Danny Alexander

The importance of being earnest

4 December 2011 10:10

The absence of growth and the importance of credibility are recurring themes in this morning’s papers. John Lord Hutton has told the BBC that revised growth figures make pension reform even… Continue reading


The Autumn Statement Makes a Tory-Lib Dem Electoral Pact More Likely

29 November 2011 23:43

Amidst the economic doom and gloom (though all the forecasts are always wrong so who knows how things will look by 2015?), the politics of the coalition government remain interesting.… Continue reading


If Clegg wants to reduce youth unemployment, then he’s going to have to look at regulation

12 November 2011 19:29

Nick Clegg’s interview in The Times today presages a major Lib Dem effort to try and promote policies to reduce youth unemployment. With figures out on Wednesday expected to show… Continue reading


Union bosses: Thanks for the concessions, but the strike’s still on

2 November 2011 14:02

The TUC have just released a statement responding to the tweaked public sector pensions package that I blogged about earlier. It is, in part, fairly conciliatory; saying that the group… Continue reading


The pensions battle rages on

2 November 2011 9:15

An "enhanced offer" is how Treasury types are describing the revised pensions package that will be put before union bosses today — and so it is. As far as we… Continue reading


Shapps sharpens the Right to Buy

2 October 2011 14:01

It’s a day for growth initiatives. In addition to those described earlier, George Osborne has announced that Whitehall’s annual underspend will be reinvested into capital spending projects. The emphasis on… Continue reading


The Lib Dems warn the Tories over Europe

21 September 2011 12:47

The Lib Dems have just had a brief Q&A on foreign affairs. Paddy Ashdown and defence minister Nick Harvey gave staunch their support to the Afghan Mission, but confessed to… Continue reading


The strange case of the extra £5bn

21 September 2011 9:05

Strange things are happening between Whitehall and Birmingham. After the IMF downgraded its growth forecast for Britain yesterday, the BBC reported that some government were considering spending an additional £5bn… Continue reading


Europe looms its head to threaten the coalition and the Tories

19 September 2011 19:03

The Telegraph’s splash on Europe indicates that the issue, which proved so toxic to the last Conservative government, has risen again. Writing a stern op-ed for the paper, serial rebel… Continue reading


Alexander distances himself from the Tory bashing

18 September 2011 18:33

Lib Dem conference delegates have just provided the press with a nice easy story, they’ve voted to set up a panel to look at the legalisation of cannabis and the… Continue reading


Laws and Hughes spar as Danny and Vince tease the hall

18 September 2011 9:48

The two conflicting wings of the Liberal Democrats are perhaps embodied by Simon Hughes and David Laws. Their political and strategic differences have surfaced in this morning’s Observer, where Hughes… Continue reading


The Lib Dems celebrate their achievements

17 September 2011 10:50

Sandals are being rattled in Birmingham this morning. The Liberal Democrat conference opens to a chorus celebrating the party’s achievements in government. Nick Clegg tells the Independent that “Liberal Democrat… Continue reading


Cable accentuates the coalition’s differences, but not without risk

4 August 2011 11:24

The Liberal Democrats are in something of a purple patch at the moment, dominating aspects of government policy in the media. Last weekend, Danny Alexander broke his usually modest mould… Continue reading


Balls has the public on his side when it comes to a VAT cut

31 July 2011 15:54

There are few more useful addendums to Danny Alexander’s comments earlier than YouGov’s poll for the Sunday Times today. It asks people about individual policies for growth, and the results… Continue reading


Alexander rallies behind the 50p rate

31 July 2011 13:11

Danny Alexander is usually the very model of collective responsibility: sober, unfussy and diligent, he sets about the coalition’s work without ever causing a scene. Which is what makes his… Continue reading


Alexander’s balancing act

28 July 2011 9:52

Remember that merry dance between the government and the unions over public sector pensions, a few weeks ago? Expect a minor reprise today, and much more over the summer. The… Continue reading


Gove steps in to keep the schools running

23 June 2011 12:04

A letter is bouncing around Whitehall, and I thought CoffeeHousers might care to see a copy. It has been penned by Michael Gove, and is being dispatched to all headmasters… Continue reading


Danny’s maths

17 June 2011 13:54

And so Danny Alexander has further angered unions by making it clear that "painful decisions" are needed to reform public-sector pensions, including raising the retirement age. But his proposals should… Continue reading


Alexander’s not for turning

17 June 2011 9:02

After the vacillations of recent days, the government could do with a show of hardheadedness — and Danny Alexander is delivering just that today. He is announcing the government’s plans… Continue reading


The Coffee House A-Z of the Coalition: G-M

Here are letters G to M in our alphabetical guide to the Coalition’s first year. A-F were covered here. G is for Gaffes The coalition, happily, has not endured anything… Continue reading


Cameron sets out the bounds of Lib Dem assertiveness

10 May 2011 11:48

Our coalition government was forged one year ago tomorrow — and we shall have more on that then. But the Sun has already marked the occasion by publishing an interview… Continue reading


Lamb volunteers for the slaughter

10 April 2011 14:37

We’ll try to get the video later, but, for now, a transcript of Norman Lamb’s appearance on the Politics Show will have to do (UPDATE: video added above). Here we… Continue reading


Lib Dems bringing home the bacon

23 March 2011 15:59

There are a few big Lib Dem policy wins in this Budget, most notably the rise in the personal allowance and the introduction of land auctions. But there are also… Continue reading

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George Osborne’s Budget magic trick

20 March 2011 10:09

Spare a thought for George Osborne and Danny Alexander. They had their own budgetary magic show planned for Wednesday, and were yet again planning to be the Paul Daniels and Debbie… Continue reading


Balls and Miliband fail the credibility test

14 March 2011 13:03

Eds Miliband and Balls gathered the press corps together this morning to broadcast a straightforward message: oh yes, we do have an alternative. And the shape of that alternative? A… Continue reading