EU referendum

UK Independence Party (UKIP) supporters applaud during a speech by former UKIP MP Mark Reckless at Winter Garden on June 6, 2015 in Eastbourne, England.

Inside Ukip: now the infighting is over, the Kippers are readying for the battle of their lives

5 August 2015 16:21

Ukip has been especially quiet over the last few months. Following the party’s disappointing result in the general election, Nigel Farage’s ‘unresignation’ and the briefing wars, the party has purposefully kept… Continue reading


Watch: Nigel Farage on why Ukip is still relevant

30 July 2015 16:38

Nigel Farage emerged from his summer break today to kickstart his party’s No campaign. The Ukip leader hit out at Eurosceptic Conservatives who he believes are lazy and ‘there is… Continue reading


Which way will Greece vote?

4 July 2015 17:49

This time tomorrow, we’ll have had the first projections from the Greek referendum. We will have an idea as to whether the country has said Oxi or Nai. At the… Continue reading

Remember this? (Photo: Getty)

We haven’t had a pan-European war for 70 years. Why is that?

30 June 2015 14:15

The EU referendum makes me suspect that the grownups don’t know what they’re doing. I can see how we got to this point but it seems absurd that something so… Continue reading


Most Tories want to remain in the EU. Here’s why

It is unfashionable to quote polls these days but one recent finding went unremarked even though it is remarkable. It showed that only 15 per cent of members of the… Continue reading

David Cameron Meets With Angela Merkel In Berlin

‘No’ campaign coordinator pushes idea of two referendums

23 June 2015 12:56

Dominic Cummings is the man drafted in to put together the putative No campaign for the EU referendum. Cummings has a tendency to surprise and he has done that today… Continue reading


Business for Britain attempts to show the positive side of the ‘No’ campaign

22 June 2015 13:15

The EU ‘out’ campaigners have two troublesome image problems to contend with: the message of ‘No’ is intrinsically negative and will scare off voters, plus they are looking to change the… Continue reading

David Cameron seen during a press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (not seen) after their talks in Berlin, Germany on May 29, 2015.

The ‘In’ and ‘Out’ EU referendum campaigns begin to take shape

19 June 2015 9:24

The campaigns to keep Britain ‘In’ or ‘Out’ of the EU are keen to begin their work. The Times today reveals details of a cross-party Eurosceptic group, which is expected to morph into the Brexit… Continue reading

British Conservative member of parliament Bill Cash poses for a photograph in central London on November 16, 2012.

‘Purdah’ amendment to EU referendum bill defeated — but only thanks to Labour

16 June 2015 18:53

The government has defeated Bill Cash’s rebel amendment on the changes to the ‘purdah’ rules during the EU referendum campaign, but only thanks to Labour abstaining. The actual vote was… Continue reading


Cameron attempts to buy off Eurosceptics with delayed EU referendum date

16 June 2015 9:17

David Cameron appears to have made two concessions to his Eurosceptic backbenchers over the EU referendum. Firstly, the referendum vote won’t be next year. The decision against holding the vote in… Continue reading

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Keeping Britain in the EU will be easier than keeping the Tories united on the issue

15 June 2015 16:12

Privately, senior Tories admit that winning the EU referendum, by which they mean securing a vote to stay in on Cameron’s new terms, is the easy part. The more difficult… Continue reading

UKIP Hold Their First Conference Since The General Election

It may actually be in Ukip’s interest to lose the EU referendum

12 June 2015 15:35

Will the country be torn apart by the EU referendum? That’s the argument made by Chris Deerin on the capitalist running dog website CapX. Deerin, a Scottish Unionist, says it’s… Continue reading

David Cameron speaks at a press conference at the end of the summit of G7 nations at Schloss Elmau on June 8, 2015.

Despite winning a majority, Cameron will be remembered for how he handles Europe

11 June 2015 12:36

At 6.30pm on election-day, the Cameron invited their guests out into the garden for a drink. It was a very English occasion. Everyone was in their coats, huddled on the… Continue reading

Philip Hammond attends a  joint press conference after a meeting with Polish Foreign Minister in government building in Warsaw, on March 6, 2015.

