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Ed Miliband makes it big across the pond

19 December 2016 15:30

Even when Ed Miliband was Labour leader, it was his brother who made the greatest impression across the pond. While…


Labour and the Tories carry on cross-dressing at Treasury questions

29 November 2016 15:56

In last week’s Autumn statement, Philip Hammond appeared to channel his inner Ed Miliband as he banned letting fees and went on a…

House Prices Widen The North-South Divide

Rent increases are a problem in London – but not, really, for the rest of Britain

28 October 2016 12:18

When I made my Dispatches documentary about generational inequality for Channel 4, I was struck by how many of the…

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David Davis, parliamentary poacher turned executive gamekeeper

10 October 2016 18:23

David Davis batted away demands for parliament to be given a vote on the timing of Article 50 or the…


Corbyn talks past the country

28 September 2016 16:58

Jeremy Corbyn’s second leader’s speech was much better than his first. One has to beware the soft bigotry of low…


Labour’s conference, day one: The Spectator guide

25 September 2016 8:30

Jeremy Corbyn promised to wipe the slate clean following Labour’s fractious leadership race. Now that he’s officially clinched victory, it’s time for…


Watch: Ed Miliband mistaken for his brother David twice on Question Time

27 May 2016 10:04

Poor Ed Miliband. Since his defeat in the General Election, the former Labour leader has seen his influence fade — dropping to…


Ed Miliband drops to no.40 in Doncaster Power List

16 May 2016 17:12

Just over a year ago, Ed Miliband had the world at his feet. The MP for Doncaster North was one…

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Little Englanders, it’s time to give Sadiq Khan a break

10 May 2016 10:27

Hell, I wait so long to be right about something and then two bits of stuff come along at once.…


Ed Miliband moves on from bacon sandwich gaffe

27 April 2016 11:13

Forget the big election debates, the defining moment of Ed Miliband’s Labour leadership was his attempt at eating a bacon…


Ed Miliband is reunited with his Hacked Off pals

13 April 2016 13:22

Last night John Whittingdale’s 2014 relationship with a dominatrix was made public by Newsnight in an interview with Hacked Off…


Ed Miliband makes a comeback on The Agenda

12 April 2016 11:51

One of Ed Miliband’s most embarrassing television moments from his time as Labour leader came when he appeared on The…

Jeremy Corbyn is the John Terry of British politics

5 April 2016 12:19

Jeremy Corbyn has launched Labour’s local election campaign today with the promise that his party will stand up to the…

International Rescue Committee Hosts Annual Freedom Award Benefit - Inside

Labour’s ‘prince across the water’ hints at a return to Blighty

31 March 2016 13:22

During Ed Miliband’s time as Labour leader, he was subject to opposition from MPs in his own party as those in other parties.…

Jeremy Corbyn Addresses A Refugees Welcome Here Rally

New YouGov poll puts Labour ahead

18 March 2016 8:48

When an ICM phone poll this week had Labour level with the Tories for the first time since Jeremy Corbyn…


Labour’s former election star distances himself from Jeremy Corbyn

15 March 2016 17:26

In 2010, Ross Kemp appeared in a party political broadcast urging the public to vote for Labour in the General Election.…

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Momentum activist: Labour’s ‘dodgy’ members could be result of an anti-Corbyn conspiracy

14 March 2016 16:27

Last week Jeremy Corbyn was left red-faced in PMQs after David Cameron asked him why he had allowed Gerry Downing — a…

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Ed Miliband meets Team Corbyn

23 February 2016 14:37

Ed Miliband has been keeping a low profile since stepping down as Labour leader, but could he now be angling for…


RIP ‘EdStone’: the fate of Labour’s 8ft policy cenotaph is finally revealed

21 January 2016 18:14

There was one infamous invoice missing from the Electoral Commission’s campaign spending data yesterday — that of the EdStone. Labour…


Revealed: Labour spent £184,000 on Miliband’s debate coach

20 January 2016 12:40

Today the Electoral Commission have released the campaign expenditure returns of the six political parties that spent £250,000 or more…

Ed Miliband's Speech To Scottish Labour Party Conference

Beckett report into Labour’s loss is uncomfortable reading for all party factions

19 January 2016 16:18

Labour’s report on its election defeat is finally out, and it says there are four reasons for its defeat: Failure…

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Finally, some good news for the Miliband household

11 January 2016 12:40

Last year proved to be a testing year for the Miliband clan as Ed Miliband fought to be the next Prime…

The man who was almost PM

What Ed Miliband got right

29 December 2015 18:30

We’re republishing our ten most-read articles of 2015 and no8 is from Peter Oborne in defence of Ed Miliband. The Spectator…

The Labour Party Autumn Conference 2015 - Day 3

Arnie Graf: Corbynmania feels like student politics, not people trying to form a government

23 October 2015 18:15

Arnie Graf was, for a little while, the man who was supposed to rebuild the Labour party after its 2010…

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Coffee Shots: Ed Miliband’s train clash with Ukip

25 September 2015 9:42

Since Ed Miliband stepped down as the leader of the Labour party, the Labour MP for Doncaster North has vowed…