Norman Baker is tough on ket and the causes of ket. How very liberal. (Image: Getty)

Norman Baker’s liberal input

12 February 2014 14:47

Norman Baker was dispatched to the Home Office at the last reshuffle in order to have a strong liberal voice in the department; it was felt that the Tories’ favourite… Continue reading

Caught Smoking

Ten things that went badly right in Britain in 2013

20 December 2013 14:59

This was supposed to be the year of strife, strikes, misery and more. Instead, to the surprise of Britain’s politicians, things have instead gone badly right. I look at them… Continue reading

A court has heard allegations that Nigella Lawson took cocaine and prescription drugs on a habitual basis.(VALERY HACHE/AFP/GettyImages)

Blow to domestic goddess as cocaine allegations surface

26 November 2013 18:23

Allegations that Nigella Lawson used cocaine and prescription drugs on a habitual basis have emerged in court today after the trial judge lifted a reporting restriction. Lawson’s former personal assistants Francesca and… Continue reading

Ecstasy Seisure In Los Angeles

Is addiction a disease?

21 November 2013 16:15

Tonight, the Spectator will host a debate on the motion: ‘Addiction is not a disease’.  Damian Thompson, Theodore Dalrymple and Dr Aric Sigman will lock horns with Trinny Woodall, Dominic… Continue reading

The Labour Party Annual Conference

Nightmare at PMQs!

20 November 2013 15:48

It started as soon as Ed Miliband stood up at PMQs today. ‘Nightmare!’ yelled the Tories. ‘Nightmare!’ They’d been fired up by the first question from Steve Brine, who craftily… Continue reading


Rob Ford: a ‘role model for down and out kids’

14 November 2013 17:22

Attentive Spectator readers will recall Leah McClaren’s takedown of Rob Ford, the…err…shall we say embattled Mayor of Toronto. At the time, Ford was busy denying reports that he had smoked… Continue reading

Strolling Soul Singer

Natalie Rowe’s strange duet with Marvin Gaye

21 October 2013 16:55

Among the more bizarre parts of Natalie Rowe’s Chief Whip, of which Mr S wrote earlier, is her alleged encounter with Marvin Gaye. The scribbling dominatrix even claims that she… Continue reading


Who is Natalie Rowe’s ‘Joe’?

21 October 2013 11:44

The only question on lips this morning: Who is Joe? This mysterious character lurks on the pages of a new book by Natalie Rowe, a former prostitute and dominatrix who… Continue reading


Another puff piece for Ed Miliband

17 October 2013 12:59

First Ed Miliband was papped with a teenager holding a ‘bong’ (above). Now the Labour leader is being offered dope on the street by passing fans. According to the Ham… Continue reading

Obama Admin. Unveils New Policy Easing Medical Marijuana Prosecutions

Yes, of course the War on Drugs exists (but it shouldn’t)

10 October 2013 0:04

There is something contemptible about Nick Clegg’s latest piece of handwringing. the Deputy Prime Minister – a position that, at least notionally, carries some clout – complains that he’d very… Continue reading

Taki has some funny news about Saif al-Islam Gaddafi in tomorrow's Spectator. (JOEL ROBINE/AFP/Getty Images)

Another dodgy deal with Gaddafi

9 October 2013 17:40

No, not Tony Blair in a big tent in the desert, but our man Taki in the Big Apple. In tomorrow’s Spectator, Taki writes, with characteristic tact, on the Middle… Continue reading

Nick Clegg Gives A Speech On Britain In Europe

Nick Clegg says we’re losing the war on drugs. But is there even a war?

9 October 2013 16:59

This country is losing the war on drugs, according to Nick Clegg. The Deputy Prime Minister told the BBC’s Free Speech programme that he was frustrated that his Coalition partners… Continue reading


The Silk Road has been busted – but its legacy to the international drug trade will remain

3 October 2013 12:05

Since 2011, the Silk Road has infuriated governments the world over by allowing digital pirates to operate above the law. It has been – in effect – an eBay for… Continue reading

Ecstasy Seisure In Los Angeles

The War on Drugs kills another seven Britons. How many more must die for a bankrupt idea?

