Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband Campaigns In Wales

Ed Miliband makes a return to frontline politics

1 July 2015 17:20

Ed Miliband was praised for his integrity by George Osborne after he returned to the Commons and gave a speech so soon after his election defeat. Although the Conservatives have been happy… Continue reading

General Election 2015 campaign - May 2nd

Ed Miliband is subject of ridicule in new song

26 June 2015 13:04

After anti-austerity protesters turned on Russell Brand for endorsing Labour at a protest on Saturday, it was only a matter of time til Ed Miliband faced a similar backlash over… Continue reading


Ed Miliband meets his number one Milifan

25 June 2015 15:08

These are dark days for the Labour party, following their brutal election defeat and the recent turmoil within the party. For Miliband in particular, the pain of the past few months must be particularly… Continue reading

Ed Miliband's Speech To Scottish Labour Party Conference

Miliband welcomed back to Twitter

22 June 2015 16:11

Ed Miliband is clearly struggling to find his place in a post Ed Miliband world. Despite MPs from his own party suggesting the former Labour leader was ‘hanging around like an… Continue reading

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair Gives Evidence To The Leveson Inquiry

Labour’s Blair problem

20 June 2015 10:41

Ed Miliband believed that after the financial crisis, Britain had moved to the left. He argued that there was no need to adopt all the Blairite positions to win. The… Continue reading


Ed Balls hired by Harvard to ‘research financial stability’

18 June 2015 11:16

During the election, Ed Miliband’s opponents regularly criticised the Labour leader for naming his life experience outside the Westminster bubble as ‘teaching at Harvard’. Still, the naysayers haven’t put his former sidekick… Continue reading


Lesley Garrett: Labour chose the wrong Miliband brother

15 June 2015 16:55

As a Doncaster resident, Lesley Garrett is well acquainted with her local MP Ed Miliband. However, the soprano was left disappointed by Labour’s effort in the general election. In an interview ahead of… Continue reading

Jeremy Corbyn (image: PA).

Jeremy Corbyn is definitely not what Labour voters want

15 June 2015 14:20

The clock struck noon and it was if the past 32 years had never happened. Veteran Left-wing MP Jeremy Corbyn had, with seconds to spare, got the necessary 35 nominations… Continue reading

Guardian Editor Alan Rusbridger At The Edinburgh International Book Festival

Jonathan Aitken says farewell to Alan Rusbridger

12 June 2015 12:13

Sore heads over at the Guardian this morning after yet another leaving party for Alan Rusbridger. In what Mr S makes to be Rusbridger’s third leaving do, politicians and celebrities gathered… Continue reading

Ed Miliband and Lord Mandelson at a press conference at Millbank Tower in central London, on January 8, 2010.

Five things we’ve learnt from The Times’ Ed Miliband investigation

10 June 2015 16:21

The dissection of Labour’s election defeat continues with a very thorough series of pieces in today’s Times by Rachel Sylvester and Michael Savage. Describing Ed Miliband’s tenure as leader as a ‘five-year suicide note’,… Continue reading

Labour leader Ed Miliband unveils Labour's pledges carved into a stone plinth in Hastings during General Election campaigning. Photo: PA.

Lord Ashcroft opens bidding for the #EdStone

10 June 2015 14:31

With the Labour party under increasing scrutiny for taking donations from the trade unions, they may have to start to rely more heavily on private donors. So it’s good news that… Continue reading

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 11.50.56

David Miliband is the gift that keeps on giving for the Tories

10 June 2015 13:36

David Miliband just can’t leave his brother’s election defeat alone. After several brutally honest post-election interviews, Miliband Sr. popped up again on CNN last night to offer his harshest analysis yet… Continue reading

Ed Miliband is brought hot water to help shake off his illness

Is this the reason Miliband forgot to mention the deficit in his conference speech?

