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Sarah Brown and Bec Astley Clarke at the launch of their charity bracelet

Gordon Brown’s jewellery gaffe at No.10

11 March 2015 12:14

Sarah Brown has teamed up with Astley Clarke to bring out a bracelet to raise funds for her Theirworld children’s charity. At the jewellery launch at Mondrian London, the company’s founder Bec… Continue reading

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A petition is delivered to 10 Downing Street by members of the protest (Photo: Getty)

Freedom of speech is a sacred British value (and those who disagree can hop it)

9 February 2015 17:22

In the aftermath of last month’s Paris atrocities there was a remarkable piece in one of Denmark’s leading papers signed by more than a dozen prominent Danish Muslims.  It said… Continue reading

Osborne with keys No 10 NEW

Can George Osborne pass his own 13 tests?

23 January 2015 8:00

Before George Osborne took to wearing hard hats and hi-vis jackets, he used to revel in his status as a political insider. In 2004, he wrote a piece for The… Continue reading

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Don’t believe in tribal politics? Take a look at how people respond to Downing Street’s cats

4 November 2014 12:55

One important staffing decision David Cameron took early in his premiership was to fill the post of Chief Mouser, which had been vacant since the demise of its previous occupant,… Continue reading

Foreign Ministers Attend Friends Of Syria Meeting In London

The nine lives of Freya, the Chancellor’s cat

8 August 2014 16:15

News just in that George Osborne’s cat, Freya, was hit by a car outside Downing Street last night, and is currently at the vet’s. Freya is famous for her love of hunting… Continue reading

Michael Gove and his former advisor Dominic Cummings. Photo: Getty.

How will Gove deal with Dominic Cummings’ attack on Number 10?

16 June 2014 14:30

One of these days, former Gove adviser Dominic Cummings is going to tell us what he really thinks. He’s followed up his interview with the Times (£) in which he describes… Continue reading

The UK 2010 General Election Results In A Hung Parliament

Exclusive: Max Chambers to join No.10 policy unit

24 April 2014 16:20

I understand that Max Chambers of Policy Exchange will soon join the Number 10 policy unit. Chambers will take on the home affairs brief that has been vacant since Patrick… Continue reading

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Inside the lonely world of ‘spadville’

28 March 2014 14:47

We approached the big black door of Number 10 Downing Street full of pride and a little trepidation. Someone pulled back the brass knocker and let it fall. Inside, the… Continue reading

Patrick Rock, the Prime Minister's former deputy head of policy

No10 rejects suggestions that it covered up the arrest of Patrick Rock

4 March 2014 13:06

After this morning’s shock Daily Mail splash on Patrick Rock’s arrest, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman was grilled on the case at the noon lobby briefing. He repeatedly told journalists… Continue reading

Patrick Rock, the Prime Minister's former deputy head of policy

No.10 aide Patrick Rock resigns after being arrested over child abuse image allegations

3 March 2014 23:01

Jaw-dropping news tonight: the Daily Mail’s James Chapman reveals that Patrick Rock, the deputy director of the Number 10 policy unit and a long-serving political ally of David Cameron, has… Continue reading


The top level of government isn’t riddled with personal hatred – thanks to Osborne

23 January 2014 9:48

Now that the economic statistics are looking better, people are beginning to rediscover the once-fashionable thought that George Osborne is a great strategist. Things are coming together before the 2015… Continue reading


Justin Welby and the Downing Street grid

21 October 2013 11:14

One man who isn’t on message at the start of the government’s economy week is Justin Welby, who has been warning against excessive jubilation at the end of this week… Continue reading

General Election - Stock Images

Damian McBride and today’s Downing Street spin operation

20 September 2013 13:59

Damian McBride’s memoirs will naturally make uncomfortable reading for the Labour party, but the current occupants of Downing Street will also be feasting on his lesson in the dark arts,… Continue reading

There may be no room for reporters aboard Cameron's plane, but at least that inspired Bloomberg's Rob Hutton. Image: Getty

A rare success for Downing Street spin machine

11 September 2013 15:38

Downing Street and the press are rarely a productive coupling, though it seems the PM’s spin team have, for once, inadvertently spawned something positive. Introducing his new book about journalistic… Continue reading

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Who is the Mail on Sunday talking about?

2 June 2013 20:46

So, who is it then? Please speculate in the privacy of your own homes rather than within the comments section below, as our lawyers would – like the rest of… Continue reading

US Vice President Joe Biden Visits The UK

Downing Street’s class divide

7 May 2013 15:24

Last week I chided those in SW1 who were criticising David Cameron for appointing yet more Old Etonians to his staff without first checking their own teams for signs of blue… Continue reading

Chris Lockwood is set to join David Cameron's new policy unit (pictured). Photo: PA.

Chris Lockwood to join new Number 10 policy unit

29 April 2013 20:16

Downing Street has pulled off a coup with the recruitment of Chris Lockwood, the US editor of The Economist, to the new Downing Street policy unit. Lockwood is one of… Continue reading

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Once civil servants have praised one Prime Minister, they must praise them all

15 April 2013 16:01

Sir Jeremy Heywood and Sir Bob Kerslake have penned a civil service tribute to Margaret Thatcher in today’s Telegraph. They laud her as the ‘best kind of boss.’ They are… Continue reading

Public Administration Select Committee Publish Their Report Into The Andrew Mitchell Plebgate Inquiry

Is Andrew Mitchell the right man for Britain in Europe?

4 April 2013 10:50

It now looks almost certain that Andrew Mitchell will be our next EU Commissioner in 2014. The job was not advertised and the backroom selection process remains a mystery. In… Continue reading

The Door To Number 10 Downing Street

Key David Cameron aide to quit Downing Street

2 April 2013 22:37

Sky News has revealed tonight that Rohan Silva, one of the Prime Minister’s key advisers, is leaving Downing Street. Silva might not be a household name but he has been… Continue reading

Damian McBride giving evidence to MPs this morning.

The ‘bedroom tax’ shows Downing Street does need a Damian McBride character

27 February 2013 13:14

MPs are debating that Cut With the Awkward Name, the Under-occupation of Social Housing: Housing Benefit Entitlement, also known by its opponents as the ‘bedroom tax’, this afternoon. I’ve already… Continue reading

Could a second term of coalition government be on the cards? Image: Getty

Mid-term review: A return to the rose garden?

7 January 2013 16:58

‘David Cameron and Nick Clegg get coalition better than anyone else in the government’ one Downing Street aide remarked to me recently, and watching the two men at today’s press… Continue reading

Downing Street feels that David Cameron has emerged well from the EU budget talks. Images: Getty

A satisfactory outcome at the EU budget talks for David Cameron

23 November 2012 16:24

So, the EU budget summit has — as expected — broken up without agreement. We await the date of the next discussion of the matter. But for the moment it… Continue reading

Dame Helen Ghosh: 'Women don't network'. Ahem. Image: Getty

Dame Helen Ghosh and the elite cupcakes

1 November 2012 16:18

Dame Helen Ghosh’s words about women and David Cameron’s government have put Downing Street backs up this afternoon. Dame Helen, whose Civil Service career spanned thirty-three years culminated in a… Continue reading

Gabby Bertin (Ieft) is soon to leave Downing Street, temporarily replaced by Susie Squire. Photo: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Change at Number 10

31 October 2012 10:38

Gabby Bertin is one of David Cameron’s long-marchers; she has been with him since he won the leadership in 2005. Bertin has acted as his political spokeswoman for the last… Continue reading