Danny Alexander

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Coffee Shots: Clegg press conference packed to the rafters

5 February 2015 16:04

Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander may have been hoping for an inspiring backdrop to their tax policy launch today when they booked the Shard as the venue. Sadly, it was foggy.… Continue reading

Chancellor George Osborne Delivers His Autumn Statement

Danny Alexander: David Cameron is an ‘enemy of aspiration’

26 January 2015 13:51

As coalition rows go, today’s ‘spat’ over who is most supportive of aspirational voters really is the more boring for a while. David Cameron has been talking about Britain’s ‘tax… Continue reading

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon meets with David Cameron in her office at the Scottish Parliament (Photo: Andrew Milligan/Getty)

UK and Scottish governments already at each other’s throats over extra devolution

22 January 2015 15:25

It didn’t take long. In fact, the tweet from Nicola Sturgeon appeared soon after Alistair Carmichael had started speaking this morning. Smith clauses publication welcome – but doesn’t include a… Continue reading

(Photo: BBC)

Michael Gove might not be preparing for another coalition. But other Tories are

6 January 2015 15:22

Michael Gove pitched up on Newsnight yesterday to give one of his typically confident performances to the programme. Apparently CCHQ don’t believe any floating voters watch the BBC’s flagging current affairs… Continue reading

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The Union needs balance

16 December 2014 13:45

Today’s Guardian long-read on the Scottish referendum is a great piece of journalism. Both Alistair Darling and Danny Alexander argue in it that when David Cameron stepped out of Downing… Continue reading


The tricks being played over a VAT rise

9 December 2014 17:34

Today’s Treasury Questions was a bit odd, not least because neither George Osborne nor Ed Balls were there, so everyone seemed to be quite keen to get the thing over… Continue reading

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander in Downing Street

Danny Alexander’s house building pledge is just a cunning PR strategy

3 December 2014 11:18

Danny Alexander’s latest plot to make the state a major player in housebuilding is just the latest in a line of useless political schemes to appease all the wrong people… Continue reading

The Liberal Democrats Hold Their Annual Party Conference

Danny Alexander reveals government to build new homes

2 December 2014 11:51

How much of a role should the government have in building homes? The vogue these days is for talking about localist solutions and helping the private sector to grow, but… Continue reading


Does George Osborne really lock his office fridge at night?

18 November 2014 17:11

It seems the most exciting thing to come out of today’s Commons press gallery lunch with Danny Alexander was the Chief Secretary to the Treasury’s claim that George Osborne locks… Continue reading

Danny Alexander's call for the abolition of higher-rate relief on pension contributions has received the backing of the Centre for Policy Studies. Picture: Getty

Danny Alexander indicates that the Lib Dems wants £5 billion in tax rises

6 October 2014 20:37

In a sign of his enhanced status in the party, Danny Alexander has been one of the main attractions on the conference fringe this year. This evening, it was standing… Continue reading

The Liberal Democrats Hold Their Annual Party Conference At SECC Glasgow

Danny Alexander rolls up his sleeves to attack the Tories

5 October 2014 17:25

Danny Alexander clearly wanted to come across as casual and jovial for his speech to the Lib Dem conference. He wasn’t wearing a tie. His top button wasn’t done up.… Continue reading

Lib dem poster van

Lib Dems switch on the sunshine – and attack ‘sinister’ Yes tactics

16 September 2014 12:12

The Lib Dems have just launched the final leg of their campaign against Scottish independence, which is a poster van with Charles Kennedy’s head emblazoned across it and three of… Continue reading

The Championships - Wimbledon 2013: Day Five

The case for Britain is being made in Scotland, now it must be made in England too

14 September 2014 11:40

At times in the last few months, it has seemed that if no one was making the case for Britain in Scotland. Too often it seemed that Better Together knew… Continue reading

Time for some Lib Dem reflection (Photo: Ben Gurr - WPA Pool/Getty)

The Lib Dems must start to claim credit for the Coalition’s economic successes

3 June 2014 14:58

Jokes about their lock-in aside, today’s re-launch by Nick Clegg and Vince Cable apparently heralds the Deputy Prime Minister’s attempt to get the Lib Dems to take credit for policies announced… Continue reading


Five things you need to know about the Scottish independence papers

28 May 2014 22:36

Her Majesty’s Treasury and the Scottish government have been at war today. Both have released papers with conflicting predictions about whether the Scots would be better off outside of the… Continue reading

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg Delivers His Keynote Speech At The Liberal Democrat Party Conference

The three things keeping Nick Clegg safe

25 May 2014 16:58

This weekend was always going to be an unpleasant one for Nick Clegg. The delay between the council results on Friday and tonight’s European Election count meant that the pain… Continue reading

Nick Clegg Gives A Speech On Britain In Europe

Will the Lib Dems enter another coalition?

23 April 2014 18:16

Danny Alexander’s comments to the BBC that, in the event of another hung parliament, the Lib Dems wouldn’t make a confidence and supply deal with either the Tories or Labour,… Continue reading

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond (

Osborne and Alexander deny Scotland could keep the pound

29 March 2014 9:48

After Nick Watt’s stunning scoop this morning on an unnamed minister saying that an independent Scotland could keep the pound after all, George Osborne and Danny Alexander have released this… Continue reading

The Liberal Democrats Hold Their Annual Party Conference

The Lib Dems could go from being the ‘nice party’ to the ‘nasty party’

11 March 2014 13:22

Danny Alexander managed to please Ed Balls at Treasury Questions today by revealing that he wasn’t opposed to the Shadow Chancellor’s call for the Office for Budget Responsibility to audit… Continue reading

Going native? (Photo: Getty)

Nick Clegg: Rob Wilson is as good a wingman as Icarus was

11 February 2014 13:08

That Danny Alexander struggles with appearing to have gone native in the Treasury has been well known in Westminster for a long time. He gets on well with George Osborne… Continue reading

The Liberal Democrats Hold Their Annual Party Conference

Return of the native as Danny Alexander tries to differentiate from Tories

5 February 2014 10:35

‘I know a few people who could arrange just that,’ remarked a Tory MP this morning on reading Danny Alexander’s remarks in the Mirror that the Conservatives would reduce the… Continue reading

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Grangemouth – six things you need to know

23 October 2013 13:10

1. Why have I heard of Grangemouth before? Its oil refinery is of huge strategic importance, providing 80pc of Scotland’s fuel and large chunks of England’s too. That’s why a… Continue reading

Danny Alexander is trying to take ownership of raising the income tax threshold. Photo: Getty Images.

Did the next coalition talks just start?

14 October 2013 17:06

The Tory talk of backing an increase (£) in the personal tax allowance to £12,500 serves several purposes. First, it makes it easier for the Tories to champion raising the rate to… Continue reading

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The week, in audio

20 September 2013 16:05

Britain’s no3 political party held their annual conference this week. But before that, the Liberal Democrats met in Glasgow. The week started with Nick Clegg evading questions about Vince Cable’s… Continue reading

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Lib Dem conference: Danny Alexander’s speech – full text

17 September 2013 16:12

listen to ‘Danny Alexander: There's no spending bonanza around the corner’ on Audioboo Conference, it’s great to have you here in Scotland. In Glasgow or, as we like to call… Continue reading