David Cameron


Should the Guardian apologise to David Cameron over orgasm blunder?

26 January 2015 13:19

Readers of the Guardian had cause to splutter into their tea this morning after one bright spark seemingly put the wrong photo on an article advising a reader who has difficulty… Continue reading

Dave enjoying a walk.

Dave’s chillaxed approach to keeping fit

26 January 2015 11:29

First it was George Osborne on the 5:2 diet, then the Prime Minister revealed he had ‘given up bread’ in an attempt to shed some pre-election pounds. Today, Cameron has… Continue reading


Oftsed’s campaign against Christian schools: now Gove is gone, the Blob is back

25 January 2015 11:50

When Ofsted inspectors allegedy asked primary-age girls at Grindon Hall Christian School, Sunderland, whether they knew what lesbians did in bed, they (apparently) received insufficiently detailed answers. Also, pupils displayed… Continue reading

We have a repeat of this spectacle to look forward to in 2015.

Labour signs up to debates as broadcasters threaten an empty chair

23 January 2015 15:15

So the broadcasters have done what many thought they’d be too afraid to do and have threatened to empty chair David Cameron – or anyone else who refuses to take… Continue reading


Conservative Central Office appear to be working for the SNP

23 January 2015 15:07

Even by the standards of the Conservative and Unionist (sic) party this is an impressively stupid poster. Do they really want to encourage Scots to vote for the SNP? Evidently… Continue reading

Conservative Member of Parliament Louise

Louise Mensch blasts David Cameron for King Abdullah tribute

23 January 2015 12:14

Although Louise Mensch was once heralded as a ‘Cameron Cutie,’ the former Conservative MP’s relationship with the Prime Minister has soured after he paid tribute to the late King Abdullah. The Saudi Arabia monarch’s… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Broadcasters to propose new set of TV election debates

22 January 2015 15:40

The broadcasters have reportedly come up with a new set of proposals for the TV debates in order to force David Cameron to sign up. The Radio Times reports that they… Continue reading


Does Harriet Harman love or loathe Obama? It’s becoming hard to tell…

20 January 2015 13:44

‘Most people will feel that Obama does not really know what is going on in this country,’ said a snappy Harriet Harman last night. The Labour deputy leader was sent… Continue reading


PM and Education Secretary at odds over Page 3

20 January 2015 13:08

The ministers covering women and equalities do have a view on the disappearance of topless Page 3 models, but the Prime Minister apparently doesn’t. Today Nicky Morgan called the decision… Continue reading

Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Team Boris are catching ‘interesting fish’

19 January 2015 17:29

Who are the latest contenders in the Tory leadership battle and how much support do they have? That’s the question that Tory MPs and pundits love to chew over, even… Continue reading


Watch: Green leader Natalie Bennett backs Cameron on TV debates

19 January 2015 13:18

What are you afraid of boys? The Green Party posed this question on Westminster’s College Green this morning as they launched a new poster campaign (driven around on pedal bikes, natch) calling… Continue reading

Queen Elizabeth II Attends The State Opening Of Parliament

Parties stick in comfort zones for another Monday of campaigning

19 January 2015 9:19

It’s another election Monday and the three parties are still hanging about in their comfort zones, even though they appear to have moved on to other topics. David Cameron is… Continue reading

David Cameron and Boris Johnson visit to Newark

Why Boris and the Tory leadership are playing nicely

18 January 2015 10:55

For most of this parliament, Downing Street has been thoroughly paranoid about Boris Johnson and his intentions. Any attempt by the Mayor to reach out to Tory MPs was met… Continue reading


Cameron and Obama: Friends4eva

16 January 2015 18:46

David Cameron and Barack Obama have just finished giving a rather cutesy and extremely verbose press conference following the reinvigorating of their bromance/serious talks on the economy and counter-terrorism. The… Continue reading

One of the 2010 election debates.

Clunky Conservative machine still causing unnecessary problems

15 January 2015 15:03

There is considerable frustration in the Tory ranks about the way the Prime Minister is handling the TV debates. Both those who think David Cameron should be doing the debates and… Continue reading


Dear David and Barack, Britain and America didn’t defeat the Nazis alone

15 January 2015 12:25

It’s easily done, I know, when you’re trying to convey the beauty of a two-way relationship, to remember that others may have been involved in the events that brought you… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Peers demand PM lobbies President over haggis ban

15 January 2015 12:23

Patriotic peers have demanded that David Cameron raise the US haggis import ban with President Obama at the White House today. As Steerpike noted yesterday, the 1971 ban on the… Continue reading

(Photo: Leon Neal/Getty)

Cameron’s reaction to the Charlie Hebdo attacks has been depressingly predictable

14 January 2015 15:47

Last Sunday, David Cameron marched through Paris in solidarity, so it seemed, with those who stand up for free speech. Anyone who thought he meant it must now be crying… Continue reading

The BBC Host The Third And Final Televised Leaders' Debate

Sign up to TV debates or we’ll go ahead without you, leaders warn Cameron

14 January 2015 8:29

Labour, the Lib Dems and Ukip are having quite a bit of fun with their identical letters from their respective leaders demanding that David Cameron take part in the TV… Continue reading

The Prime Minister Joins The Irish Taoiseach At Stormont For Cross Party Talks

‘Boring is good’ Cameron tells Tory MPs

13 January 2015 20:17

David Cameron and George Osborne addressed Tory MPs this evening. The meeting was to update the Tory parliamentary party on the economy and its place in the party’s election strategy.… Continue reading

Francois Hollande welcomes David Cameron before the march (Photo: Getty)

David Cameron ‘wholeheartedly’ defends right to publish Charlie Hebdo cover

13 January 2015 13:43

The latest issue of Charlie Hebdo goes on sale tomorrow, with around 1,000 copies expected to be available in the UK. Some people have decided that buying it shows ils sont Charlie,… Continue reading

Prime Minister David Cameron Delivers A Speech On Immigration

Tories drop weak policy areas for ‘six election priorities’ launch

12 January 2015 8:24

Why have the Conservatives left out immigration and the NHS – two of the three issues that voters consistently cite as the most important in forming their decision about who… Continue reading

Various heads of state at today's march in Paris (Photo: Getty)

Islam had nothing to do with this (and other fibs you’re likely to hear)

11 January 2015 19:58

I don’t always agree with Peter Hitchens but this is by far the best piece I’ve seen on the political reaction to the Paris attacks. As far as Cameron, Miliband… Continue reading

The scene at the Place de la Republique (Photo: Getty)

Charlie Hebdo attack: French march in defiance alongside world leaders

11 January 2015 14:20

Up to 0ne million people are expected to march through the streets of Paris today, in defiance of the terrorist attacks on the city during the past week. David Cameron… Continue reading

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Dav

Why Cameron doesn’t want any TV debates

11 January 2015 11:11

Before Christmas, David Cameron tightened up the rules about ministers going overseas. He wanted them in this country campaigning as much as possible. But, unsurprisingly, his visit to President Obama… Continue reading