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Does the Tory housing pledge really help the housing crisis?

2 March 2015 18:26

Given the Tories are the party of Macmillan, it seems quite right that they’ve picked housing as one of their six key election priorities. David Cameron gave a speech on… Continue reading

The new Conservative poster campaign, created by M&C Saatchi.

Tories launch new Saatchi poster campaign

2 March 2015 18:12

You know the Conservative campaign is well underway when there’s a new Saatchi poster about. Today, Conservative HQ has released a new campaign to remind the public that Labour pose a threat… Continue reading


Nigel Farage now polling first place in South Thanet

27 February 2015 15:39

Is Nigel Farage having any more luck in South Thanet? According to a new poll from Survation on the eve of Ukip’s spring conference, Farage has pulled ahead of the Tories and… Continue reading

UKIP Spring Conference

Steven Woolfe tells us what Ukip doesn’t believe about immigration

27 February 2015 13:23

You might think that Ukip’s immigration spokesman Steven Woolfe had the easiest portfolio in the party. After all, as the ComRes/ITV poll showed yesterday, Ukip is already the most trusted… Continue reading

First Minister Alex Salmond, Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Jim Sillars, former deputy leader of the SNP campaign in Piershill Square with activist on September10, 2014 in Edinburgh,Scotland.

Podcast: the SNP threat to Westminster and the myth of a house building crisis

26 February 2015 9:09

Are the SNP poised to become Westminster’s kingmakers? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Alex Massie discusses this week’s cover feature on the role the Scottish nationalists could play… Continue reading

London Mayor, Boris Johnson is shown around the Aura residential development which is under construction in the Edgware district of north London on February 20, 2015 in London, England.

The Tories need to put Boris front and centre of the campaign — the numbers prove it

25 February 2015 15:46

Have you seen Boris Johnson? The Mayor of London has been surprisingly absent from the Conservatives’ floundering campaign so far. He was not chosen to be member of the core… Continue reading


Twitter has become a barometer for the political issues of the day

25 February 2015 12:42

Twitter has never been friendly to British politicians. From MPs’ gaffes that spread across the platform like wildfire to the incessant trolling, it can’t make good bedtime reading for anyone on the… Continue reading

Douglas Carswell speaking at a British Future event in Westminster this evening.

Douglas Carswell vs Nigel Farage (again) — but are these real disagreements?

24 February 2015 22:03

Is Douglas Carswell happily at home in Ukip? The Clacton MP’s latest policy intervention, this time on immigration, adds to the sense that his beliefs differ somewhat from his party and… Continue reading

Oxfam Prepares To Deploy Aid To Areas Hit By Typhoon Haiyan

Charities love to lobby so why should they be exempt from the Lobbying Act?

24 February 2015 15:42

In the next few weeks, you’ll hear endless grumbles from charities about the Lobbying Act. They will argue it restricts their spending on political campaigning during the run-up to general… Continue reading

Natalie Bennett, the leader of the Green Party, poses for a photograph on January 28, 2015 in London, England.

Listen: two disastrous interviews by Natalie Bennett

24 February 2015 12:40

It’s been an inauspicious start to the Green Party’s election campaign. Natalie Bennett has given two radio interviews this morning where she produced rather poor answers regarding her party’s policies. On the Today programme, Bennett said… Continue reading

David Cameron (L) of the Conservative Party and Nick Clegg (C) of the Liberal Democrats Party and Gordon Brown (R) of the Labour Party, partake in the live second televised election debate on April 15, 2010 in Bristol, United Kingdom.

