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The question for Stephen Crabb, can you go toe to toe with Vladimir Putin?

4 July 2016 21:09

The Tory leadership hopefuls all appeared before a packed out 1922 hustings tonight. First up was Michael Gove. His pitch…

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Labour struggles to be an Opposition as MPs mock its Trident tribulations

18 January 2016 16:38

Emily Thornberry might not know why Jeremy Corbyn made her Shadow Defence Secretary, but she will have known that this…

Ken Livingstone on the Daily Politics.

Ken Livingstone makes Labour’s bad week even worse

7 January 2016 14:34

Funnily enough, after Ken Livingstone told the Daily Politics that the defence review that he is co-chairing with the new…

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Labour MPs in despair at Corbyn’s ‘poor’ response to defence review

23 November 2015 17:25

Labour MPs have had plenty of opportunities over the past few weeks to look miserable. But today the party looked…


Defence review: Cameron takes Corbyn to task over national security

23 November 2015 17:09

David Cameron’s initial statement to the Commons on the Strategic Defence and Security Review was a rather high-minded affair. Cameron…

David Cameron Meets Spanish President Mariano Rajoy

Cameron to make his case for war to the Commons next week

21 November 2015 13:33

David Cameron will set out his case for air strikes against IS in Syria to the Commons late next week.…

islamic state

Our policy towards Islamic State makes no sense

6 November 2015 13:24

If Islamic State is a threat to Britain that requires a military response, then surely we should be attacking it…

Is Ron Burgundy on the kill list?

A British ‘kill list’ does exist. We used it in Afghanistan

9 September 2015 14:12

The following article is by an ex-serviceman who served in Afghanistan. They’re making a list, they’re checking it twice – and…

Michael Fallon speaks to the media after the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with New Zealand Minister of Defence, Gerry Brownlee on May 29, 2015

Michael Fallon: ‘Iraqi forces are slowly but surely beginning to push ISIL back’

4 August 2015 8:55

Is the government set to bring bombing Islamic State terrorists in Syria before the Commons soon? The Defence Secretary Michael Fallon…

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At last, defence has been saved from further cuts

8 July 2015 21:54

So much has happened in this Budget that it’s easy to overlook one of the most important announcements: that George…


Michael Fallon to urge MPs to think again on strikes in Syria

2 July 2015 8:45

Michael Fallon is making the case to MPs today for British airstrikes against Isis in Syria. The Defence Secretary yesterday…


Aid is no substitute for defence, and Michael Fallon knows it

30 June 2015 10:20

It’s been obvious for a while that the Prime Minister is exasperated by the way American and other allied officials…

David Cameron on the Vanguard Class Submarine HMS Victorious. Image: Getty

David Cameron’s Unstrategic Defence Review

20 June 2015 11:35

Michael Fallon’s confirmation last week that a Strategic Defence and Security Review is underway adds another question to the Conservatives’ growing list…

Fallon refuses to back Labour on Trident as he plays politics with defence

28 April 2015 17:08

Things have come to a pretty pass when the two party spokespeople who experience the worst drubbing in a debate…

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Exclusive: Where the next generation of MPs think the burden of cuts should fall

16 April 2015 16:16

What do the next generation of MPs think with regards to public services, government spending and taxes? Coffee House has…

Gordon Brown Announces Plans To Cut Trident Submarines

There’s no need for the Tories to descend into the gutter

9 April 2015 12:34

You might be forgiven for expecting that a Defence Secretary giving a speech on defence during an election campaign would…

The Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus, where Islamic State fighters have launched an offensive (Photo: Getty)

Don’t expect to hear anything about Islamic State during the election campaign

7 April 2015 15:50

Granted, you don’t really expect foreign policy to feature much in an election campaign – we’re not saints – but…


Britain might want a holiday from history, but we’re not going to get one

4 April 2015 11:06

The more I think about the debate on Thursday night, the more I think it was a disgrace that there…

Boris Johnson Stand For Selection As An MP

The Boris approach

21 March 2015 11:46

It is sometimes easy to forget that Boris is more than just a personality, that he has policy views too.…


Tiny revolt in Commons over defence doesn’t mean the trouble’s gone away

12 March 2015 17:32

MPs this afternoon backed the motion calling for the government to set defence spending at 2 per cent of GDP…

A flypast over the NATO 2014 Summit (Photo: AFP/Carl Court/Getty)

The Tories must commit to spending 2 percent of GDP on defence

12 March 2015 12:39

At a time when Russian fighter jets are forcing civilian flights into UK airports to be diverted, you would expect…

24th September 1952, Donald the Duck joins in the lessons at Grange Park School, Hayes, Middlesex.

Podcast: the death of childhood and has Hillary gone too far?

12 March 2015 9:15

Have we lost the age of innocence forever? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Melanie Phillips and Sarah Green…

Soldiers From The 3rd Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment March In A Farewell Parade

How to make a row about defence worse

11 March 2015 8:50

There are many quite understandable reasons for not promising to protect the defence budget. Some are pragmatic: there’s not much…

Rory Stewart, the Defence Select Committee chair (Photo: David Levenson/Getty)

The issue of the defence budget could force more Tory MPs to become rebels

9 March 2015 17:13

One of the really striking claims that Ed Balls made in his speech today was that the Tories would end…

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A masterclass in dodging questions from Philip Hammond and Caroline Flint

8 March 2015 11:50

Two politicians put in very assured and impressive performances on Marr this morning – if you can include nimbly dodging…