Elizabeth Truss

Euston Arch before it was knocked down in 1961. Photo: PA.

Elizabeth Truss: look at Wales to see what Labour would do with education

3 April 2014 17:56

Want to see what Labour would do with Michael Gove’s reforms? Just look at Wales, says Elizabeth Truss. At the…


Tony Blair’s cultural revolution has won, at least in the Conservative Party

17 January 2014 14:34

As Rod pointed out the other day, Arthur Scargill’s purchase of his council flat illustrated the triumph of Thatcherism over…

Elizabeth Truss, 'a bit of a Thatcherite' Picture: Getty

What would Thatcher do if she was in power now?

1 December 2012 15:41

It is testament to Margaret Thatcher’s remarkable influence on British politics that 33 years after she won her first general…

Eastern uprising

16 November 2009 17:31

The spirit of Hereward the Wake is stalking the Fens again. It is very tempting to characterise Elizabeth Truss’ opponents,…