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Fitch's downgrading of the UK's credit rating isn't as explosive for George Osborne as the first announcement in February, but it's still annoying. Picture: Getty

Fitch downgrades UK credit rating

19 April 2013 17:54

Fitch’s announcement that it is downgrading the UK’s credit rating to AA+ isn’t as politically explosive as the downgrade from Moody’s in February, as it was inevitable that once one… Continue reading

George Osborne answering Ed Balls' Urgent Question on the UK's credit rating today.

AAA credit rating: George Osborne gives Labour a (revisionist) history lesson

25 February 2013 17:31

George Osborne was playing historian today as he responded to Ed Balls’ urgent question on the credit rating downgrade, charting Labour’s role in the UK’s loss of the AAA rating;… Continue reading

George Osborne meets France's finance minister this morning, presumably to swap tips on credit ratings. Picture: Getty

Will the UK keep its AA1 rating until 2015?

25 February 2013 13:46

Labour has been granted an urgent question in the Commons on the loss of the AAA credit rating this afternoon, and we can expect George Osborne to reiterate his comments… Continue reading

Britain lost its AAA credit rating this evening. Picture: Getty

AAA loss is politically difficult for Osborne

22 February 2013 22:45

The United Kingdom’s triple A rating is now lost with one credit rating agency, Moody’s. This is a politically difficult moment for George Osborne. Back in February 2010, he set… Continue reading

Two workers leave the downgrade factory.

Why Britain lost its AAA rating

22 February 2013 22:41

Even the pessimistic analysts had given Britain until September to lose its AAA rating. That it has happened now, before the Budget, shows just how fast things are moving. Moody’s… Continue reading

David Cameron on a visit this week. Today he said he didn't bicker with Nick Clegg in private. Picture: Getty

In a preview of David Cameron’s 2013, Europe dominates his New Year interview

6 January 2013 10:33

David Cameron’s New Year interview on Marr was dominated not by the economy but by Europe. In a sign of what the promise of a speech setting out his European… Continue reading

This time it's amber. Next time, a red light for Osborne from S&P- unless he can grow the economy.

Citi: Osborne “no longer has credible plans” to tackle debt

7 December 2012 15:24

Britain will lose its AAA rating within 18 months because George Osborne ‘no longer has credible plans to put the debt/GDP ratio on a stable or declining path’ according to… Continue reading

George Osborne

If Britain loses its AAA rating, Osborne will lose one of his key attack lines

6 December 2012 10:08

George Osborne’s admission that he will not meet his target to have debt as a percentage of GDP falling by 2015/16 has serious consequences for one of his central messages.… Continue reading

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander in Downing Street

Danny Alexander: Triple A rating isn’t the be-all and end-all

6 August 2012 8:53

‘I am proud to be part of a UK government that has re-established our country’s financial credibility. And the credit rating agencies rate the UK as triple A. The low… Continue reading

Prime Minister David Cameron And Chancellor George Osborne Ahead Of A Critical Week At The Leveson Inquiry

Osborne seizes on S&P ratings relief

28 July 2012 20:05

You’d think that after the bad economic news of the past week, George Osborne might have reverted to submarine mode as soon as he possibly could, moving quietly under the… Continue reading

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Vice-President Biden Hosts Luncheon For UK PM David Cameron

Egan-Jones cuts UK credit rating

4 June 2012 23:30

Even as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee BBC Concert rocked on outside Buckingham Palace (amid the slightly worrying news that the Duke of Edinburgh is in hospital), some bad economic news… Continue reading


Your guide to Osborne’s fiscal rules

28 March 2012 16:02

George Osborne’s two fiscal rules have been around since his very first Budget, delivered almost two years ago, so they’re hardly news. But they do underpin much of what he’s done… Continue reading


Post-Moody’s, King backs Osborne

15 February 2012 14:20

Moody’s doubts might not be making much difference to the actual economy, but they could make a good deal of difference to the political battle being waged over it. George… Continue reading


Inflation falls as the VAT rise drops out

14 February 2012 11:18

Late last year, the Tory party’s brains trust found that the inflation numbers corresponded directly to whether or not people thought that the economy was on the right track. When… Continue reading


A warning for Osborne and his economic agenda

14 February 2012 9:41

Why did Moody’s downgrade Britain to AAA with a negative outlook, but leave other countries on AAA? One crucial factor is the scale of our debt increase: 60 per cent… Continue reading


Labour’s plan would have cost us our AAA rating

14 February 2012 8:21

For Ed Balls this morning, there is only one conclusion to be drawn from the news about our credit rating: ‘A change of course is needed.’ But to what? Balls… Continue reading


Moody’s puts UK’s AAA rating on negative outlook

14 February 2012 0:08

‘It’s now clear that Britain’s economic reputation is on the line at the next general election, another reason for bringing the date forward and having that election now … For… Continue reading


S&P to downgrade France and Austria

13 January 2012 15:57

The word is that France will be downgraded by Standard and Poor’s tonight. AFP is reporting that French officials expect France to drop to a AA+ rating, losing its treasured… Continue reading


France downgraded

13 January 2012 15:44

France is set to lose its AAA-rating with Standard & Poor’s later tonight, according to Reuters. We’ll have more on this soon.


Another sign of coalition splits over Europe

17 December 2011 10:42

Coalition tensions over Europe are again threatening to be the story this morning. Nick Clegg has told The Guardian’s Patrick Wintour that Britain has ‘signalled we are happy for them… Continue reading


Clegg rebukes French PM

16 December 2011 17:09

Normally, ‘read-outs’ on telephone calls between members of the British government and their counterparts overseas are fairly bland affairs. But today’s one on a conversation between Nick Clegg and the… Continue reading


Fiscal union would hit eurozone credit ratings

6 December 2011 12:12

There is predictable euro-rage today at Standard and Poor’s warning that there’s a 50/50 chance that the six AAA eurozone countries could see their credit rating downgraded. But if the… Continue reading


Mutiny in the air

6 December 2011 9:14

David Cameron’s European problems seem to be mounting. The usual suspects — Carswell, Redwood, Jenkin et al — have been only too happy to take the airwaves and talk of… Continue reading


Why Obama is still odds on for re-election — just

6 August 2011 18:07

A credit downgrade, unemployment at 9.1 per cent, spluttering growth — the economic cards are certainly stacked against Obama for his re-election in 2012. But here’s the thing: American punters… Continue reading


Would the Darling Plan have satisfied the credit rating agencies?

6 August 2011 12:15

Why have we retained our AAA credit rating despite, by S&P’s figures, suffering a larger debt-GDP ratio than America? The Taxpayers’ Alliance’s Matthew Sinclair answers the question in some detail… Continue reading