David Blunkett

David Blunkett, veteran Labour politician and former Home Secretary is interviewed by media as he joined the Labour candidate for Redcar Anna Turley on a campaigning visit on April 22, 2015 in Redcar, England

David Blunkett is the latest Labour grandee to attack Corbyn. But is this the right strategy?

19 August 2015 8:34

Day after day, Labour’s big beasts are being wheeled out one by one. Yesterday it was Neil Kinnock, today it’s David…

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The new ban on ‘legal highs’ is unworkable. The government doesn’t even know what it’s banning

27 May 2015 23:19

The man in the pub’s solution to the ongoing panic about legal highs is to ban them. ‘Ban ‘em all!…


Both leaders had their lines to push at PMQs

11 March 2015 13:45

Rather predictably, Ed Miliband went on the TV debates again today at PMQs. Labour believe that Cameron’s refusal to do…


PMQs sketch: No poppy for Harman, Miliband on the attack, Cameron in transcendental-parrot mode

5 November 2014 16:03

Was that a pop at Hattie? Ed Miliband began PMQs by evoking the centenary of the Great War. ‘We will…

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‘Swamped’ much? David Blunkett 2014, meet David Blunkett 2002

4 November 2014 10:57

Last week saw an example of the cynicism, not to mention circularity, of our immigration debate that is too important…

David Blunkett

The wit and wisdom of David Blunkett

21 June 2014 10:31

David Blunkett has announced that he’ll be standing down at the next election. ‘It is clear that the leadership of…

Business And Political Leaders Attend Climate Week NYC Discussion

The strange tale of Wendi and Tone

6 February 2014 11:04

Have you ever harboured affection for Tony Blair’s arse? According to reports, you may not be alone. Wendi Deng, Rupert Murdoch’s…

The Hay Festival 2010

Paul Collier: money is not the sole consideration in immigration debate

14 November 2013 12:52

Tensions between Roma migrants and communities in Sheffield have risen this week, and the city’s most prominent MPs have voiced…

Prime Minister David Cameron Visits Heathrow Airport

Rather than apologising for immigration, let’s keep our borders tighter in the first place

13 November 2013 14:00

What is wrong with the now almost daily apologies about mass immigration? Today it is the turn of Jack Straw.  The…

Jack Straw and David Blunkett: preaching on immigration. Photo: Getty Images.

Why can’t Labour talk sensibly about immigration?

13 November 2013 12:59

The public still doesn’t trust Labour and Ed Miliband on immigration. His speech last year — admitting ‘the last Labour…

David Blunkett

David Blunkett: Give me a job

20 August 2013 8:58

listen to ‘Blunkett on Miliband’ on Audioboo David Blunkett gave an odd interview on the Today programme this morning. It…

Tony Blair and Tess Jowell together. Jowell today defended her former boss. Picture: Getty

The Blairites bite back

14 April 2013 15:50

Ed Miliband may have politely told Tony Blair what to do with his advice about the direction of the Labour…

David Blunkett is perhaps a surprising advocate of press freedom. Image: Getty

David Blunkett warns MPs against regulating the press

24 November 2012 9:00

David Blunkett, the former Home Secretary, has has his private life in the newspapers often enough to yearn, Hugh Grant-style,…

Searching for an alternative

24 September 2011 17:08

The Labour conference has started badly for Ed Miliband, with David Blunkett criticising the party for allowing the Tories to…

War of attrition may prove to be Labour’s downfall

5 January 2010 10:47

The party that nearly bankrupted Britain has bankrupt itself. The Times reports that, once again, Labour’s coffers are bare and…

The Madness of New Labour

12 June 2009 23:01

A subject close to my heart is the fear of mental collapse that lies just below the surface of New Labour. So…

Prescott Does It Again

2 May 2009 11:28

It was vintage John Prescott on the Today programme today. Utterly incoherent, but the man just never, ever gives up.…

The Generation Game

1 May 2009 23:17

The rhododendron flowers are out, so it must be time for the  big beasts of the Labour Party to stir again.…