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Michael Gove’s schools ultimatum pushes up standards

14 December 2012 17:36

Michael Gove’s reformation of the education system from top to bottom has so far been unstoppable. Often though, the Education…

From the teaching unions' response to the decision to introduce performance-related pay into the teaching sector, you'd think Michael Gove had put Voldemort in charge of teacher pay. Picture: Getty

Do teaching unions not trust head teachers?

7 December 2012 12:45

Michael Gove had a very good autumn statement: not only did he get £1bn for new free schools and academies,…

Michael Gove and David Cameron hold a meeting with Ofsted chief Sir Michael Wilshaw, who today criticised the way some local authorities handle underperforming schools. Picture: Getty

How will Michael Gove respond to Ofsted’s attack on councils?

27 November 2012 8:51

Ofsted’s annual report, due out later today, will launch a scathing attack on those responsible for underperforming schools. But rather…

Children learn to bake at a Steiner school. Picture: Getty.

The quiet country lane hosting a schooling revolution

14 September 2012 13:58

The location hardly suggests revolution. A few miles down a Somerset country lane, a new school opened this week. It…

The Education department will soon make an announcement on the details of GCSE reform. Picture: Getty.

Not ‘the best results ever’: Good news for GCSEs

24 August 2012 13:55

For the first year since GCSE’s came in we have not seen ‘the best results ever’.  Which is, of course,…

What factors influence these pupils to gain far better GCSEs? Photo: PA.

What influences GCSE grades?

23 August 2012 13:01

For the first time in the history of GCSE exams, this year’s results have seen a decline in grades. Today,…

The Spectator's cover - 25 August 2012. Illustration: Adams.

The View from 22 – international justice, school sports and unfair GCSE results

23 August 2012 8:44

Is there a downside to our glowing era of ‘international justice’? In this week’s cover feature, Douglas Murray writes that…

General Election - Education

The ideological row over profit-making schools

15 August 2012 15:20

Earlier this week IPPR published a paper which made the case against for-profit schools. Two of the leading proponents of…

London Based Teachers Hold Strike Action Over Government Pension Proposals

Give profit-making schools a chance

10 August 2012 10:40

Rick Muir, an associate director of the IPPR, published a paper this week called ‘Not For Profit: the role of…

Year 10 pupils receive their first lesso

Training does not make the best teachers

2 August 2012 10:52

None of us would accept being treated by a doctor or by a nurse who hadn’t had extensive training, nor…

General Election - Education

Unqualified teachers haven’t ‘irreparably damaged’ the private sector: why do state schools deserve anything different?

27 July 2012 17:59

The furore surrounding the news – which James broke on Coffee House this afternoon – that academies will now be able…

Year 10 pupils receive their first lesso

Academies to be allowed to employ teachers without formal training

27 July 2012 13:25

The pace of reform in education has been stepped up again today. The model funding agreement for all new academies…

Year 10 pupils receive their first lesso

How long can the government ignore demands for free grammar schools?

19 July 2012 15:45

The argument about grammar schools had been stuck in a rut. Opponents argued that the division between grammar schools and…

Senior Figures Speak At British Chamber of Commerce Annual Conference

Three lessons for Mr Gove, by Andrew Adonis

24 June 2012 11:30

The Spectator’s Schools Revolution conference is being held on Tuesday next week. One of the special guest speakers, Lord Adonis,…


Schools: the cash illusion

23 June 2012 11:45

13 years of Labour rule taught us two vital lessons about school reform. The first is that there is no…


The ideological quandary over Gove’s curriculum reform

15 June 2012 14:45

Primary school children studying subordinate clauses and foreign languages? What an outlandish but suddenly very real idea. Michael Gove announced…

Clegg goes mobile

14 May 2012 13:41

Just as David Cameron is trying to move on from a tough few weeks by returning to themes that worked…


Gove takes on private school dominance and trade union opposition

10 May 2012 17:59

The Education Secretary gave a very pugnacious speech this morning on the need to improve the country’s state schools. ‘It…


Ash Green’s academy success story

21 April 2012 9:47

I was a panellist on Radio Four’s Any Questions last night, in Bedworth outside Coventry. At the reception afterwards, I…


The coming schools crisis

20 April 2012 9:16

Michael Gove’s school reform is being overwhelmed by the surging demand for school places, I argue in my Telegraph column…


The importance of sacking bad teachers

6 April 2012 13:31

The opposition of the National Union of Teachers to the government’s plans to make it easier to fire bad teachers…


Detoxifying profit in education

23 February 2012 18:19

Profit and education are still two words that should only be put together with caution. The coalition has long-accepted this is…


How can employment and unemployment go up at the same time?

15 February 2012 11:36

The employment level has risen since the election, according to today’s figures — albeit only slightly, from 29.0m to 29.1m.…


Curb your enthusiasm, kids

13 February 2012 17:30

Iain Martin has flagged upan article from the latest Times Educational Supplement, in which a Norfolk sixth-form teacher bemoans overenthusiastic pupils.…


Public opinion is split on Gove’s reforms

5 February 2012 10:32

It seems most of the public agrees with the need to improve our schools. A YouGov poll out this morning…