12 July 2013 11:23

Another summer, another reminder of the consequences of our drug laws: A man has been arrested in connection with the death of an 18-year-old who had taken fake ecstasy tablets.… Continue reading

X Factor Judge Tulisa Contostavlos And Her Former Boyfriend Justin Edwards Attend Court Over Leaked Sex Tape

The fake-sheik strikes again, with Tulisa in the clink

4 June 2013 15:04

The ‘fake-sheik’ has pulled off another classic sting operation, worthy of his time at the News of the World. Mazher Mahmood can add Tulisa Contostavlos, the ‘musician’ turned X-Factor judge,… Continue reading

Gin Lane

Vice is vanishing from Britain

24 May 2013 16:42

In this week’s issue of the Spectator, Leo McKinstry argues that Britain is dropping all its most harmful habits. Here is an excerpt: ‘According to the pessimistic narrative of national decline, Britain… Continue reading

Surrey celebrating their win in 2011. Image: Getty

Cricket is more than a game

26 April 2013 11:38

Does this advert ring a bell? It showed a handsome young man hitting a cricket ball far into the distance. It appeared on the Tube last spring. The tagline read:… Continue reading

Charles Moore has written the 'authorized' biography of Margaret Thatcher. Is 'authorized' correct? (PAUL ELLIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Margaret Thatcher: An Accidental Libertarian Heroine

10 April 2013 12:37

It is 34 years since Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister. Coincidentally, she entered Downing Street 34 years after Clement Attlee won the 1945 general election.  The whole history of post-war… Continue reading

Peter Hitchens and Damian Thompson go head-to-head on addiction. Graphic: Carla Millar

Does addiction exist? Peter Hitchens vs Damian Thompson in our new View from 22 podcast

7 March 2013 9:32

Should we be doing more or less to help to tackle drug addiction? And does addiction even exist? Are addicts just selfish people? In this week’s View from 22 podcast,… Continue reading

Russell Brand writes in this week's Spectator on addiction. Photo: WireImage

The only way to help addicts is to treat them as sick, not bad

5 March 2013 18:18

In this week’s View from 22 podcast, the Mail on Sunday’s Peter Hitchens takes on the Telegraph’s Damian Thompson about Russell Brand, drugs, and whether addiction even exists. Click here to listen. … Continue reading

Drugs which are safe for him aren't necessarily safe for you Image: Getty

How could carcinogenic drugs have got into the food chain? Ask Defra

24 January 2013 17:28

Shadow Defra minister Mary Creagh told MPs today about her fears that a carcinogenic drug commonly used as an anti-inflammatory in horses could have entered the human food chain. Speaking… Continue reading


Lance Armstrong, the Greatest Cheat in the History of Sport, Prepares to Admit His Sins - Spectator Blogs

5 January 2013 20:21

The news, reported by the New York Times, that Lance Armstrong is preparing to confess his sins reminds me of this passage from the Book of Daniel: Thou, O king,… Continue reading

Ibiza Club Life -2007

The War on Drugs is as pointless as it is immoral; obviously it must continue. - Spectator Blogs

10 December 2012 15:29

Like Tom Chivers I’d not planned to write anything about the latest suggestion our drug laws are sufficiently confused, antiquated and beyond parody that at some point it might be… Continue reading

A marijuana shop in Los Angeles. MPs today recommended that the government should consider decriminalising some drugs. Picture: Getty

Drugs report looks destined to languish on ministers’ shelves

10 December 2012 8:56

The Home Affairs Select Committee spent a year on its drugs inquiry, and its hefty report is finally published today. During the inquiry, MPs heard from charities, ministers, and Russell… Continue reading

Obama Admin. Unveils New Policy Easing Medical Marijuana Prosecutions

Amidst Obama's Triumph, America Enjoys A Libertarian Moment - Spectator Blogs

7 November 2012 16:57

Amidst last night’s Democratic triumph and the confirmation that Obama is, in many respects, Ronald Reagan’s heir let’s not forget that this election was also a triumph for libertarians and… Continue reading