The Ukip pledge that other parties may well adopt

15 April 2015 16:20

One of the Ukip manifesto pledges that’s making certain types a bit grumpy today is a pledge to abolish the…

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We will never save the planet on the backs of the poorest

29 October 2013 15:23

Yesterday – in a crunch vote in the House of Lords – Labour were narrowly defeated by 216 votes to…

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The green taxes that add £112 to your energy bill

10 October 2013 11:05

At PMQs yesterday David Cameron said Ed Miliband was suffering ‘complete amnesia’ over his time as energy secretary. Ed might…

Government subdues are keeping turbines spinning slower than they could be. Photo: Getty Images

The great British wind scam: the government responds

24 November 2012 15:34

Even the most ardent supporters of renewable energy would agree that wind turbines should be erected only when the output…