Enda Kenny

Pro-same-sex marriage campaigner Glenna Benson poses with yes badges at an event ahead of the Irish same-sex marriage referendum (Photo: Paul Faith/Getty)

Ireland’s ‘tolerant’ elite now demonise anyone who opposes gay marriage

19 May 2015 11:05

If you think it’s tough being a Tory voter in 21st-century Britain, try being a ‘No’ voter in this week’s…

Nuns From The Carmelite Order Cast Their Votes During During General Elections May 17 20

Ireland and Abortion: Cruelty disguised as piety, cowardice misrepresented as principle. - Spectator Blogs

14 November 2012 12:53

Oh, Ireland! You knew it would come to this. Today’s Irish Times carries the appalling story of the death of…

Rengotiating the loan with Ireland

27 July 2011 9:35

All eyes were on Greece at last week’s crisis summit in Brussels, but other indebted countries took advantage of Angela…

Irish banks in a worse state than was thought

31 March 2011 18:06

Robert Peston called it: the Irish banks are mired. The latest round of stress tests has been conducted and the…

The EU wants concessions out of Ireland

15 March 2011 19:03

The mood in Dublin is febrile, despite the gloom of 14 percent unemployment. Everyone has advice for Enda Kenny on…