Civil service neutrality during the EU referendum poses a problem for the Tories

9 June 2015 18:32

The second reading of the EU referendum bill today was dominated by questions about the voting franchise and the neutrality of Whitehall. On the first topic, the SNP, Liberal Democrats and Greens… Continue reading

The one place that Boris might actually find an authorised water cannon

Boris Johnson: ministers should be allowed to campaign for Brexit

9 June 2015 11:51

Boris Johnson is back to his old tricks, causing headaches for David Cameron. After the Prime Minister’s confused position on whether ministers should be allowed to take part in the ‘Out’ campaign,… Continue reading

G7 Leaders Meet For Summit At Schloss Elmau

Cameron on Europe: the anatomy of a U-turn

9 June 2015 10:05

How did David Cameron get into such a mess on Europe so quickly? For those whose heads are still spinning (and this probably includes the Prime Minister) over what on… Continue reading

G7 Leaders Meet For Summit At Schloss Elmau

‘Careless talk costs lives’: Cameron angers MPs as he insists he was ‘misinterpreted’ on EU vote

8 June 2015 16:23

It’s not clear who David Cameron is trying to annoy more: his party or the press pack following him at the G7 summit in Bavaria. But what is clear, at… Continue reading

Ukip leader, Nigel Farage (L), speaks to supporters  as they take part in a lobby against the European Arrest Warrant opposite the House of Commons on November 10, 2014 in London, England.

Will Ukip and Tory campaigners for a Brexit manage to co-exist?

8 June 2015 15:22

Ukip continues to talk up a big role for itself in the Out campaign. As Britain’s most Eurosceptic party, it is eager to dive into a referendum it has been… Continue reading

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Labour’s role in the EU referendum campaign dominates party hustings

8 June 2015 15:14

‘There’s a sense that no one is hitting it out of the park right now’, commented one Labour MP after this lunchtime’s Parliamentary Labour Party hustings. I’m told that all… Continue reading

Cutting Through The Spin - Bremner, Blunkett, Fox and Kennedy talk #GE2015 seminar - Advertising Week Europe

Liam Fox interview: Tories have to get a free vote on the EU ‘in the end’

8 June 2015 14:51

Liam Fox started his political life under a majority Conservative government, and finally he’s back under one. He was elected in 1992 after John Major’s surprise election victory, and is enjoying… Continue reading

Olympics & Paralympics Team GB - London 2012 Victory Parade

Even if he wins his EU referendum campaign, David Cameron will be the loser

8 June 2015 11:41

I suppose David Cameron had little choice but to offer a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union. How else could he have held his party together? Indeed, it… Continue reading

Prime Minister David Cameron Makes Speech On The UK's Position In Europe

How David Cameron could still avoid a bitter Tory row on Europe without a free vote

8 June 2015 8:07

David Cameron’s indication that his ministers will have to follow the position of the government on the EU referendum or leave the government has caused some consternation in his party. David… Continue reading

Liz Kendall on the Andrew Marr Show. Photo: BBC.

Liz Kendall offers tentative support for cutting benefits for EU migrants

7 June 2015 11:59

Liz Kendall’s turn on the Andrew Marr sofa was slightly shaky and vague on details. She continued on the theme of being the ‘change everything’ candidate but failed on clarify what she would… Continue reading

(Photo: Niklas Halle'n/Getty)

Out’s Farage dilemma

6 June 2015 11:15

Nigel Farage’s latest intervention—declaring that Ukip is ‘going to take the lead making the case for voting to leave the EU in the referendum—neatly sums up the dilemma facing the… Continue reading

ElCom was complicit in allowing this fiasco (Photo: Getty)

The Electoral Commission needs reforming. Will anyone dare try?

5 June 2015 12:18

The Electoral Commission (ElCom) is an institution with a lamentable record of failing to fulfil its role as guardian of our political system. After so many contrary and arguably politically partisan… Continue reading