HMS Tiger: the ship on which Rev Wilfrid Hannay Gibbins was navy chaplain, before being invalided on the grounds of ‘an old illness’

A reverend at war

10 November 2014 11:16

This evening – Armistice Eve – Ben Fleetwood Smyth (no relation) and Hugh Brunt will be putting on their annual British Art Music Series concert: this year, in aid of St… Continue reading

WW1 Recruitment Posters To Be Auctioned

2nd August 1914 – my grandfather prepares for war

2 August 2014 8:00

This week’s issue is dated 2 August. On that date 100 years ago, my great-grandfather, Norman Moore (always known as ‘NM’), went to Sunday Mass. ‘Father Ryan,’ he noted in… Continue reading

Andrew Strauss, Alastair Cook and Kevin Pietersen are playing out their version of 'Don Giovanni'. (Image: Getty)

Simon Barnes: The England cricket team is playing out Don Giovanni

27 July 2014 14:03

Simon Barnes has written the diary in this week’s issue of The Spectator. Here are his opening two paragraphs: ‘Sport is like love: it can only really hurt you if… Continue reading

Outgoing editor of Londoner's Diary Sebastian Shakespeare. Photo: Editorial Intelligence/Flickr.

Sebastian Shakespeare leaves Londoner’s Diary

4 November 2013 13:34

All change over at High Street Ken this afternoon with the departure of Sebastian Shakespeare, who had edited the Evening Standard’s Londoner’s Diary for the better part of 20 years. Famed… Continue reading

Pippa reveals her talent for fly-fishing and defends her party book, Celebrate. Image: PA

Pippa’s exclusive office Christmas party tips

12 December 2012 11:36

Bestselling author Pippa Middleton has written this week’s Spectator diary*, in which she takes on her critics directly: ‘I have been much teased for my book, Celebrate. Lots of journalists… Continue reading

Edwina Currie's second volume of diaries is required reading for anyone who wants to enter the Commons. Image: Getty.

The loneliness of Edwina Currie

2 October 2012 9:49

Edwina Currie is very much an acquired taste and I am very happy that I acquired it in 1983 when we were both first elected to Parliament. Sassy, saucy, fiendishly… Continue reading


From the archives: Is that you, Johann Hari?

15 September 2011 10:44

Today, Johann Hari admitted to vandalising his enemies’ Wikipedia entries using the psydonym David Rose. One of his victims, the writer and Spectator blogger Nick Cohen, suspected so all along. His… Continue reading


Summer reading

21 July 2011 12:36

It’s a tradition of the British summer. A Tory MP produces a summer reading list of weighty and worthy tomes to co-incide with the summer recess. This year, Keith Simpson… Continue reading


A very British diarist

23 August 2010 17:13

The extracts from Chris Mullin’s diaries that ran in the Mail on Sunday this weekend suggest that the second volume will be as good as the first. It contains things… Continue reading