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Are pensioners squandering their retirement cash? New data suggests not

15 August 2016 11:16

Statistics. Like so many things in life, it’s easy to bend facts and figures to support an argument or make…


New poll finds twice as many young people voted in the EU referendum as previously thought

10 July 2016 10:10

A new poll has indicated that in last month’s referendum, younger voters turned out to vote in twice the numbers…

Markets Stabilise After Turbulence Last Week

The Spectator Dashboard: interactive UK data

1 January 2016 8:00

Great progress has been made in open data over the last few years, with most important facts and figures now available…

Lisbeth Salander, data queen

Wanted: freelance researchers for The Spectator

5 June 2015 16:33

Summer’s coming, and we’re looking for some specialist research help at The Spectator. We like to answer the questions other…

England Nets Session

‘We’ve got to look at the data’ – English cricket kills itself

9 March 2015 12:57

“We’ve got to look at the data”. And so ended the Peter Moores era. Sure, Moores may yet remain the…

Apple Hosts Event At Company's Town Hall

What are we willing to do to make our intelligence agencies’ job easier?

19 February 2015 16:45

Ottawa. Sydney. Paris. Copenhagen. Four major Western cities attacked in five months by Islamist terrorists and all committed by perpetrators…

Party people

War of words: Alan Rusbridger vs Max Hastings

5 February 2015 9:02

To the fifth anniversary of Big Brother Watch, where Mr S joined David Davis and Alan Rusbridger in an apartment opposite Thames…


The emergency surveillance legislation will make us safer

11 July 2014 9:24

Isabel wonders whether it is a good thing that all main parties allied in passing emergency surveillance legislation into law…

It's not the just NSA spying on us online, it's the big IT firms too. Illustration: Morten Morland

Hypocrisy alert: big tech firms complain of data intrusion

9 December 2013 18:28

It’s time to reform government surveillance, so say the internet’s tech giants. Following the stream of NSA spying revelations from…

Where is this man cutting government spending? Find out for yourself with the new GIST website.

Getting the GIST on government spending?

30 July 2013 8:27

Did you know that DFID cost each person in the country £97 last year? Or that the DWP spent £173…

The battle for Eastleigh: not just on the ground. Photo: PA.

The Tories take tips from Obama in Eastleigh

19 February 2013 12:04

Eastleigh could be a turning point in by-election history. Not because the Tories are looking like they may well lose,…

The government argues that it wouldn't be cost-effective to digitise the entire passport application process, but there are other cases where going digital would save money. Picture: Getty

Revealed: the most expensive government services

19 January 2013 19:14

Anyone mulling how the government can save a tidy sum of money could do a lot worse than to sift…

Is our personal information in safe hands? Image: Getty

Do you trust your council with your child’s personal details?

12 November 2012 12:30

This morning The Sunday Times revealed the existence of a ‘secret database’ holding information on 8 million schoolchildren. Information which…

Julian Huppert argues that the Communications Data Bill should not get the support of MPs and peers.

Why the ‘snooping’ Communications Data Bill will not pass through Parliament

5 October 2012 12:23

I believe in evidence-based policy, and if the Home Office or anyone else claims that they need new powers over the…