The latest proposals make the TV debates less likely to happen

23 February 2015 16:13

TV debates became a little less likely to happen today. The broadcasters have announced that their proposed timetable is for the two seven party debates to come first with the… Continue reading

Sir Malcolm Rifkind and  Jack Straw both face 'cash for access' allegations (Photo: Getty)

The ‘anti-politics’ bunch will benefit most from the ‘cash for access’ allegations

23 February 2015 11:46

Naturally, the parties set to benefit the most from any allegations of impropriety against MPs are the ‘anti-politics’ bunch: Ukip, the Greens and the SNP. You can always when the Greens… Continue reading

David Cameron and Ruth Davidson MSP, leader of the Scottish Conservatives

Ruth Davidson’s Blue-collar Conservatism subtly rebukes David Cameron

20 February 2015 18:49

Today’s Scottish Conservative conference in Edinburgh proved unexpectedly interesting. No, really. Or, rather, yes, really. Or whatever. David Cameron spoke, you see, and so did Ruth Davidson and they said… Continue reading

Peter Tatchell has received a torrent of abuse from supporters of transgender rights after signing a letter about censorship (Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty)

Identity politics has created an army of vicious, narcissistic cowards

19 February 2015 14:26

Has there ever been a more petulant mob of moaners than that which is currently hurling abuse at Peter Tatchell? On Twitter, which is where these people live, self-styled queers… Continue reading


Club wars: Robin Birley gives Ukip £55,000 while Annabel’s gives Tories £20,000

19 February 2015 12:26

Mr S has just been flicking through the latest figures released today by the Electoral Commission, and was intrigued to see that in the last quarter Robin Birley, the half-brother of Tory… Continue reading


Ashcroft poll: Ukip second in four top target seats

19 February 2015 11:56

How close is Ukip to taking away seats from the Conservatives in May? Lord Ashcroft has surveyed the Ukip-Tory battleground in his latest round of constituency polling. He has surveyed four likely… Continue reading

US President Barack Obama (L) holds a bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin during the G8 summit at the Lough Erne resort near Enniskillen in Northern Ireland, on June 17, 2013.

Podcast: Putin’s war on the West and the disappearing Lib Dems

19 February 2015 9:05

Is Vladimir Putin drawing a new Iron Curtain over Europe? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Anne Applebaum and Ben Judah discuss the new Spectator cover feature on whether Putin’s… Continue reading


Not everyone on the right will agree with this new Conservative agenda

18 February 2015 15:49

No party knows how to break out of the war of attrition that is British politics at the moment. Neither the Tories nor Labour are expecting to hit 40 percent… Continue reading


Record employment figures create more problems for Labour

18 February 2015 13:06

Britain has reached its highest ever level of employment. According to new figures from the ONS, the employment rate has risen to 73.2 per cent — or close to 31… Continue reading


Bold new Tory election strategy: Tax cuts for our chums; welfare cuts for you

17 February 2015 11:29

“There’s a lot we need to do in this party of ours. Our base is too narrow and so, occasionally, are our sympathies. You know what some people call us… Continue reading

British Prime Minister David Cameron (L)

Conservatives are four points ahead in latest ICM poll

16 February 2015 13:53

Are the Tories beginning to edge ahead of Labour in the polls? ICM have released their latest monthly poll, which suggests a surge in support for the Conservatives. Since their last poll in… Continue reading

Ukip's Tim Aker delivers his speech during the Ukip annual conference at Doncaster racecourse in South Yorkshire

Mini Election: Tim Aker on Ukip’s election strategy and winning in Thurrock

15 February 2015 12:12

Tim Aker is one of Ukip’s most recognisable figures. At just 29, he is already an MEP for the East of England, a local councillor in Aveley and, until recently,… Continue reading

Prime Minister David Cameron attending the Lord Mayor's Banquet, at Guildhall in the City of London

David Cameron’s one law for the rich shows he doesn’t understand the British

14 February 2015 16:34

The great historian of the Soviet Union Robert Conquest’s Third Law of Politics reads: ‘The simplest way to explain the behaviour of any bureaucratic organization is to assume that it… Continue reading


Will Labour rule out a deal with the SNP?

14 February 2015 12:50

Who ends up governing Britain after the election may well be determined by what happens in the Scottish seats. If the SNP take a slew of seats from Labour, it… Continue reading

Nigel Farage at the packed campaign launch in Canvey Island, Essex.

Nigel Farage kicks off Ukip election campaign with slogan ‘Believe in Britain’

12 February 2015 15:19

Voting Ukip is a state of mind, according to Nigel Farage. At his first major speech of 2015, and the campaign, in Canvey Island, Essex, Farage set out his stall… Continue reading