Ed Davey

Nick Clegg leaving the Cabinet Office. Getty Images.

A Cabinet of losers?

1 April 2015 14:01

Here’s an interesting factoid. We have gone the longest time since any serving Cabinet Minister has lost their seat… ever.…

The Greenpeace message at the Nazca Lines World Heritage site

How green and peaceful really is Greenpeace?

5 February 2015 10:28

For the best part of half a century Greenpeace’s constant campaigning on environmental issues has been an almost unmitigated success.…

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Time to switch energy companies say ministers

17 March 2014 17:07

Both coalition parties remain scarred by the political potency of Ed Miliband’s pledge to freeze energy prices. They are determined…

Eggborough power station (Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty)

The Climate Change Act will do untold damage to British industry

16 December 2013 15:28

‘A very good deal for Britain,’ is how Ed Davey described the contract with EDF and Chinese backers to build…

Ed Davey, being tough. Picture: Getty

Ed Davey’s energy policy claims another victim

14 December 2013 17:22

At last week’s Spectator energy conference Michael Fallon appeared to steer government policy away from green ideology and in a…

The Labour Party Conference Continues

Caroline Flint and Ed Davey clash over who cares most about consumers

2 December 2013 16:49

One of the Conservatives’ great victories in government has been to portray the party as on the side of consumers…

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We can reduce carbon emissions, but we can’t afford Labour’s targets

2 December 2013 12:15

If Britain is to meet its self-imposed carbon-reduction targets it means the end of coal by 2030. Things aren’t looking…

Ed Davey, being tough. Picture: Getty

Ed Davey focuses fire on Labour – for now

2 December 2013 9:07

Of all the ministers involved in the Coalition negotiations over energy bills, Ed Davey has had quite the worst experience.…

The next phase in the energy debate will depend on the contents of George Osborne's Autumn Statement.

While we wait for George Osborne, Grant Shapps takes to Buzzfeed to talk about energy policy

12 November 2013 15:30

The energy debate is in stasis. Everything, it seems, hangs on the contents of the Autumn Statement. EDF has announced a price…

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Coalition parties near a deal on energy bills

27 October 2013 15:20

The good news for the Cameroons on energy is that it looks like they’ll get an agreement by the Autumn…

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Nuclear should never be ‘the last resort’

22 October 2013 10:45

Yesterday’s agreement between the French state-owned company EDF and the UK Government regarding the ‘strike price’ for the electricity that…

Nick Clegg wanted a sausage machine government, where parties are always clear on differences. Photo: Getty Images

Lib Dem free school confusion undermines Clegg’s ‘sausage machine’ model

21 October 2013 14:30

What does everyone think about free schools? That’s the question that is being asked of every Liberal Democrat who has…

Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station Expansion Plans

Hinkley nuclear deal: what it means for the global race and the big freeze

21 October 2013 9:10

Today is, as we all know, the start of economy week in Westminster, with politicians striving to show that all…

Ed Davey on Marr, making it up as he goes along

Ed Davey’s energy fantasies

19 October 2013 13:13

As energy prices continue to — with British Gas imposing a 9.2 per cent rise — the government is under growing…


Why bother to switch energy provider?

18 October 2013 14:11

The Prime Minister and the Energy Minister, Ed Davey, were unanimous in their response to the British Gas price hike…


George Osborne attempts political jiu-jitsu on Ed Miliband

6 October 2013 15:13

If this conference season is remembered for anything, it will be for Ed Miliband’s pledge to freeze energy prices. This…

Ed Davey, attacked by wind live on national television. Photo: BBC.

Luciana Berger lambasts Ed Davey over inaccuracies in his conference speech

17 September 2013 16:51

Ed Davey hasn’t had a great conference. First the jokes in the energy secretary’s speech bombed. Then a sign fell…

Ed Davey, being tough. Picture: Getty

Lib Dem conference: Ed Davey’s full-throttle attack on Owen Paterson (and some terrible jokes)

15 September 2013 17:19

Ed Davey has a good story to tell his party about fighting the Tories to get a Lib Dem vision…

Ed Davey's grilling on the Sunday Politics has caused much outcry. Photo: BBC.

An inconvenient interview: Andrew Neil defends his grilling of Ed Davey

22 July 2013 17:49

Andrew Neil’s interview on Sunday Politics the other week triggered much reaction – and protest from those who do not believe…


How the government’s energy policies will benefit a rich sheikh at the expense of the poor

4 July 2013 21:33

Today Ed Davey launched the London Array, an enormous offshore wind farm, and the Prime Minister posed for pictures with…

David Cameron has reshuffled his deck. (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

David Cameron mini-shuffle done to move John Hayes from DECC

28 March 2013 13:47

Downing Street’s mini-shuffle announced this morning to coincide with a joint Cameron Fallon visit to a green car plant is…

David Cameron has 'promoted' John Hayes and Michael Fallon. (PAUL ROGERS/AFP/Getty Images)

Mini reshuffle shows Cameron trying to get a grip

28 March 2013 10:51

The mini reshuffle earlier this morning is significant. David Cameron has moved Tory ‘greybeards’ to address problem areas. Cameron’s twitter…

Ed Davey

Ed Davey sounds more enthusiastic about Nick Clegg than Nick Clegg himself

10 February 2013 15:43

It took a while for Nick Clegg to confirm that he would stay with his party to 2015, but today…

A fracking plant in America. Picture: Getty

Osborne to back fracking and 30 new gas power stations

4 December 2012 8:51

Coalition tensions over energy won’t relax with George Osborne’s gas strategy, which he will launch alongside the Autumn Statement tomorrow.…

David Cameron and Ed Davey. Image: Getty

The politics of energy

20 November 2012 9:13

When David Cameron made his surprise announcement about forcing energy companies to offer customers their cheapest deal, he added, as…