Election 2010

Trade unions

New Tory group ‘Renewal’ calls for union members to be allowed to donate their affiliation fee to any party

14 July 2013 18:55

The Conservative party hasn’t won a parliamentary majority for more than twenty years. If it is to start doing so again, then it will have to need to expand its… Continue reading


The crisis gets closer to the Tories

19 July 2011 19:06

The news that Neil Wallis was informally advising Andy Coulson without the knowledge of any of the other senior figures in the Tory party is a reminder of just how… Continue reading


From the archives – Labour’s road to recovery

13 May 2011 18:15

The coalition is just a year old and Coffee House compiled an exhaustive Coalition A to Z to mark the occasion. It’s also a year since the Labour leadership saga… Continue reading


Why Osborne is so interested in merging income tax and National Insurance

20 March 2011 14:17

When trying to understand George Osborne Budgets, you need to bear in mind the mantra that he and his team live by: in opposition you move to the centre, in… Continue reading


Everyone got the invitation, but the Tories had omitted the dress code

25 January 2011 15:37

ConHome has published its latest members’ survey. Its (admittedly unscientific) findings into respondents’ recollections of floating voters at the last election have reopened the debate about why the Conservatives didn’t… Continue reading


Wrong to be too Right

3 January 2011 15:01

From a right-wing perspective, there are several things wrong with David Cameron’s leadership – not least the fact that he did not win the 2010 election outright. As an unassailable… Continue reading


The political year in ten videos

22 December 2010 14:34

With Westminster winding down for Christmas, and Coffee House with it, it’s probably time to start looking back on the year in politics. In which case, here’s an opener: a… Continue reading


Laws on the formation of the coalition: Labour were simply too divided

2 December 2010 17:35

David Laws has responded to Andrew Adonis’ partisan review (no link apparently) of 22 Days in May. Laws’ account of the formation of the coalition and its infancy in government.… Continue reading


Who got good value-for-money in the general election?

2 December 2010 14:36

Coffee House has wrung today’s party expenditure figures through the calculator to produce the colourful graphs below. As the headings suggest, they show how much was spent by each party*… Continue reading


Mandy, Gordon and The Thick of It

24 November 2010 1:48

Hannah Rothschild’s BBC4 programme following Peter Mandelson during the months running-up to the election was, like almost everything involving the Prince of Darkness, a hoot. But, blimey, there were parts… Continue reading


Do Newspapers Influence Elections?

10 November 2010 17:37

Alex Barker notes that despite the Guardian’s endorsement of the Liberal Democrats this year (still richly amusing!), the Lib Dems actually won a smaller share of the Guardian-reader vote in… Continue reading


The coalition faces a by-election test

5 November 2010 12:11

The court’s decision that the Oldham East and Saddleworth election must be re-run because Phil Woolas was guilty of illegal practices under election law presents the coalition with a dilemma.… Continue reading


Why the Tories didn’t win

16 October 2010 17:36

Courtesy of John Rentoul, Tim Bale, professor of politics at the University of Sussex, offers this appraisal of the 2010 election: ‘For all the talk in opposition of decontaminating the… Continue reading


Why Cameron’s conference speech is vital

1 October 2010 15:32

Forget Ed Miliband’s promise of ‘optimism’ – a mantra that became so repetitive it had me reaching for the Scotch and revolver. Philip Collins has delivered a far more cutting… Continue reading


What to make of Warsi’s electoral fraud claim?

30 September 2010 16:28

Exactly as the headline says, really. Interviewed by Mehdi Hasan in this week’s New Statesman, Sayeeda Warsi claims that the Tories "lost" at least three seats in the election because… Continue reading


Against the Political and Constitutional Reform Bill

6 September 2010 18:06

MPs are back today from their long summer recess, and the Political and Constitutional Reform Bill is right at the top of the agenda. This is likely to dominate politics… Continue reading


The man who would be shadow international development secretary

26 August 2010 12:05

Guido says that Gordon Brown wants to become shadow international development secretary. This rumour is uncorroborated, as far as I can gather, and I’m sure it’s a joke. But I… Continue reading


MPs in four-letter tirades against IPSA staff

26 August 2010 10:38

The new parliament has drawn its teeth but the MPs’ expenses scandal continues. Throughout June and July, Westminster rumbled with aggravation about IPSA. There were whispers of MPs flying off… Continue reading


Fuel Poverty and the Winter Fuel Allowance

18 August 2010 13:58

The Winter Fuel Allowance was an emotive part of the election campaign, with Labour accusing the Tories of planning to scrap it and David Cameron promising not to. At no… Continue reading


The Price of Nick Clegg’s Success

4 August 2010 14:25

As Pete says, Danny Finkelstein’s column (£) today is characteristically excellent. The problems facing the Liberal Democrats now and, perhaps, at the next election are problems caused by success, not… Continue reading


Clegg confirms his fiscal hawkishness

29 July 2010 17:38

Nick Robinson’s documentary on the coalition negotiations is just under four hours away, but I suspect we’ve already heard about one of its key moments. As various outlets are reporting… Continue reading


5 days that changed the country

29 July 2010 12:31

Westminster has rewound the tape today, in anticipation of Nick Robinson’s documentary on the coalition negotiations tonight. There’s speculation about what Nick Clegg did or didn’t say back in May;… Continue reading


Match-maker Merv

28 July 2010 17:10

Mervyn King’s evidence to the Treasury select committee has Westminster’s tired tongues wagging this afternoon. King re-iterated his long-held position that market confidence will imperil long-term recovery unless the deficit… Continue reading


Alistair Darling – a loss to the Labour party

25 July 2010 12:34

Alistair Darling was one of the ministers to emerge from the Brown years with his reputation enhanced. His honesty about the state of the economy, beginning with that extraordinarily stark… Continue reading


Mandelson’s miscalculation

17 July 2010 11:26

Peter Mandelson’s decision to support Gordon Brown right to the end enabled him to cease being a purely factional figure in the Labour party. The multiple standing ovations he received… Continue reading