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Why I don’t buy the argument that History of Art A-level was axed for being ‘soft’

13 October 2016 12:55

Can I tell you about one of the best weekends of my life? It involved no foreign travel, no booze,…

Shami Chakrabarti joins the ranks of lefty hypocrites

10 October 2016 15:46

Congratulations to Shami – sorry Baroness! – Chakrabarti for joining the exciting, ever-growing pantheon of ultra-left wing metropolitan Labour hypocrites.…

Shami Chakrabarti isn’t alone in her selective stance on schooling

10 October 2016 12:57

The only thing to be said for Shami Chakrabarti’s stance on selective education – she’s against the reintroduction of grammar…

Justine Greening goes on the offensive over grammar schools

4 October 2016 17:06

Although Nicky Morgan suggested yesterday that the government could be about to water down its grammar school proposals, Justine Greening…


Full text: Education secretary Justine Greening’s conference speech

4 October 2016 16:25

As a Conservative, when I look at where we’ve had the biggest impact in government, there’s one area that really…

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The problem with Btecs – a response to Pearson Plc

21 September 2016 14:14

When I wrote my last Daily Telegraph column critical of Btecs, an exam now taken by about a quarter of…


Will Theresa May’s grammars undermine David Cameron’s free schools?

16 September 2016 16:24

Grammar schools remain one of the most highly-charged issues in domestic politics. There is bound to be controversy about how…

Government Indicates Possible Plans To Reintroduce Grammar Schools Across UK

The education Green Paper is surprisingly bold

13 September 2016 17:33

Yesterday afternoon the government released a new Green Paper which focussed on its initial proposals for expanding the number of high-quality school…

A policeman stands guard in front of a French school (Photo: Getty)

Liberté, égalité, securité is the new normal for French schools

13 September 2016 8:15

My daughter started secondary school on 1 September. She was very excited. I wish I could report that she skipped…

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Why CofE schools must resist becoming more religious

12 September 2016 8:00

The Church of England’s relationship with state education seems simple enough. Its schools have been a major source of strength,…

GCSE students take an exam at Maidstone Grammar School, in K

Cameroons fume about May’s grammar school plans

10 September 2016 10:01

Theresa May has picked the first defining fight of her leadership—and it is the same one that David Cameron chose.…

Do ‘tutor-proof’ grammar school tests exist?

8 September 2016 17:57

As part of its plan to expand the number of grammar schools, the Government has proposed making ‘tutor-proof’ tests. Unfortunately,…

Tory backbenchers toe the line on grammar schools – for now

8 September 2016 16:14

There were two striking things about today’s urgent question on grammar schools. The first was that MPs were told far…

Theresa May’s grammar school plans provoke a mixed reaction

8 September 2016 9:03

Theresa May has told Tory MPs she won’t ‘turn back the clock’ on grammar schools. But she also didn’t rule…

Theresa May Succeeds David Cameron As The UK's New Prime Minister

Theresa May: We have selection in state schools already, selection by house price

7 September 2016 21:00

Theresa May received the traditional desk banging reception when she addressed the 1922 Committee of Tory backbenchers. May pleased Tory…

Sturgeon takes another tiny step towards Scottish independence

6 September 2016 16:21

It has become one of those journalistic clichés to talk about ‘firing the starting gun’ in politics. There has been some debate…

In praise of free schools

25 August 2016 16:09

Congratulations to all those free schools who got their GCSE results this morning. We don’t yet have the full picture,…

Soviet communist poster from Russia

Why do we indulge the crimes of the Left?

12 June 2016 8:25

What a strange human being the historian Eric Hobsbawm was. I was reminded of this the other day while reading…

The Spectator podcast: David Cameron’s purge of the posh

4 June 2016 10:20

To subscribe to The Spectator’s weekly podcast, for free, visit the iTunes store or click here for our RSS feed.…

The Spectator podcast: David Cameron’s purge of the posh

2 June 2016 7:58

To subscribe to The Spectator’s weekly podcast, for free, visit the iTunes store or click here for our RSS feed.…

Simon Blake, the CEO of the NUS, is paid £100,000 - five times the average graduate salary

The NUS is made up of careerists playing at being students

24 May 2016 19:29

Bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and wary of not lobbing their mortarboards too vigorously, students graduating in the coming weeks are set for a tough…


The lies of meritocratic Britain

24 May 2016 12:06

In England after the Norman Conquest the worst insults you could throw were class insults. So long has feudal prejudice…


Should we care that young men aren’t going to university?

12 May 2016 16:58

When politicians and tutors talk about underrepresented groups at universities, few expect men to feature on the list. Yet as…


The moronic middle-class Sats warriors are entrenching class divisions

4 May 2016 16:03

Tuesday’s protest against Key Stage 1 Sats was moronic on so many levels that it’s hard to know where to…

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The truth about black teenagers, prison and university

15 April 2016 15:55

A few months ago, David Cameron made an incendiary claim that splashed the Sunday Times and set the news agenda for…