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Dear Mary: How can I stop piling on the pounds after Strictly?

17 December 2016 10:00

From Ed BallsQ. I have been doing a lot of exercise over the past few weeks and I’ve lost well…

Michael Gove falls in love…again

28 October 2016 12:09

Michael Gove has been keeping himself busy this week with his non-apology apology tour. He came close to saying sorry…

Labour’s ex-frontbenchers make the most of life outside the shadow cabinet

9 September 2016 16:13

What can you fill your time with if you’re a former Labour frontbencher left twiddling your thumbs as a result…


Coffee Shots: Happy #EdBallsDay

28 April 2016 16:51

Although Ken Livingstone has done his best to steal Ed Balls’s thunder today, it’s important to take a moment and…


Straight-talking John McDonnell will not be talking straight to the press

25 November 2015 17:57

How does an Opposition party make up for the fact that its response to an economic statement is necessarily rather…

Gordon Brown Campaigns In The Midlands

Bevanite Ellie makes a comeback for Camp Cooper

8 September 2015 13:08

In 2010 a young Labour blogger by the name of Ellie Gellard introduced Gordon Brown at Labour’s manifesto launch. Unfortunately…

Yvette Cooper, Labour Party leadership candidate speaks at an event at the Coin Street neighbourhood Centre in central London on August 19, 2015.

Yvette Cooper: I won’t be challenging Labour leadership result

20 August 2015 14:17

It was Yvette Cooper’s turn to do a Q&A session on the World at One today and it was a pretty dry…

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Why is David Lammy getting beaten up for telling the truth about tax credits?

21 July 2015 20:08

Poor old David Lammy. At 11pm last night, the Labour mayoral hopeful tweeted that his mum had depended on tax credits…

Me interviewing Darling for my Ch4 Dispatches film "How the rich get richer"

Alistair Darling: why I changed my mind on tax credits

20 July 2015 16:44

Last autumn, I presented a Ch4 documentary on inequality. I could have made three hours’ worth of that show –…

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The photo of the young Queen playing Nazi is an important historical document. It should shock us

18 July 2015 19:12

What can a image from 1933 ever really tell us? In July 1933, Der Stürmer, the Nazi newspaper, published a cover image of a…


Ed Balls hired by Harvard to ‘research financial stability’

18 June 2015 11:16

During the election, Ed Miliband’s opponents regularly criticised the Labour leader for naming his life experience outside the Westminster bubble as…

The annual Bilderberg conference is taking place in Austria (Credit: Paul Joseph Watson)

Bilderberg security is stepped up to protect masters of the universe from journalists

13 June 2015 11:07

This weekend the masters of the universe will gather at the annual Bilderberg conference. The secretive summit, which is being…

General Election 2015 campaign - May 2nd

Five things we’ve learnt from the Guardian’s profile of Ed Miliband’s campaign

4 June 2015 10:07

Ed Miliband’s general election campaign was clearly dysfunctional, but now we have an insight into just how bad it was. The Guardian’s political editor Patrick Wintour…

Politico Top Trump cards from 2010.

Cameron has a PMQs trump card – he won the election

3 June 2015 14:44

The first PMQs after an election victory is a moment to savour for a Prime Minister. He knows that the…

Mary Portas Attends The Select Committee About Her Regeneration Of The  Highstreet

Mary Portas’ awkward train encounter with Ed Balls

28 May 2015 9:56

When the Conservatives won a surprise majority in the election, many businesses breathed a collective sigh of relief that the…


Ed Balls won’t rule out an appearance on Strictly

22 May 2015 17:22

Former Labour MP Ed Balls has appeared on BBC news today in his first interview since he was ousted from his…


Don’t Labour tax advisers pop up in the funniest places?

19 May 2015 14:10

Remember Jolyon Maugham, the QC who had fifteen minutes of fame during the General Election campaign when he ‘advised Labour…

On the campaign trail with Ed Miliband. Photos: Sebastian Payne/The Spectator,

A day on the campaign trail with Labour and Ed Miliband

6 May 2015 10:48

On Monday, I hopped aboard the Labour ‘battle bus’ for a day on the campaign trail with Ed Miliband. Although…

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 13.01.31

Ed Miliband still isn’t being honest about debt. And yes, that matters

4 May 2015 13:35

The Guardian’s superb live blog was even better than usual this morning when it covered Twitter’s reaction to the Ed…


Yvette Cooper: Ed Balls Day has become too commercial

29 April 2015 13:12

After Tristram Hunt subjected himself to an array of questions from Mumsnet users on Monday, today was Yvette Cooper’s turn in…

Happy Ed Balls Day. Photo: Twitter.

Campaign kick-off: nine days to go

28 April 2015 9:13

David Cameron is upping the ante on the SNP today, warning voters there’s just ‘ten days to save the United…


Why Ed Balls doesn’t deserve to be compared to Gromit

16 April 2015 16:20

Last week’s cover of the Spectator featured Ed Miliband and Ed Balls drawn in the style of Wallace and Gromit by Peter Brookes.…

(Photo: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty)

Music to the SNP’s ears: Vote Labour, get more austerity

13 April 2015 17:31

As Jim Murphy tries to turn back the SNP surge, he has been arguing that a Labour government wouldn’t result…

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When will broadcasters challenge Ed Balls on his porkies about his deficit plans?

13 April 2015 8:33

At Coffee House, we occasionally criticise George Osborne for stretching the truth when describing the deficit — but when it comes to…

Labour Leader Ed Miliband Gives A Speech On The Economy

Deficit? What deficit? Labour candidates ignore key issue

10 April 2015 16:06

Ed Miliband famously forgot to mention the deficit in his 2014 conference speech, but you would have thought that at…