9 June 2015 18:35

Earlier this month Patrick Wintour wrote an in-depth profile of Ed Miliband’s failed election campaign for the Guardian. In it, he went through the different things which had gone wrong for… Continue reading


Miliband’s policy chief: the party is making the same mistake as it did in 2010

8 June 2015 18:32

Everyone in Labour is having their say about where the party went wrong in the run-up to the election. But what if it’s still making the same mistakes as it… Continue reading

Harriet Harman and Ed Miliband on September 22, 2013 in Brighton, England.

Harriet Harman and Tristram Hunt knife Miliband in the front

8 June 2015 8:45

The fear and loathing within Labour continues with the admission from Harriet Harman that its voters were relieved it didn’t win the election. The party’s interim leader is interviewed in the Independent this… Continue reading


Milifan turns the air blue on Daily Politics

5 June 2015 13:18

Just in case you missed the memo, the reason Ed Miliband lost the election has now been revealed. Labour supporter and founder of the Twitter account @cooledmiliband, Richard Biggs, appeared on the Daily… Continue reading


Ed Miliband returns to the Commons as Osborne announces £3bn of more cuts

4 June 2015 13:53

Ed Miliband has wasted little time in returning to speaking duties in the House of Commons. George Osborne came to the Chamber to announce £4.5bn of savings – made up… Continue reading

General Election 2015 campaign - May 2nd

Five things we’ve learnt from the Guardian’s profile of Ed Miliband’s campaign

4 June 2015 10:07

Ed Miliband’s general election campaign was clearly dysfunctional, but now we have an insight into just how bad it was. The Guardian’s political editor Patrick Wintour has produced a fantastic long read on the undoing of Miliband, revealing… Continue reading

1 million BME voters backed David Cameron's vision of Britain's future (Photo: Getty)

Here’s why the Tories convinced one million BME voters to support them

3 June 2015 12:36

One of the funnier moments of the election involved Ed Miliband assuming that a turban-wearing Sikh gentleman he met on the campaign trail would, naturally, be helping him get the… Continue reading

General Election 2015 campaign - May 2nd

Team Miliband said ‘we must not underestimate Éoin Clarke’

2 June 2015 11:30

The failings of those around Ed Miliband are numerous. From the Edstone to the interview with Russell Brand, the disconnection between Team Miliband and the real world was one of… Continue reading

Ed Miliband returns to the backbench

Coffee Shots: Ed Miliband returns as a backbencher

1 June 2015 15:17

With Ed Miliband’s leadership hopes well and truly over, the Labour MP returned to the backbench today: Miliband could be spied on the BBC’s Commons cam in the corner of the… Continue reading

Labour by-election victors

Lucy Powell: the campaign genius behind the ‘Milibrand’ interview

1 June 2015 12:30

Lucy Powell’s list of PR blunders reached epic proportions through the course of the election campaign, with the Labour campaign chief messing up several media appearances: However, Mr S understands that one of… Continue reading

Former foreign secretary David Miliband listens to a speech on the second day of the Labour party conference at Manchester Central on September 27, 2010 in Manchester, England.

David Miliband doesn’t rule out running in future Labour leadership contest

26 May 2015 12:07

Is David Miliband Labour’s prince across the water? The elder Miliband brother appears to be watching the leadership contest closely avidly from afar, without backing any particular candidate. Speaking to… Continue reading

Labour Leader Ed Miliband Announces His Party's Education Manifesto

Chuka Umunna was the victim of an old-fashioned Westminster character assassination

21 May 2015 12:44

A few months after Ed Miliband was elected Labour leader I met with one of his supporters in the shadow cabinet. Who, I asked, were ‘Ed’s People?’ He began reeling… Continue reading

(Photo: Getty)

Labour should now define itself as in favour of both a referendum and the EU

20 May 2015 17:54

The three main Labour leadership candidates have now all said that they want a referendum on Britain’s relationship with the EU. But the party’s ‘official’ position – that is, the… Continue reading