These two men blew a golden opportunity to tackle welfare dependency.  (Photo by Steve Eason/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

New Labour’s greatest failure

16 April 2014 18:58

My friend and critic Jonathan Portes obviously took exception to my remarks about Keynesianism having been disproven. His entertaining rebuttal claims to have exposed my misreading of data. That’s not… Continue reading

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France – worker’s paradise or Steynian Dystopia?

11 April 2014 14:12

Un autre jour glorieux dans la lutte contre réalité économique. France’s major employers’ federation and two unions have signed an agreement whereby employees not subject to the country’s 35-hour labour… Continue reading

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The minimum wage is broken – here’s how to fix it

2 April 2014 14:34

While welcoming George Osborne’s emphasis this week on raising employment, I have some caveats about his target – to have the highest employment rate in the G7. This isn’t hugely… Continue reading

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The Conservatives’ moral mission: jobs, jobs, jobs

1 April 2014 10:56

Remember Labour’s defining mission: ‘education, education, education’? Yesterday we had the Conservative equivalent ‘jobs, jobs, jobs’. In what some might see as an important day in the development of the… Continue reading

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George Osborne’s ‘fight for full employment’ speech – full text

31 March 2014 12:28

In a speech given at Tilbury Port in Essex, Chancellor George Osborne hailed cuts to business and personal taxes this week as the ‘biggest in two decades’ – and committed… Continue reading

Protests Are Held Throughout The UK Opposing The Coalition Government's Spending Review

‘Almost a conservative’ – in praise of Bob Crow, 1961-2014

11 March 2014 10:28

Very sad to hear of Bob Crow’s death. Doubtless his erstwhile political opponents will be falling over themselves to say that he will be ‘sadly missed’. But I’ve admired him… Continue reading


The view from Davos: Man vs machine

26 January 2014 22:31

At Davos the choice each day is staggering:  in one single hour I could have gone to any one of nine different debates or workshops. Youth unemployment was a big… Continue reading

Jobs centre

Jobs figures suggest Cameron and Osborne have survived their 364 economists moment

22 January 2014 11:15

What is Ed Miliband going to ask David Cameron about at Prime Minister’s Questions today now that the latest employment figures show the biggest quarterly increase since records began, and… Continue reading

Caught Smoking

Ten things that went badly right in Britain in 2013

20 December 2013 14:59

This was supposed to be the year of strife, strikes, misery and more. Instead, to the surprise of Britain’s politicians, things have instead gone badly right. I look at them… Continue reading

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The young are losing out. We need to make education work

14 October 2013 16:45

When you started your first job, did you arrive on time on your first day? Did you come dressed in the right clothing, show willingness to help with any and… Continue reading

David Cameron with Abdullah Gul, the President of Turkey, in 2011. (Dan Kitwood/AFP/Getty Images)

Britain’s stated aim of getting Turkey to join the EU is mad

14 October 2013 15:43

Rather to my embarrassment, I find that I missed last night’s episode of the BBC2 three-part series on The Ottomans, Europe’s Muslim Conquerors, in which I briefly featured. So Heaven… Continue reading

Ed Miliband Speech At The TUC Annual Conference

The ghost of Gordon Brown stalks Ed Miliband’s dangerous business tax plans

24 September 2013 11:10

Gordon Brown was notorious for complicating our already over-complicated tax system, and it seems that his former aide, Ed Miliband, wants to emulate the master. The danger is that Ed… Continue reading

The Labour Party Conference Continues

Labour’s over-fussing problem

21 August 2013 18:32

Opposition is underrated. You can spend your whole time pointing at Expensive Things and complaining that the Government Should Do Something about their cost, and grumbling about other things you… Continue reading

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Unemployment figures: All good news?

14 August 2013 17:20

Unemployment is down, there are fewer people claiming jobseeker’s allowance, and more people are in work than ever before. So, the top line on today’s employment figures: They’re good news.… Continue reading

Chris Bryant is in hot water over his allegations about Tesco and Next. (SEBASTIEN BOZON/AFP/Getty Images)

AUDIO: Chris Bryant’s car crash Today interview puts more pressure on Ed Miliband

12 August 2013 9:14

Listen to Chris Bryant’s disastrous interview on Today earlier today: listen to ‘Chris Bryant on immigration and employment’ on Audioboo Chris Bryant, the shadow borders and immigration minister, is under… Continue reading

Zero-hours contracts are not for everyone; but they can be a good option for those groups that can't work regular hours.

Zero-hours contracts have their place in the labour market

5 August 2013 18:32

One million people on zero hours contracts, scream the media - quoting figures released today by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. This is at odds with recent ONS figures that… Continue reading

A woman with an umbrella depicting the l

David Goodhart tells David Cameron how to tackle immigration by reforming the EU

31 July 2013 9:41

Much, if not all, of the discussion about immigration in recent days has barely mentioned migration from the European Union, which, given the scale of such migration, was an oversight.… Continue reading

General View Of The Old Bailey

Employment tribunal changes a prelude of what’s to come over legal aid

29 July 2013 9:12

Changes to the legal system come into force today, with workers being charged for bringing cases against their bosses to employment tribunals. Employees will pay £150-£260 initially, and then there… Continue reading

Final Day Of The Labour Party Conference

Dear Harriet, what about Labour’s employment practices?

25 July 2013 9:27

Harriet Harperson has written to the editors of seventeen national newspapers with a vast list of questions intended to discover how many women they employ, and how many are women… Continue reading


What has happened to the deluge of Romanians?

22 July 2013 11:06

Snoring in the sunshine down Park Lane, in London, last week was the latest gift to Britain from the Great God of Multicultural Diversity, sixty-odd snaggle toothed Romanian gypsies. I… Continue reading

for those 65

Economy continues greying as unemployment falls

17 July 2013 21:30

As ever there’s good and bad news in today’s jobs numbers. Unemployment fell by 57,000, but the number of people in employment only rose by 16,000. The figures also show… Continue reading

Is Britain working?

Unemployment rises… or does it?

15 May 2013 15:29

Today’s job statistics are, as usual, mixed — and even a touch confusing. Last month, the headline was that the unemployment had risen to 2.56 million. This month, we’re told… Continue reading

Graphic: Carla Millar

Has the jobs recovery stalled?

17 April 2013 16:39

The number of people in work in December to February was 29.698 million — lower than last month’s 29.732 million and representing a very slight 2,000 quarter-on-quarter fall — according… Continue reading

The Queen inspects the elite of Eton College, during her Diamond Jubillee celebrations.

The workers united will never be defeated…

4 April 2013 15:16

There’s a BBC website where you can find out what class you are, according to new criteria drawn up by some bloke at the LSE and a babe from Manchester… Continue reading

The Hepworth Wakefield gallery was also funded by money from Arts Council England and the Lottery Fund. Image: Getty

The Creative Employment Programme: a genuine ‘what works’ policy

14 March 2013 15:52

Around the country, a roadshow is taking place that could transform the way young people are employed in this country. Bear with me, we are about to enter the strange… Continue reading