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David Freud  (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)

Who’s playing dirty politics on Lord Freud and welfare? Everyone

28 October 2014 14:23

The main business of the day in the House of Commons is Labour’s debate on Lord Freud, a row that blew up nearly a fortnight ago. The party’s motion, entitled… Continue reading

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Can Jeremy Hunt make the Tories the patients’ party?

30 September 2013 11:25

What to do about Ukip is dominating the conversation on the fringe and in the conference bars here in Manchester. But Ukip is only part of the challenge for the… Continue reading

Peter Hain explains how much more debt the country needs. Photo:Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Peter Hain wants more debt — another policy stolen from the Tories

7 May 2013 22:52

Peter Hain is pessimistic about Ed Miliband’s chances, in spite of what the bookies say*. ‘If a general election was held tomorrow, Labour wouldn’t win a majority,’ he writes in… Continue reading

David Cameron at the pre-election rally where he made his pledge on pensioner benefits in 2010. Picture: Getty

The Tory message in 2015: Vote Cameron for PM

3 January 2013 17:38

One thing is already apparent about the Tories’ 2015 campaign, it will be even more dependent on David Cameron than the 2010 one was. Why, because as Anthony Wells points… Continue reading

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The next election campaign starts here

29 September 2012 12:01

This conference season marks the half way point to the next election and we can see the political battle lines becoming clearer. The Tories, as their new poster campaign shows,… Continue reading