A post-Brexit slump? Here’s the good news about Britain’s economy you didn’t hear

4 January 2017 16:05

The rearguard Remain campaign is now living in a parallel universe. In the past 24 hours we have heard endless…

Government Housing Plans Threaten Greenfield Sites

This government is solving Britain’s homes crisis

29 May 2014 14:39

An Englishman’s home is his castle. And today, record numbers of people are living that adage thanks to Help to…

Eric Pickles has argued that the barrier to housebuilding is availability of credit, not the planning system. Picture: Getty

Budget 2013: New ‘Help to Buy’ plan is a boost for Eric Pickles

20 March 2013 16:10

One of the big measures in today’s Budget was the Help to Buy scheme. It answers two demands: the first…


Whisper it, but the British economy may in better shape than you think... - Spectator Blogs

7 February 2013 12:51

Doom and gloom is all around. This is another winter, if not of discontent, then certainly of persistent grumbling. Optimism…


Where will Cameron’s road proposal take us?

19 March 2012 9:15

Are we facing ‘toll road UK’, as the Mirror suggests this morning? That is certainly a possibility arising from David…

What the GDP figures mean politically

27 April 2011 10:29

The coalition can breathe a little easier today. The economy returned to growth in the first quarter of this year,…

The cost to a nation

3 April 2011 16:24

When the West looks at Japan, it’s strange that so much attention falls on the Japanese nuclear plants when the…

Osborne pulls it off

23 March 2011 15:36

George Osborne beat the expectations game today. His abolition of the fuel duty escalator for this parliament should — Elizabeth…