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Political Leaders Respond To The UK's EU Referendum Result

Senior Tories push for longer leadership contest

26 June 2016 11:18

The Tory leadership contest is looking decidedly sedate compared with the ructions in the Labour party this morning. But tomorrow…


Did referendum rage get the better of David Cameron?

25 June 2016 11:33

I suspect a lot of people who voted out have mixed emotions this weekend, especially given how emotional the debate…

Political Leaders Respond To The UK's EU Referendum Result

David Cameron’s resignation speech in full

24 June 2016 9:14

David Cameron has announced his decision to step down as Prime Minister following the vote to leave the European Union.…

Political Leaders Respond To The UK's EU Referendum Result

David Cameron resigns, but not immediately

24 June 2016 8:43

In an emotional but dignified statement, David Cameron has announced his resignation as Prime Minister. However, he will not resign…


Andrew Cooper bizarrely sets bar for Cameron: win referendum by 10 points

23 June 2016 16:25

In last year’s general election, Andrew Cooper was left red-faced after his firm Populus’s final ‘prediction‘ of a 0.5 per cent chance of…

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The collective amnesia over Turkey and the EU is astonishing

22 June 2016 13:01

Just wondering: is there anyone out there who actually remembers supporting Turkish membership of the EU? Last night Sadiq Khan…

The PM boils his entire referendum campaign into a single word. But will it convince voters?

22 June 2016 8:53

David Cameron has boiled down his entire EU referendum campaign into a single word: together. The Prime Minister made one…


Coffee House shots: Who will triumph in tonight’s final TV showdown?

21 June 2016 16:57

As many as eight million people are expected to tune into tonight’s BBC Brexit debate, where Boris Johnson, Sadiq Khan…

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David Cameron uses Downing Street to say ‘Brits don’t quit’

21 June 2016 14:22

David Cameron has just given a rather bizarre statement in Downing Street pleading with voters to back Remain on Thursday.…

The Prime Minister And Chancellor Join Forces For The Remain Campaign

What if we vote Remain… then still have a recession?

21 June 2016 10:18

A vote to leave the EU would cause economic Armageddon. We know because David Cameron and George Osborne have told…


Steve Hilton claims PM was told net migration target is ‘impossible’ whilst we’re in the EU

21 June 2016 7:49

So long as the economy was at the top of the agenda, ‘Remain’ will have felt safe in the knowledge…

Emily Sheffield and her sister, Samantha Cameron (Photo: Getty)

Sam Cam’s sister vows never to vote Tory again if Leave win

19 June 2016 21:01

There’s a lot at stake for David Cameron when it comes to the EU referendum. As well as having to…


Pumped-up Cameron takes pummelling on immigration 

19 June 2016 19:56

David Cameron put in a confident, passionate performance tonight in his Question Time grilling. At one point the Prime Minister…

David Cameron and Boris Johnson visit to Newark

Boris makes it clear he isn’t interested in a coup against David Cameron

18 June 2016 10:31

The murder of Jo Cox was a moment that leaves you numb; an MP paying the ultimate price for the…

Tories pledge not to contest by-election after Jo Cox killing

17 June 2016 13:43

There are few moments in politics when parties put aside their differences to come together. Yesterday’s tragic events in Birstall…

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Leave six points ahead in latest phone poll

16 June 2016 9:36

Fraser Nelson and Nick Cohen discuss The Spectator’s decision to back Brexit: The Ipsos MORI phone poll released this morning…


Gove wouldn’t support Osborne’s ‘punishment Budget’

15 June 2016 20:27

One consequence of David Cameron’s refusal to take part in any ‘Blue on Blue’ debates is that he and Michael…

Coffee House shots: Osborne’s Brexit budget

15 June 2016 16:47

George Osborne has angered Tory MPs today by suggesting a vote to leave the European Union could trigger a series…


PMQs sketch: What a strange farewell

15 June 2016 16:00

What a strange farewell. The slickest, sparkiest and most brutal street-fighter the Tory party has produced in a generation found…

Corbyn fails to give Cameron a helping hand at final PMQs before referendum

15 June 2016 14:25

The last PMQS before the EU referendum will not live long in the memory, the Commons did not rise to…

Vote Leave’s action plan shows why Brexit wouldn’t be a ‘leap in the dark’

15 June 2016 7:35

What do David Cameron and the likes of Ed Balls and Harriet Harman have in common? The answer: they’ve all…


Coffee House shots: Brexit builds momentum, but can ‘Remain’ fight back?

14 June 2016 17:06

Brexit has continued to build momentum in the EU referendum race with successive polls putting ‘Leave’ ahead. So with nine…

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David Cameron’s Brexit threat to pensioners is a new low

12 June 2016 16:05

Campaigns only last for a few weeks, but politicians can be defined by what they say during those campaigns. Ed Miliband…


David Cameron is not where he would like to be in this EU referendum 

12 June 2016 11:20

David Cameron is now having to face questions on what he would do if, as looks far more likely than…

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Going for Boris just makes the Remain side look rattled

11 June 2016 10:35

All sides of the Remain campaign are turning their fire on Boris Johnson at the moment. But these attacks are,…