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Osborne’s welcome conversion to the advantages of a budget surplus

10 June 2015 15:01

There should always be celebration when a sinner repents, and so it’s great to see George Osborne’s belated conversion to the cause of budget surpluses. As the above graph shows,… Continue reading

Labour Leader Ed Miliband Gives A Speech On The Economy

Deficit? What deficit? Labour candidates ignore key issue

10 April 2015 16:06

Ed Miliband famously forgot to mention the deficit in his 2014 conference speech, but you would have thought that at least some prospective Labour MPs consider it to be a… Continue reading


Why both the Tories and Labour now want a fight on the economy

14 December 2014 10:01

Tomorrow, in a sign of how keen the Tories are to keep the political debate focused on it, both David Cameron and George Osborne will give speeches on the economy.… Continue reading

London, May 2011 (Photo: AFP)

How to defuse Britain’s £1.45 trillion public-debt time-bomb

29 October 2014 10:13

Last week’s public-finance statistics were truly dreadful. They showed that despite a year of fairly robust economic growth, UK government borrowing since the start of the financial year 2014 to… Continue reading

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The European market hangover – bad news is bad news again

17 October 2014 14:04

In the latest Spectator, Liam Halligan takes a sobering look at European markets bearing the brunt of sanctions against Russia. ‘The western economy that’s suffered most, by far, is the… Continue reading

U.K. Chancellor George Osborne Launches National Loan Guarantee Scheme

People trust the Tories with their money – that’s why they can promise unfunded tax cuts

3 October 2014 11:06

Does it matter that the Tories can’t spell out how they’d fund the tax cuts they announced at their party conference this week? Labour has launched a clock which monitors… Continue reading

Hold on to your hats. It's Boris vs George. (Image: MATT DUNHAM/AFP/Getty Images)

Team Boris vs Team Osborne — the first skirmish

6 August 2014 12:58

Today was set to be a boring day in Westminster. Sajid Javid, a courtier to George Osborne, was billed to give (yet another) speech about how the economy is going… Continue reading

The Changing Face Of The UK High Street

Britain’s banks fail the poor

28 July 2014 11:36

Britain’s banks aren’t working for the poor. We, the better off, might moan when our internet banking crashes or in-branch mortgage advisers can’t meet us on Saturday mornings; but these… Continue reading

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Interest rates are poised to rise – which means we’ll find out how much of the recovery is real

13 June 2014 16:10

Mark Carney’s hefty hint that interest rates could rise sooner than markets anticipate is politically awkward but important, as until they do so, we shall have very little idea of… Continue reading

Alistair Darling Poses Before Leaving To Give His First Budget Speech

Tax Freedom Day is a reminder of the choice in 2015: high tax Labour, low tax Conservatives

28 May 2014 14:02

Tax Freedom Day, which falls today, is cause for celebration. It marks the point in the calendar when someone’s income stops paying for their tax bill and they start keeping… Continue reading

Ed Miliband's Speech On Reforming Labour's Links With Unions

No wonder the Labour Party is broke

19 May 2014 15:11

“We need to raise £66,000 to make…122,000 calls to Labour voters,” says a super-localised campaign email from the Labour Party. Apparently a donation of £5 will pay for ten phone… Continue reading

David Cameron

David Cameron’s moral mission on public spending

4 March 2014 8:57

David Cameron’s speech on the economy today is designed to hit Labour on its weak spot again: reminding voters that while this government is trying (with varying levels of success)… Continue reading

George Osborne on his way to give the 2013 Autumn Statement this morning. Photo: Getty Images.

Fisking George Osborne’s ‘hard truths’ speech

6 January 2014 18:37

Today, George Osborne used a speech to administer what he called ‘hard truths’ about the economy. But in some cases, the truth was even harder than he let on. Here is a Fisk… Continue reading

The Osborne Austerity

Osborne increases debt more than Labour did over 13 years

21 November 2013 13:27

The national debt figures are out – £1.2 trillion and rising – and although I hate to say it, the Labour Party has a valid point to make. If you… Continue reading

Our brilliant cover illustration by Peter Brookes.

Ken Livingstone slams Labour’s ‘moral cowardice’

15 November 2013 13:47

Ken Livingstone has risen once again from his political grave to criticise Labour’s ‘moral cowardice’ for borrowing through the boom rather than take difficult decisions with the public finances. listen to… Continue reading

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The economy is booming, says the Bank of England. So why won’t it raise rates?

13 November 2013 12:13

Yet another survey suggests that Britain is booming – this time, it’s from the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee. They’re the guys who kept interest rates too low for… Continue reading

A view of Osborne's public finances, taken from outer space

George Osborne is the king of ‘black holes’. So why does he attack Labour?

22 September 2013 0:03

‘Labour plans have a £27 billion black hole,’ says the Sunday Times, quoting  analysis from George Osborne’s Treasury.  If true, that’s the first piece of good economic news we’ll have… Continue reading


What GOV.UK doesn’t want you to know

26 July 2013 14:53

At last. They’ve done it. The government has unified every snippet of data about itself on a single website. GOV.UK is bland-looking and easy to navigate. The home page tells surfers… Continue reading


Borrowing figures and what really keeps politicians awake at night

21 June 2013 17:32

There was a moment in the last Budget statement where George Osborne revealed that the deficit was – just – lower in the year to April 2012 than the previous… Continue reading


Dominic Raab reveals Britain’s true debt burden

14 May 2013 16:21

With the Conservative Party continuing to bang on relentlessly about Europe, Boris Johnson issued a timely reminder yesterday that ‘most of our problems are not caused by “Bwussels”’. (Something that… Continue reading

Ed Miliband is trying to work out whether he can really sell the distinction between good and bad borrowing to voters. Picture: Getty

Labour is being forced to talk about ‘good borrowing’ before it is ready

1 May 2013 9:02

It’s not a case of will they, won’t they when it comes to whether Labour would borrow more, but will they admit it and try to sell this plan to… Continue reading

Despite what Gordon Brown wants us to think, more spending does not equal better results. Picture: Ben Stansall/PA Wire

The report the Department for Education does NOT want you to read

26 April 2013 11:03

One of the better policies of this government is its offering massive databases up for public scrutiny. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, argues David Cameron, and outsiders can scrutinise what… Continue reading

Steph McGovern presenting BBC Breakfast

Why the confusion between debt and deficit?

20 March 2013 10:15

Polls show that, depending on how you ask the question, just between 8pc and 12pc of us realize that debt is rising. It’s not hard to work out why: first,… Continue reading

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An independent rap across the knuckles for the Prime Minister

8 March 2013 17:54

Today’s letter from the Office of Budget Responsibility pointing out to David Cameron that the OBR’s growth forecasts have taken into account the effect of austerity on growth is embarrassing… Continue reading

Graphic: Carla Millar

Deficit latest: Still £5 billion higher than last year

21 February 2013 12:51

Today’s borrowing figures show that the government had a surplus of £11.4 billion in January. But before we get too excited, a bit of context is in order. There’s (almost)… Continue reading