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Express Newspapers sale Desmond

Trigger warning: students vote to ban ‘offensive’ newspapers at journalism school

18 November 2016 13:51

Oh dear. With Stepford students on a mission to make every university a safe space, there has been a clear…

Liz Truss

The unfair attacks on Liz Truss prove that Parliament has too many lawyers

8 November 2016 15:52

If there were any doubt that there are too many lawyers in Parliament it has been removed by the meeting,…


In defence of the Daily Mail

8 November 2016 12:15

Who’s more hysterical: the Daily Mail for branding three judges ‘enemies of the people’ or the Dailymailphobes who have spent…

David Cameron Holds The First Cabinet Meeting Since The UK Voted To Leave The EU

Is Theresa May the Daily Mail’s Manchurian candidate?

12 July 2016 9:51

News of Theresa May’s coronation as the next Prime Minister is – as you’d expect – emblazoned on the front…

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Sarah Vine takes a break from the Daily Mail

6 July 2016 8:54

The past week has proved to be a busy time for the Gove household. After Sarah Vine declared in her Daily Mail…

teh queen

Is anyone surprised that the Queen didn’t approve of gay marriage?

7 March 2016 15:43

Of all the frankly riveting stuff in the Daily Mail’s serial of what it calls ‘The Unknown Queen’ — nicely timed…

"The Churchill Factor: How One Man Made History" by Boris Johnson - Book Launch Party

Rachel Johnson lifts the lid on Boris’s Brexit deliberations: tennis, frozen lasagne and Nigel Farage

28 February 2016 11:31

This week Sarah Vine used her Daily Mail column to reveal the details of the roast lamb supper her husband Michael Gove used…

EU draft deal: How the papers have reacted to David Cameron’s reform package

3 February 2016 7:52

David Cameron has done his best to talk up his draft package of reforms with the EU. He said yesterday:…


Labour’s war with the BBC wages on: ‘Marr’s Corbyn interview was a disgrace’

18 January 2016 9:20

Jeremy Corbyn’s interview on The Andrew Marr Show yesterday saw the Labour leader wax lyrical on the virtues of Trident…

British illusionist Derren Brown arrives

Derren Brown tells Daily Mail hacks to commit suicide

12 January 2016 13:17

Last year Benedict Cumberbatch came under fire for giving an impromptu expletive-filled rant on the government’s handling of the refugee crisis…


Jan Moir predicts a ch-ch-change to David Bowie’s peace of mind

11 January 2016 12:00

This morning the nation has gone into Twitter mourning after news broke that David Bowie had passed away following a…


Nicola Sturgeon parties with the Daily Mail

17 October 2015 12:37

Nicola Sturgeon and the Daily Mail hosted a drinks reception for journalists last night. The unholy alliance included speeches from…

A makeshift church in Calais (Photo: Francois Lo Presti/Getty)

I’m ready to be more hospitable to refugees (on one condition)

10 September 2015 15:51

I read in the Daily Mail that the hunt is on for an Isis terrorist camped out in Calais who is…

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Is Nicola Sturgeon trying to have her feminist cake and eat it too?

7 September 2015 12:26

Nicola Sturgeon is fed up that ‘literally every time I’m on camera’ people discuss her appearance. She’s so fed up,…

Middle class people are not the most at risk from alcohol-related harm, despite drinking more

The myth of the ‘middle class drink epidemic’

24 July 2015 11:48

With alcohol consumption falling every year for over a decade it is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain the myth that…

The family from Luton are though to have entered Syria to join Islamic State (Photo: Bedfordshire police)

If only more people joined Islamic State

2 July 2015 11:07

Here’s the headline from the Daily Mail: Family of 12 from Luton – including a baby and two grandparents who…


Cameron needs to keep the momentum going in tonight’s Question Time

30 April 2015 13:41

Tonight’s Question Time is, probably, the most important TV event of the campaign. The fact that it is on BBC1…


Watch: Russell Brand trespasses on Lord Rothermere’s property

20 April 2015 12:25

Earlier this year Mr S revealed that Russell Brand had made an unwelcome visit to the home of Lord Rothermere, the proprietor of…

Hairspray Premiere - Arrivals

Don’t get angry at Katie Hopkins if you don’t support policies that could save migrants

20 April 2015 11:29

The latest issue of The Spectator carries an interesting piece by James Bartholomew on ‘virtue signalling’, the bane of social…

The Leveson Inquiry Continues Into Culture, Practices And Ethics Of The Press

Alan Rusbridger vs Max Hastings: round two

10 March 2015 12:26

After Max Hastings wrote a column for the Daily Mail arguing that civil liberties groups should not get in the…


Bad news for the lazy – jogging isn’t actually bad for you

6 February 2015 9:54

There’s nothing the health editors of the nation love more than a counter-intuitive story. We’ve been over the red-wine-is-good-for-you, chocolate-is-good-for-you…

Party people

War of words: Alan Rusbridger vs Max Hastings

5 February 2015 9:02

To the fifth anniversary of Big Brother Watch, where Mr S joined David Davis and Alan Rusbridger in an apartment opposite Thames…

Tobacco-Free Electronic Cigarettes To Be Licensed As A Medicine

Finally! A health story about cancer that doesn’t resort to hyperbole

22 January 2015 17:36

The lot of the snarky health-science debunker is not a happy one. It involves going to a lot of newspaper…

Russell Brand was an unwelcome guest at Lord Rothermere's home

Exclusive: Russell Brand pays an unwelcome visit to Lord Rothermere’s home

20 January 2015 8:00

Russell Brand’s stints filming for his new documentary on the financial crisis have so far seen him storm RBS and…

red wine chocolate

How not to be taken for a mug by misleading health stories this New Year

31 December 2014 16:25

The Christmas/New Year period is always fun for health balls. Because we like drinking lots of wine and eating lots…