Energy policy

The husky is dead. Long live green conservatism (Photo: Bruno Vincent/Getty)

David Cameron must now lead a green Conservative government

1 June 2015 13:36

Those on the left tend to think that British Conservatism is a derivative of US Republicanism. But environmental policy shows that it’s a far more pragmatic mix. The latest Conservative… Continue reading

Eggborough power station (Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty)

Jean-Claude Juncker’s biggest challenge: energy

11 July 2014 12:37

‘Energy is the single biggest issue facing Jean-Claude Juncker,’ remarked a seasoned Eurocrat to me earlier this week. Europe’s energy infrastructure is decrepit and insular. Rates of cross-border interconnection, for… Continue reading

A Transmission Tower Collapses In Sichuan

There’s no point in just outsourcing our CO2 emissions

16 November 2013 18:59

The global warming question is back on the political agenda with David Cameron likening cutting greenhouse gas emissions to house insurance. His argument is that if there’s a risk that… Continue reading

A shale gas drilling rig in Blackpool. Picture: Getty

There mustn’t be a north / south divide when it comes to fracking

9 November 2013 18:03

Michael Fallon, who among his many roles is the minister in charge of fracking, has told the Telegraph’s Jame Kirkup that ‘right across the South’ people should prepare for fracking… Continue reading

Image: Getty

PMQs sketch: Cameron is a buffoon who might as well eat his own manifesto

23 October 2013 15:29

At PMQs today, the Tories’s energy policy went bi-polar. The Conservatives now seem to touch both extremes of the debate. For eight years they’ve presented themselves as a gang of… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Nuclear should never be ‘the last resort’

22 October 2013 10:45

Yesterday’s agreement between the French state-owned company EDF and the UK Government regarding the ‘strike price’ for the electricity that will be generated by Hinkley C should be welcomed by… Continue reading

Ed Davey on Marr, making it up as he goes along

Ed Davey’s energy fantasies

19 October 2013 13:13

As energy prices continue to — with British Gas imposing a 9.2 per cent rise — the government is under growing pressure. The tragedy is that any genuine solution to the… Continue reading

Labour Conference Focuses On Leader's Speech

If Ed Miliband is to become Prime Minister he needs more than gimmicks

11 October 2013 12:26

Ed Miliband, everyone seems to agree, has had a good few weeks, even months. Everyone agrees on this even though Labour’s position in the polls is not significantly better now… Continue reading

A Transmission Tower Collapses In Sichuan

PMQs sketch: Ed Balls leaves them wanting more

9 October 2013 16:27

Here’s a favourite Tory joke. Question: What does ‘BBC’ stand for? Answer: Buggers Broadcasting Communism. David Cameron seemed tempted to try this gag at PMQs today. He mentioned the Beeb… Continue reading


George Osborne attempts political jiu-jitsu on Ed Miliband

6 October 2013 15:13

If this conference season is remembered for anything, it will be for Ed Miliband’s pledge to freeze energy prices. This pledge might be economically flawed but it has given the… Continue reading

Baroness Verma saved the day in the Moses Room on Tuesday night when she offered Baroness Worthington a fruit pastille. (SHAUN CURRY/AFP/Getty Images)

Rumpus on the red corridor

26 July 2013 11:29

The House of Lords’ committee rooms are not ordinarily the setting for a ruckus; but there was rumpus in the Moses Room on Tuesday night, when the greybeards were musing… Continue reading


How the government’s energy policies will benefit a rich sheikh at the expense of the poor

4 July 2013 21:33

Today Ed Davey launched the London Array, an enormous offshore wind farm, and the Prime Minister posed for pictures with a sheikh whose sovereign wealth fund put up part of… Continue reading


‘What’s more important obeying a Brussels directive or keeping the lights on?’

30 June 2013 12:44

Andrew Neil’s interview of Michael Fallon on The Sunday Politics was a reminder of just how much of UK energy policy is determined by EU rules. When pressed on why… Continue reading


BBC vs Fracking

13 December 2012 9:35

There was something odd about George Osborne offering tax breaks for fracking when it was still banned by another part of his government. The ban has been lifted and exploration… Continue reading

Tata has announced 900 job cuts at steel plants across the UK. Image: Getty

Tata Steel’s job cuts, a tale of 2 press releases

23 November 2012 14:39

Today brings bad news that Tata Steel is to cut 900 jobs in the UK (at plants in South Wales, North Yorkshire, Teesside and the West Midlands). This is catastrophic… Continue reading