Four (more) reasons to loathe Oxford

3 November 2014 8:07

Nick Cohen observed in a recent Spectator: ‘The graduates of Oxford’s Politics, Philosophy and Economics course form the largest single component of the most despised generation of politicians since the… Continue reading

Ironman Wales

Cycling, HIV, domestic abuse. You can find discrimination everywhere, if you try

16 September 2014 18:13

You have to wonder about the future of the Conservative party when you hear stories like this, from the Birmingham Post: ‘Councillor Deirdre Alden (Con, Edgbaston) said she was concerned… Continue reading

Cyclists in London are at the mercy of local government authorities' confused plans.

Has local government in London left cycling in the wrong lane?

19 November 2013 10:42

A couple of months ago I wrote to the Crown Estate about its bike-unfriendly redevelopment of London’s Haymarket area, and was rather surprised when their London team offered to meet… Continue reading


The View from 22 podcast: Ab Fab Britain, war on cycling and devolution dangers

7 November 2013 8:30

Are young people in Britain now duller than their parents? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Spectator editor Fraser Nelson discusses why Britain is now full of young puritans,… Continue reading

Folding Bikes Race At Goodwood

Cyclists, why are we paying for your bikes?

31 July 2013 11:42

My best mate revealed to me that his bicycle was wrecked. I asked if he would be buying a new one. He said yes, via the government’s Cycle To Work… Continue reading


The View from 22 — Sex and success, Conservative vs. Labour unity and the two-wheeled tyranny of cyclists

25 April 2013 9:20

What do Margaret Thatcher, Sheryl Sandberg and Angela Merkel have in common? They are the ultimate alpha-female icons, according to Alison Wolf. In this week’s Spectator cover feature, Alison examines the… Continue reading


Lance Armstrong, the Greatest Cheat in the History of Sport, Prepares to Admit His Sins - Spectator Blogs

5 January 2013 20:21

The news, reported by the New York Times, that Lance Armstrong is preparing to confess his sins reminds me of this passage from the Book of Daniel: Thou, O king,… Continue reading

Le Tour 2010 - Stage Sixteen

Lance Armstrong: It Wasn't Just About the Bike - Spectator Blogs

24 August 2012 12:01

In one sense, I have some sympathy for Lance Armstrong. He has been hounded by the American anti-doping agency USADA who, like other federal agencies, are remorseless foes. Once they… Continue reading

Cyclists squeeze between London buses as

The government needs to make cycling safer, and so do we all

2 August 2012 16:06

In the last week alone by winning Olympic gold and through his victory in the Tour de France, Bradley Wiggins has single-handedly raised the profile of cycling in this country.… Continue reading


How dangerous is cycling?

3 February 2012 15:49

Am I dicing with death every morning and evening? The Times would say so. I cycle to work, and, for the past two days, the Times has given over its… Continue reading


Westminster’s Festina Affair

20 July 2011 14:04

Cycling fans will recall the Festina Affair that crippled the 1998 version of the Tour de France. The discovery that the peloton could be considered a travelling pharmacy did not… Continue reading


No More Facts for Lance

9 June 2011 17:07

It seems that, in cycling as everything else, when the facts become intolerable it’s no longer credible to insist upon them. That being the case it’s not, perhaps, a great… Continue reading


Wouter Weylandt’s Cortege

11 May 2011 12:53

There was no racing in the Giro d’Italia yesterday. Instead the peloton rode at a funereal pace to honour Wouter Weylandt, the Belgian sprinter killed in a crash on Monday.… Continue reading


Wouter Weylandt, 1984-2011

9 May 2011 17:49

I was all set to write a post complaining that, as usual, the Anglophone press never pays enough attention* to the Giro d’Italia but for the saddest of all possible… Continue reading


The Crack-Up

13 July 2010 2:47

Lance Armstrong, shattered, is surrounded by the press after hauling himself to the finish line at Morzine on Sunday. Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images When a great champion cracks in the… Continue reading


The Road to Hell is Paved with Cobblestones

7 July 2010 4:35

I’m not going to write about the Tour de France every day – just as I won’t about the cricket season as soon as anything interesting or significant happens –… Continue reading


The Ethics of Cycle-Sadism

6 July 2010 0:04

Fabian Cancellara is one hell of a bike rider, but Sartacus blundered today. That’s him on the left and in the Yellow Jersey reminding the peloton that they wouldn’t race… Continue reading

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The Nobility of Defeat

29 May 2010 1:25

  As you know, it’s Ivan Basso in the picture here and on Saturday, for the first time and on the penultimate stage, in this year’s Giro d’Italia he will… Continue reading


Is Lance Armstrong a Cheat?

21 May 2010 1:02

This is a question of faith and those who believe won’t let anything change their mind, while those who can’t believe in the Miracle of Lance won’t be satisfied until… Continue reading


Forza Evans!

15 May 2010 20:30

Cadel Evans wins Stage 7 of the 2010 Giro d’Italia in Montalcino. Photo: Luk Beines/AFP/Getty Images. What with being deprived of, for various reasons*, Contador, Menchov, Valverde, Pellizotti, di Luca,… Continue reading


The Rights of Fans vs The Rights of Stars

14 July 2009 23:14

Tuesday’s stage in the Tour de France was interesting and, in its way, revealing. Ultimately, it was about power and interest. Should the race be run be its organisers or,… Continue reading


Today vs Yesterday: Tour de France Special Edition

3 July 2009 1:57

The Tour de France begins tomorrow and it will not surprise long-time readers that my main concern is that Lance Armstrong does not win it again. Like any sensible enthusiast… Continue reading


Lance Armstrong and the Giro: Part 2

28 May 2009 23:31

I’ll give Lance Armstrong’s fans this: they know how to count to seven. Beyond that, however, they’re rather like members of a cult who refuse to accept that there could… Continue reading


Tour de France: Prison Edition

27 May 2009 15:36

The Giro d’Italia isn’t the only cycling story around right now. Not by a long shot! Consider this: Close to 200 prisoners will cycle around France next month, watched by… Continue reading


Lance Armstrong and the Giro d’Italia

21 May 2009 15:34

Among the plethora of things I hold against Lance Armstrong is the way that his story – no matter how inspiring and heroic and extraordinary it has been – has… Continue reading