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What does President Trump do to Brexit?

21 January 2017 10:32

With Theresa May expected to head to Washington next week to see President Trump, I have a look at what the…

Women rallying against Donald Trump, shortly before his election in November 2016. Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Only the right kind of women are invited to march against Donald Trump

21 January 2017 9:39

The Women’s March on Washington is going to be big. Officials say 1,800 buses have been registered to park in…


Trump’s trade war could cause global economic carnage

20 January 2017 18:31

The most striking thing about Donald Trump’s inaugural address was how little it tried to reach out to those who…


Donald Trump: the most radical US president for centuries

20 January 2017 18:26

He could be the greatest disaster ever to befall America. He could go down as the man that Made America…


There was nothing peaceful about Washington’s anti-Trump protests

20 January 2017 17:51

Washington, D.C. I just witnessed an anti-Donald Trump protest, and it was nasty. About an hour ago, I looked out…


Trump has just created a vacancy for a world leader in free trade. Step forward, Theresa May

20 January 2017 17:51

Rather than seek to inspire or unite a country, Donald Trump’s inaugural address was a long whinge about free trade and…

Michelle Obama: no. 4 on the Forbes World’s Most Powerful Women list. Image: Getty

BBC’s Michelle Obama gaffe

20 January 2017 17:46

Although Donald Trump has suggested that he is unsatisfied with the BBC’s coverage of him, it’s the corporation’s reporting of…


Friday caption contest: Trump’s inauguration – smile!

20 January 2017 16:31

As Donald Trump is sworn in today as the 45th US president, not everyone at the ceremony appears thrilled to be…


Trump! How did this happen?

20 January 2017 15:33

It happened because you banned super-size sodas. And smoking in parks. And offensive ideas on campus. Because you branded people…

Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Holds Campaign Event At Trump International Hotel

Meet the real deplorables – and no, it’s not Farage and his champagne populists

20 January 2017 14:48

Washington, D.C. Nigel Farage’s 2016 celebration of Nigel Farage’s 2016 is a party that might never stop. And it is…

Alistair Cooke (Photo: Getty)

What would Alistair Cooke have made of Trump’s inauguration?

20 January 2017 14:02

Margaret Thatcher’s Lord Chancellor, Quintin Hailsham, himself half-American, once observed that the US system of government was ‘an elective monarchy with…


No, Donald Trump isn’t a ‘massive, magnificent gift’ for Britain

20 January 2017 12:41

There are certain traditional ceremonies without which the inauguration of a new American president cannot take place. Chief among them,…

Donald Trump Visits Turnberry Golf Club

Washington’s lobbyists are starting to panic

20 January 2017 11:46

Things are changing in Washington… and not just at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Political newbies watched the fireworks at the Lincoln Memorial on…


Could Trump be the progressive leader Obama never managed to be?

20 January 2017 9:11

Washington, D.C. is a police state even in good times. Unique in the land of the free, only there do…


The Spectator podcast: You’re fired!

19 January 2017 11:57

On this week’s episode, we discuss the winners and losers as Trump moves into the White House, where Theresa May’s Brexit strategy…

President-Elect Trump And Vice President-Elect Pence Meet With House Speaker Paul Ryan On Capitol Hill

Surprisingly, Donald Trump’s inauguration will be relatively low-key

19 January 2017 10:50

Who would have thought it? The man who declared his presidential ambitions after arriving down a gilded escalator and whose…


Unlike Merkel, Trump understands the Islamist threat to the West

18 January 2017 10:55

The reaction in Europe to Donald Trump’s recent remarks critical of the continent was all too predictable. It was an…

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Trump has given Merkel a new lease of life

17 January 2017 8:24

Donald Trump’s Times interview has been a big story in Britain, but the President Elect’s parallel interview with Bild Zeitung…

What the papers say: Donald Trump’s deal with Britain

16 January 2017 8:51

It’s difficult to escape from Donald Trump’s interview with Michael Gove in the Times this morning. The president-elect’s view that he wants a…

Trump with Gove and Kai Diekmann from the German newspaper Bild, with whom he conducted the interview (Photo: screenshot from Bild)

Michael Gove’s interview with Donald Trump: main points

15 January 2017 22:11

Michael Gove has landed the first British interview with Donald Trump for The Times (where he is, now, a columnist).…


Trump Team preparing US / UK trade deal

14 January 2017 10:33

Boris Johnson returned from the US this week boasting that the UK was now ‘first in line’ for a trade…

Bono appears at Davos in 2008

After Brexit and Trump, it’s time for Davos Man to admit defeat

14 January 2017 10:00

Business cards. Check. Contacts book. Check. Stylish ski jacket. Check. If it is mid-January, the global elite, and certainly anyone…


Golden showers and pigs heads: welcome to the era of trash news

13 January 2017 16:41

While observing reactions this week to allegations against America’s President-elect my mind has been ineluctably returning to 2015 and the…

What is Marine Le Pen doing at Trump Tower?

12 January 2017 19:00

Marine Le Pen popping up at Trump Tower has provoked a predictable storm of fury. Of course we don’t know…

America won’t forget Obama’s message of hope

12 January 2017 16:16

Those who sneer at Obama for promising more than he could deliver have little understanding of the nature of moral…