Danny Alexander

Going native? (Photo: Getty)

Nick Clegg: Rob Wilson is as good a wingman as Icarus was

11 February 2014 13:08

That Danny Alexander struggles with appearing to have gone native in the Treasury has been well known in Westminster for a long time. He gets on well with George Osborne… Continue reading

The Liberal Democrats Hold Their Annual Party Conference

Return of the native as Danny Alexander tries to differentiate from Tories

5 February 2014 10:35

‘I know a few people who could arrange just that,’ remarked a Tory MP this morning on reading Danny Alexander’s remarks in the Mirror that the Conservatives would reduce the… Continue reading

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Grangemouth – six things you need to know

23 October 2013 13:10

1. Why have I heard of Grangemouth before? Its oil refinery is of huge strategic importance, providing 80pc of Scotland’s fuel and large chunks of England’s too. That’s why a… Continue reading

Danny Alexander is trying to take ownership of raising the income tax threshold. Photo: Getty Images.

Did the next coalition talks just start?

14 October 2013 17:06

The Tory talk of backing an increase (£) in the personal tax allowance to £12,500 serves several purposes. First, it makes it easier for the Tories to champion raising the rate to… Continue reading

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The week, in audio

20 September 2013 16:05

Britain’s no3 political party held their annual conference this week. But before that, the Liberal Democrats met in Glasgow. The week started with Nick Clegg evading questions about Vince Cable’s… Continue reading

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Lib Dem conference: Danny Alexander’s speech – full text

17 September 2013 16:12

listen to ‘Danny Alexander: There's no spending bonanza around the corner’ on Audioboo Conference, it’s great to have you here in Scotland. In Glasgow or, as we like to call… Continue reading

The Liberal Democrats Hold Their Annual Party Conference

Lib Dem conference: The subtle clear yellow water between the coalition parties

17 September 2013 9:37

Aside from the usual outright bashing of the Conservative party, the Liberal Democrats do want to put some clear yellow water between their party and their coalition partners on subtler… Continue reading

Does David Laws' referendum pledge mean anything? Photo: Getty Images.

Lib Dem conference 2013: Tories are still the only party committed to a straight EU referendum

15 September 2013 19:05

Is it really worth getting excited about David Laws’ suggestion that the Lib Dems could put an In/Out referendum pledge in their 2015 manifesto? It’s not the first time, after… Continue reading


Lib Dem conference: Danny Alexander hints at key role for Trident in coalition negotiations

15 September 2013 17:52

Danny Alexander is respected by his colleagues across the coalition (except Vince Cable – James reveals today that the pair are barely speaking) for a number of things, from his… Continue reading

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What about airports, Danny?

27 June 2013 12:53

Danny Alexander has delivered his eagerly anticipated infrastructure statement to the Commons. He described the package as ‘the most comprehensive, ambitious and long-lasting capital investment plans this country has ever known.’ That’s… Continue reading

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The Liberal Democrats, the natural party of government?

19 May 2013 13:54

If four years ago, a Liberal Democrat politician had attempted to portray the Lib Dems as the natural party of government we all would have laughed. But that is just… Continue reading

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What Works: The government’s NICE new idea

4 March 2013 19:07

This afternoon, Danny Alexander and Oliver Letwin launched something so sensible it’s astonishing governments haven’t been doing it before. They’re actually going to use evidence to determine which policies work.… Continue reading

The Liberal Democrats

Danny Alexander on why he couldn’t do more about Lord Rennard allegations

24 February 2013 21:19

Danny Alexander has now issued a statement of his own on the Lord Rennard and the allegations against him. This follows Nick Clegg revealing that it was Alexander, then his… Continue reading

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Danny Alexander

Danny Alexander statement on Lord Rennard allegations

24 February 2013 20:46

Below is a statement from Danny Alexander on his role in attempting to deal with allegations made against Lord Rennard: ‘As I said yesterday, I did not know about these… Continue reading

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Danny Alexander and Nick Clegg. Photo: Getty Images.

Nick Clegg drags Danny Alexander into the Rennard allegations

24 February 2013 19:45

Nick Clegg has come back from Spain to admit that he did know about the allegations about Lord Rennard’s behaviour towards women – and, for good measure, has told us… Continue reading

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George Osborne and Danny Alexander briefed the Cabinet today on the 2015/16 spending review. Picture: Getty

Cabinet agrees ‘difficult decisions’ due for 2015/16 spending review

22 January 2013 13:52

Ministers aren’t just getting ready for March’s Budget: they’re also trying to work out a ‘budget setting process’ for 2015/16. The content of that slimmed-down departmental spending review formed the… Continue reading

Danny Alexander's call for the abolition of higher-rate relief on pension contributions has received the backing of the Centre for Policy Studies. Picture: Getty

The coalition’s next big test

8 December 2012 12:59

With the political dust settling from the autumn statement, attention in Whitehall is turning to the mid-term review. The mid-term review is the last chance for the coalition to embark… Continue reading

Danny Alexander's call for the abolition of higher-rate relief on pension contributions has received the backing of the Centre for Policy Studies. Picture: Getty

Thatcher’s favourite think tank backs Danny Alexander

26 November 2012 18:50

In the run-up to the Budget in March, Danny Alexander was pushing for the abolition of higher-rate relief on pension contributions, which would save the government £7 billion plus a… Continue reading

Cameron and Clegg and the rest of the Quad discussed options for the mid-term review

What will the coalition do next?

11 November 2012 17:53

We are now closer to the 2015 election than the 2010 one. We also expected by now to have the coalition’s mid-term review, the document that will set out its… Continue reading

Danny Alexander turned up the pressure on Alex Salmond

Danny Alexander: We’d do it all over again

28 October 2012 11:59

Danny Alexander told Andrew Neil on The Sunday Politics that even if he had known the economy would only grow by 0.6% rather than the five and a half percent… Continue reading

Danny Alexander turned up the pressure on Alex Salmond

Danny Alexander finally finds some friends

10 October 2012 15:54

The press officer for the Cairngorms National Park turned Chief Secretary to the Treasury faces constant accusations that he has gone ‘native’, owing to the relish with which he has… Continue reading

A vote for Danny is a vote for George. Photo: Getty Images.

Lib Dem conference: Danny Alexander reaffirms support for Osborne’s Plan A

24 September 2012 15:40

Danny Alexander had reason to be very chuffed this morning when his party gave its overwhelming support to a motion he tabled, praising George Osborne’s Plan A for the economy.… Continue reading

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Oliver Letwin Photo:Stefan Rousseau/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Lib Dem conference: Danny Alexander and Oliver Letwin get cosy

23 September 2012 20:01

The big joke at the Social Market Foundation and TUC fringe this evening was that two of the panelists could have delivered one another’s speeches. Those panelists were Oliver Letwin… Continue reading

The broken pledge.

Lib Dem conference: Danny Alexander admits he knew tuition fees pledge was unaffordable

23 September 2012 11:38

Liberal Democrats here in Brighton are divided on the Clegg tuition fees apology. Most of them feel it was worth a try, that it was necessary if the party is… Continue reading

Danny Alexander calls for the income tax threshold to rise to £10,000. Picture: Getty.

Danny Alexander fires shot in fairer taxes battle

18 September 2012 18:40

Danny Alexander is clearly super-keen to remind everyone of what the Lib Dem slogan is for their party conference, which begins on Saturday. ‘We need fairer taxes in these tough… Continue reading