David Cameron


Golden showers and pigs heads: welcome to the era of trash news

13 January 2017 16:41

While observing reactions this week to allegations against America’s President-elect my mind has been ineluctably returning to 2015 and the…

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The other lesson that Theresa May must learn from Cameron’s failed EU negotiation

7 January 2017 10:31

Theresa May has clearly learnt one lesson from David Cameron’s failed negotiation with the EU. As I write in The…

Britain's outgoing ambassador to the European Union, Ivan Rogers, pictured with David Cameron

What the papers say: Sir Ivan ‘the terrible’ or a terrible loss?

4 January 2017 8:39

Sir Ivan Rogers is stepping down from his role as the UK’s ambassador to the EU – but is his…

Brexit means that few years will be as memorable as 2016

31 December 2016 8:00

Few years will live as long in the memory as 2016. Historians will ponder the meaning and consequences of the…

My time in the ‘Naughty Corner’

21 December 2016 9:00

An unexpected silver lining to leaving government is that I have a much nicer parliamentary office. The Chancellor’s traditional room…

It’s nonsense to claim that Isis benefits from Brexit. But that won’t stop some people trying

20 December 2016 15:08

While a storm has blown up between Nigel Farage and Brendan Cox this morning over the role played by Angela…

David Cameron announces his resignation after the EU referendum

Did the ‘rise of populism’ really cost David Cameron his job?

10 December 2016 9:30

When The Spectator was founded 188 years ago, it became part of what would now be described as a populist…


Why do the polls make anyone confident that Donald Trump will lose?

8 November 2016 17:12

Today’s reports about the confident noises coming from Hillary Clinton’s camp made me think about the reports I picked up…

Britain’s troubled housing market is fuelling social immobility and resentment

7 November 2016 12:00

‘Prefabs to solve housing crisis,’ screamed the front page of the Sunday Telegraph last weekend. Can the shortage of homes…

History won’t look kindly on David Cameron for more reasons than the referendum

30 October 2016 8:00

‘Bad policy.’ ‘No discernible impact on the key outcomes it was supposed to improve.’ ‘Deliberate misrepresentation of the data… a…

Dave’s bargain basement book deal isn’t quite the big earner he was hoping for

26 October 2016 12:20

Poor old David Cameron. His defeat in the referendum campaign left critics saying he was the worst Prime Minister ever.…

Theresa May should ignore the privately-educated elite and press on with her grammar school plans

24 October 2016 12:12

It has become customary in the great grammar school debate to declare where you went to school. I attended the…

What did we learn from the Witney by-election?

21 October 2016 10:44

It’s no surprise that the Tories held their seat overnight in the Witney by-election. Yet what seems remarkable (at least…


Notting Hill set splits in two – ‘it’s agony’

17 October 2016 8:55

Since the EU referendum result led to David Cameron’s resignation, the former Prime Minister’s friendship groups have experienced a change…


Damian Green strikes a softer tone on welfare

4 October 2016 17:29

Under David Cameron, it was sometimes tricky to tell who was in charge at the DWP. Iain Duncan Smith favoured…

What is Theresa May’s greatest weakness?

30 September 2016 12:51

What is Theresa May’s greatest weakness as she goes into conference season? The Prime Minister had such a good start…

Ed Llewellyn is Cameron's chief chum.

Cameron’s old chum appointed UK Ambassador to France

23 September 2016 16:44

Although David Cameron’s political career took a nose dive after the EU referendum result, he has been doing his best…

1459434849_photoswomen in the army

Women – and transwomen – should fight on the frontline

23 September 2016 15:58

My favourite quote of all time comes from John Stuart Mill: ‘War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest…


The Brexit bounce continues – ten forecasters up their predictions for 2016 growth

21 September 2016 12:49

The Brexit bounce continues. HM Treasury has today released forecasts of the economists it follows, as it does every month.…


Revealed: Danny Finkelstein was David Cameron’s stenographer

20 September 2016 13:09

There’s a great scoop in The Times today. A political columnist, former chief leader writer of a national newspaper was, unbeknown…

David Cameron resigning as Prime Minister (Getty).

Will David Cameron only be remembered for Brexit?

15 September 2016 12:21

At the moment, the consensus is that Brexit will be Cameron’s legacy, that the thing people will remember about his…

David Cameron and William Hague arrive in Tripoli in 2011 (Photo: Getty)

David Cameron is only partly to blame for Libya’s problems

14 September 2016 11:40

David Cameron is not having the best of weeks and the Foreign Affairs Committee’s highly critical report on his Libya…


Cameron resigns, again. Breaks his word, again. Trashes his reputation, again

12 September 2016 18:00

Is David Cameron trying to trash his own reputation? First came the worst resignation honours list for decades, which seemed…

David Cameron At His Constituency Declaration

Coffee House shots: David Cameron quits backbenches and Witney

12 September 2016 17:49

David Cameron chose a rather blustery Oxfordshire afternoon to announce that he was stepping down as MP for Witney with…

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David Cameron resigns as MP for Witney

12 September 2016 15:24

David Cameron is quitting as an MP. The former Prime Minister has just told ITV’s Chris Ship that he is…