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Which polls are you going to believe?

16 May 2016 18:55

Today’s ICM phone and online polls are a reminder that the polls aren’t going to offer much certainty about the…


Trying to analyse the election spending data? Follow Deep Throat’s advice…

21 January 2016 15:05

The publication of expenses for last year’s election is a useful reminder of the reality of much of politics. It…


2015 Labour leadership contest — who’s nominated who

15 June 2015 13:50

The Labour leadership contest is in full swing, with Labour MPs announcing who will they be backing to be the…

GMB union annual conference - Dublin

Labour’s left and right wings want Jeremy Corbyn on the ballot paper

12 June 2015 16:48

Jeremy Corbyn is adding some unlikely excitement to the Labour leadership contest. Although he does not have enough MPs yet…

David Cameron speaks at a press conference at the end of the summit of G7 nations at Schloss Elmau on June 8, 2015.

Despite winning a majority, Cameron will be remembered for how he handles Europe

11 June 2015 12:36

At 6.30pm on election-day, the Cameron invited their guests out into the garden for a drink. It was a very…

Activists inflate a balloon with face of Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron on June 5, 2015 in Munich, southern Germany.

Podcast: The Last Christian and David Cameron’s solemn election night

11 June 2015 9:05

Will 2067 mark the point when Christianity dies out in Britain? In this week’s View from 22 podcast, Damian Thompson and…

Harriet Harman and Ed Miliband on September 22, 2013 in Brighton, England.

Harriet Harman and Tristram Hunt knife Miliband in the front

8 June 2015 8:45

The fear and loathing within Labour continues with the admission from Harriet Harman that its voters were relieved it didn’t…

(Photo: Getty)

Eurosceptics fear the ‘In’ campaign will get off to a head start

5 June 2015 16:05

As David Cameron predicted, we are hearing all sorts of ‘noises’ on whether or not his European renegotiation will succeed…

Labour leader contender Liz Kendall speaks at De Montfort University Leicester, where she made a pitch for party votes in the party's leadership contest.

Liz Kendall: the ‘change everything’ Labour leadership candidate?

5 June 2015 13:43

The Labour leadership contest will heat up in the next few days. Tomorrow, the Fabian Society will host a hustings…


Milifan turns the air blue on Daily Politics

5 June 2015 13:18

Just in case you missed the memo, the reason Ed Miliband lost the election has now been revealed. Labour supporter and…

Tim Farron

Tim Farron: I want to make the Liberal Democrats the party of small business

5 June 2015 12:26

When you’re a smaller party I think it naturally gives you an understanding of what it feels like to be…

ElCom was complicit in allowing this fiasco (Photo: Getty)

The Electoral Commission needs reforming. Will anyone dare try?

5 June 2015 12:18

The Electoral Commission (ElCom) is an institution with a lamentable record of failing to fulfil its role as guardian of…

Tuesday May 7, 2013.  Lord Lawson's call for Britain to quit the European Union exposes fresh Tory anguish over Brussels in the face of the increased threat from the UK Independence Party.

Nigel Lawson: Cameron will hold Tory party together over EU

5 June 2015 9:00

Renegotiating substantial change in Britain’s EU relationship is a problem for David Cameron. On the one hand, the Eurozone is facing an…

Grayling works on TV licence reform

Why not settle the issue of MPs’ pay on the floor of the House of Commons?

4 June 2015 16:13

Now that the fashionable thing for all MPs to do is to announce that they won’t be ‘taking’ the 10…

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RIP Charles Kennedy, but did we really need 27 tributes in the House of Commons?

4 June 2015 14:45

Is it too cynical to say that the tributes paid to Charles Kennedy in the House of Commons yesterday were…


Ed Miliband returns to the Commons as Osborne announces £3bn of more cuts

4 June 2015 13:53

Ed Miliband has wasted little time in returning to speaking duties in the House of Commons. George Osborne came to…

A potentially illegal hobby (Photo: Getty)

Drugs are a waste of time, but so is the Psychoactive Substances Bill

4 June 2015 13:32

The Conservatives might have gone in softer than Russell Brand and the gang predicted, with very little change announced in…

Michael Heaver (pictured left) is Nigel Farage's new press aide.

Nigel Farage rejigs his team and hires Michael Heaver as press aide

4 June 2015 12:34

Nigel Farage has made made some changes to his core team. After the Ukip wars, his senior aide Raheem Kassam left…

General Election 2015 campaign - May 2nd

Five things we’ve learnt from the Guardian’s profile of Ed Miliband’s campaign

4 June 2015 10:07

Ed Miliband’s general election campaign was clearly dysfunctional, but now we have an insight into just how bad it was. The Guardian’s political editor Patrick Wintour…

Alex Salmond Retains His Post As First Minister And Creates Scotland's First Majority Government

Alex Salmond tells Anna Soubry to ‘behave yourself, woman’

4 June 2015 8:42

Alex Salmond’s reintroduction to Parliament has hit a few bumps in the road this week. He was criticised on Tuesday…

Demotix 22/10/2014

Jeremy Corbyn to stand for Labour leadership

3 June 2015 19:41

Jeremy Corbyn is to stand for Labour leader. Those scoffing at the idea of the very rebellious backbencher entering the…


PMQs sketch: And they’re back

3 June 2015 16:33

‘Don’t gloat’. Cameron trotted along to the Commons today with this commandment ringing in his ears. He nearly managed it.…

A 'sincere' rebel (Photo: Getty)

Tory rebels are already starting to cause trouble

3 June 2015 15:52

David Cameron might have had an enjoyable session teasing Labour at Prime Minister’s Questions, but as soon as he’d finished…

Politico Top Trump cards from 2010.

Cameron has a PMQs trump card – he won the election

3 June 2015 14:44

The first PMQs after an election victory is a moment to savour for a Prime Minister. He knows that the…

1 million BME voters backed David Cameron's vision of Britain's future (Photo: Getty)

Here’s why the Tories convinced one million BME voters to support them

3 June 2015 12:36

One of the funnier moments of the election involved Ed Miliband assuming that a turban-wearing Sikh gentleman he met on…