Britain to leave the EU

11 December 2013 22:45

What would the exit negotiations look like if Britain voted to leave the EU? Well, Open Europe tried to give us an idea today hosting a war game sketching out… Continue reading

Europe Minister David Lidington. Picture: PA

What Tory ministers think about European reform: exclusive details

9 December 2013 17:45

Remember that shopping list of EU reforms that Conservative party members sent ministers in the summer? Well, they’ve finally got a reply. I’ve got hold of a letter to members… Continue reading

Vince Cable criticised ring-fencing. Picture: Getty

Vince Cable is right, Britain is most likely to leave the EU under a Labour government

7 December 2013 13:56

Vince Cable is surely right in his comments yesterday that the most likely scenario for Britain leaving the EU is if Ed Miliband is Prime Minister after the next election.… Continue reading

PM 'proud' to back referendum bill

Commons decides to #LetBritainDecide

29 November 2013 14:04

After hours of really insightful discussions about bacon butties, MPs have finally approved the third reading of the #LetBritainDecide Bill in the Commons. The legislation will now pass to the… Continue reading

Tory Party Annual Conference

Is the real anti-Cameron brigade the Brady bunch, plus Adam Afriyie?

22 November 2013 13:20

In September 2012 Mr Steerpike revealed that 14 Tory MPs had signed letters to Graham Brady, the Chairman of the 1922 Committee, calling for a leadership challenge to David Cameron.… Continue reading

David Cameron's referendum pledge is not enough for some people, like Paul Sykes. Photo: Getty Images.

Paul Sykes boosts Ukip’s coffers but is he helping to split the right?

18 November 2013 11:38

Ukip’s treasurer will be beaming this morning, thanks to Paul Sykes. The Yorkshire millionaire — whose wealth is estimated to be over £600 million — has, according to Philip Johnson… Continue reading