Ministers Attend David Cameron's Last Cabinet Meeting

Theresa May’s purge of the posh

14 July 2016 18:00

It’s not a great day to be an ambitious Tory who attended a private school — let alone Eton. After…

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Why my book is no longer a bestseller at Eton

23 October 2015 15:38

After my experiences promoting volume one of my biography of Mrs Thatcher, I had focused on boarding schools for sales…

William Waldegrave (Photo: Getty)

William Waldegrave: too nice ever to have been PM

26 July 2015 10:00

‘Lobbying,’ writes William Waldegrave in this extraordinary memoir, ‘takes many forms.’ But he has surely reported a variant hitherto unrecorded…


Edward Stourton just can’t stop bashing the bishop

22 March 2015 17:40

I’ll keep this brief, but can the BBC please replace Ed Stourton as presenter of Radio 4’s Sunday programme? He is…


Lord Brocket: Eddie Redmayne gives hope to Old Etonians

23 February 2015 17:23

Chris Bryant found time to congratulate Eddie Redmayne on his best actor Oscar today despite previously claiming that British culture should…


Eton vs Harrow: Eddie Redmayne comes out on top at the Baftas

8 February 2015 22:39

Much has been made of Eddie Redmayne’s education at Eton after Chris Bryant claimed that British culture should not be dominated…


If you want social mobility, teach kids at the bottom end to write thank you letters

11 July 2014 11:34

Last week’s readers tea party at The Spectator was a delight. You always suppose that the people you’re writing for…

Totally Tom: Tom Stourton and Tom Palmer

‘When HBO want a gritty, hard-bitten, authentic American, they think: Old Etonian’

7 May 2014 10:54

You don’t expect to find a slice of Eton College in deepest Dalston, but tonight a distinctly posh Waiting for…

BAFTA Los Angeles 2011 Britannia Awards - Red Carpet

Ed Vaizey for the BM?

9 April 2014 15:28

There was only one topic of discussion at the launch of Nadine Dorries’s novel Four Streets last night – will…


Class warriors and unpaid mercenaries

28 March 2014 17:22

Class war. It’s not very classy, is it? But it’s Labour’s big thing at the moment, the class-of-politicians-crisis, which it…

Eton College. (Image: Getty)

Tory MPs develop new Eton game

24 March 2014 13:35

Tory MPs from less privileged backgrounds than their leader have developed a fun new game to play in the members’…

Sayeeda Warsi's comments on Old Etonians in No.10 have caused a stir. Photo: ITV.

Number 10 plays down Warsi Eton Mess stunt

18 March 2014 13:17

Downing Street is trying to play down Sayeeda Warsi’s  Eton Mess stunt on The Agenda last night. Asked what his response…

Do people care more about Old Etonians or the political class? Photo: Jimmy Sime/Getty Images

How much do voters care about Old Etonians and the political class?

18 March 2014 13:11

Are voters really concerned about how many Old Etonians David Cameron surrounds himself with? Judging by the cutting remarks from…

David Davis delivers notification of his intention to stand down as an MP on June 18, 2008; the act that appears to have cost him a senior ministerial career. (Image: SHAUN CURRY/AFP/Getty Images)

David Davis should be in Cabinet – or at least in government

17 March 2014 10:21

Class never quite goes away as an issue for the Tories, for the simple and sufficient reason that it matters.…

Sir John Major has been doing a lot of talking recently.

Tories talking to themselves

25 February 2014 11:31

If Grant Shapps and John Major gave a speech but no journalists were there to cover it, did it really…

Labour's new  communications apparatchiks oversee campaigning. Image: Getty

Floreat Ed-ona

18 September 2013 13:25

Ed Miliband might have to tone down the attacks on Old Etonians after weeks of speculation were ended today with…

That was the middle class that was. Illustration: Christian Adams.

For the middle classes, things can only get worse

23 August 2013 13:15

In this week’s magazine Fraser Nelson and I look at the breaking of the English middle class, a subject so…

US Vice President Joe Biden Visits The UK

Downing Street’s class divide

7 May 2013 15:24

Last week I chided those in SW1 who were criticising David Cameron for appointing yet more Old Etonians to his…

David Cameron was confronted this morning by an audience of pesky school kids, one of whom asked him about educating his children in the state sector. Image: Getty

No playing fields of Eton for Arthur Cameron

12 November 2012 18:40

The Prime Minister chose his words carefully earlier today when asked if he would be sending his children to private…

Downton Abbey: the new Brideshead

17 October 2010 11:26

Lots of discussion of ITV’s Downton Abbey on Radio 4’s Broadcasting House and in the Sundays. There is a fascinating piece by…