Eastleigh by-election 2012

Nick Clegg and Lib Dem Eastleigh candidate Mike Thornton. Picture: Getty

Lib Dems hold Eastleigh as UKIP force Tories into third

1 March 2013 2:58

It was a successful night for the Liberal Democrats in Eastleigh and a disastrous one for the Tories. The Liberal…


Eastleigh: the different results and what they’d mean

28 February 2013 22:41

So now that the polls have closed in Eastleigh, here are the likely scenarios for tonight’s Eastleigh by-election result, and…

Just deserts for Labour's John O'Farrell in Eastleigh? Photo: Getty Images.

Labour are the real losers in Eastleigh

26 February 2013 11:38

The Lib Dems are still on course to hold Eastleigh. Despite the loss of Britain’s AAA credit rating and the…

Nick Clegg in Eastleigh. Photo: Getty Images.

Could Eastleigh go the way of Cleggmania?

25 February 2013 16:52

The Liberal Democrats have a different relationship to the popular press than the other two main parties, both more afraid…

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage with Diane James, the party's candidate in the Eastleigh by-election. The party hasn't caused the storm that many expected. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Strange things a’happening in Eastleigh

25 February 2013 11:39

Apologies for my absence – had a week’s holiday, somewhere distant from thunderstorms and snow. Coming back last night on…

Can Ed Miliband convince more than just loyal supporters in the south to Vote Labour? Photo: PA

Labour’s southern mission

21 February 2013 18:49

How can Labour win back voters in the South East? At the 2010 general election, Labour took ten southern seats…

Who will be victorious in the battle for Eastleigh?

The View from 22 — the battle for Eastleigh and free riding the NHS

21 February 2013 8:59

The Tories and Lib Dems are locking horns in Eastleigh but what is Labour’s strategy? In this week’s View from…

Vicky Pryce. Photo: Getty Images.

Vicky Pryce jury discharged, retrial starts Monday

20 February 2013 15:13

The jury in the trial of Vicky Pryce has been discharged having failed to reach a verdict. The decision comes…

The battle for Eastleigh: not just on the ground. Photo: PA.

The Tories take tips from Obama in Eastleigh

19 February 2013 12:04

Eastleigh could be a turning point in by-election history. Not because the Tories are looking like they may well lose,…