Rand Paul’s libertarian crusade will shake up the presidential race

7 April 2015 17:16

Finally, the presidential race got interesting. The thought of Hillary Clinton vs Jeb Bush was too much of a rerun of the same old thing: big government liberal vs big government… Continue reading

Benjamin Netanyahu discusses Iran (Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty)

Was Netanyahu’s message worth the diplomatic damage it caused?

5 March 2015 11:40

For weeks before his plane set off for Washington, Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to the US Congress was exhaustingly analysed here in DC. Did Speaker Boehner adequately notify the White House… Continue reading

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Lame duck unleashed – Bulgarian in London asks ‘what next’ on US immigration

5 November 2014 12:52

London Careening through the city in a minicab last night, en route to a pub in Bloomsbury that had promised to screen US election results, the mustachioed driver confirmed my accent… Continue reading


America’s Left is just as ‘eccentric’ as its Right

9 May 2014 17:04

Rory Sutherland writes in this week’s magazine that the Mozilla/Brendan Eich affair has finally put him off his dream of moving to the United States, quoting Andrew Sullivan that ‘The… Continue reading


BuzzFeed does politics. Watch out, Westminster

27 January 2014 17:30

It’s startling how few young people feel aligned to a particular newspaper. Gone is the idea of ‘taking a paper’. Today, we are far more likely to use Flipboard to… Continue reading

Ed Miliband's Speech On Reforming Labour's Links With Unions

Ed Miliband’s Surprisingly Bold Plan for A New Model Labour Party

9 July 2013 16:11

Tony Blair has welcomed Ed Miliband’s “big speech” on reforming Labour’s relationship with its Trade Union backers. And so has Len McCluskey, chief potentate at Unite, the Union whose allegedly… Continue reading


Hillary Clinton 2016? If she wants it, then yes. - Spectator Blogs

17 January 2013 17:18

Yes, yes, yes, speculating about the 2016 Presidential election before Barack Obama has even begun his second term is a silly business. But so what? Silly things can be fun… Continue reading

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Barack Obama’s best voice: Michael Grunwald

7 December 2012 9:30

No Obama policy – not even ‘Obamacare’ – has been derided quite as much as his stimulus package and the $787 billion Recovery Act passed in February 2009. It became… Continue reading

Chris Christie, the Republican Governor of New Jersey, will be up for reelection next year. Picture: Getty Images

America’s new political battles begin

17 November 2012 14:40

It may be less than a fortnight since the 2012 US elections, but it’s never too early to start speculating about what might happen in the next ones. So here’s… Continue reading

With the elections over, Speaker Boehner and President Obama have resumed negotiations aimed at avoiding the fiscal cliff. Picture: Getty Images

Briefing: The US fiscal cliff

9 November 2012 15:49

With the elections over and Barack Obama returned to the White House for four more years, the attention of US politicians has turned to the so-called ‘fiscal cliff’ — a… Continue reading

Senate To Vote On Debt Limit Bill, After House Passed It

The Democrats won more than just the Presidency on Tuesday night

8 November 2012 18:15

The focus, of course, is on President Barack Obama’s resounding re-election — but there are plenty of other reasons why Democrats are celebrating Tuesday night’s results. In the summer, it… Continue reading

President Obama Holds Election Night Event In Chicago

Barack Obama is Re-Elected President of the United States - Spectator Blogs

7 November 2012 5:45

Well, I was wrong. I thought Mitt Romney might do rather better than it seems he has. As I type this CNN has just called Ohio for Barack Obama, confirming… Continue reading

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Presidential Predictions: Barack Obama 294 Mitt Romney 244 - Spectator Blogs

6 November 2012 19:37

Asked my prediction a few days ago, I looked at all the possibilities and plumped for Obama 294, Romney 244. This is tediously in the middle of the general range… Continue reading


Barack Obama Deserves A Second Term - Spectator Blogs

6 November 2012 14:10

No matter the result of today’s Presidential election, it will not be Morning in America tomorrow. Of course the successful candidate will talk of America’s essential greatness. He will promise… Continue reading

65th Anniversary Of D-Day Celebrated At National D-Day Memorial In Virginia

The Continental Divide: Why are Red States So Red and Blue States So Blue? - Spectator Blogs

31 October 2012 18:37

So, for the third time in the last four American elections it looks as though this contest is gonna be a close one. As in 2004, however, the narrow-but-significant advantage… Continue reading

Mid Atlantic Coast Prepares For Hurricane Sandy

The Republican party didn't leave Michael Bloomberg. He was never really in it. - Spectator Blogs

30 October 2012 18:34

If two things could have been predicted about Hurricane Sandy it was that, first, far too many people would waste time pondering the likely impact of the storm upon next… Continue reading

Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner and Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are both very likely to keep their jobs after next week's elections. Picture: Getty Images.

US Elections: Will everything just stay the same?

30 October 2012 17:06

We’re now just a week away from election day in the United States. And after all the campaign rallies, all the debates, all the billions of dollars spent, it looks… Continue reading

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Vice-President Biden closes the enthusiasm gap

12 October 2012 7:24

The conventional wisdom dictates that debates between VP candidates are nights that should only interest political anoraks. But the last eight days have not been good for conventional wisdom: remember… Continue reading

Mitt Romney will debate President Obama for the first time in Denver, Colorado tonight. Picture: Getty Images.

‘Are you better off?’ won’t be a winning debate line for Mitt Romney

3 October 2012 16:02

‘Are you better off than you were four years ago?’ That was the question Ronald Reagan told Americans to ask themselves when choosing their President in 1980, and it’s a… Continue reading

Romney Takes Whirlwind Campaign Tour Of Ohio

The Weakness of the Case for a Romney Comeback - Spectator Blogs

26 September 2012 19:23

Bob Wright correctly observes that we should soon be treated to a barrage of Romney Combeack stories chiefly because the press needs a new story to tell and this is… Continue reading

Mitt Romney's 'gaffe' is the latest example of how distant the Washington parties are from the heartlands of the American working class. Image: Getty.

God, guns,welfare: conspiracy theories about working class Americans

18 September 2012 10:44

Mitt Romney has been caught saying what he really thinks – or in modern journalistic jargon has committed a ‘gaffe’. Serious American commentators believe that his election challenge is all… Continue reading

Elizabeth Warren is one of several Democratic Senate candidates who has pulled ahead recently. Picture: Getty Images

Democrats pull ahead in key US Senate races

18 September 2012 10:09

When I looked at the battle for the United States Senate back in July, I said it’d be tough for the Democrats to retain control. But since then — and… Continue reading

Obama Accepts Nomination On Final Day Of Democratic National Convention

Conventional wisdom says the conventions are awful. Conventional wisdom is correct. - Spectator Blogs

7 September 2012 13:23

My friend Kerry Howley heroically tried to find something nice to say about the conventions now mercifully past; I’m made of cheaper stuff and have written a piece for Foreign… Continue reading

Obama Accepts Nomination On Final Day Of Democratic National Convention

Barack Obama Plays it Safe - Spectator Blogs

7 September 2012 4:31

I’ll have a fuller, more considered take on Barack Obama’s convention speech in tomorrow’s Scotsman but my initial impression was that this is not one of those Obama speeches people… Continue reading


Bill Clinton: The Great Communicator on Top Form - Spectator Blogs

6 September 2012 16:47

Barack Obama is a great orator  – something of which we shall doubtless be reminded tonight – but Bill Clinton is the greater communicator. His speech to the Democratic convention… Continue reading