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Boris is fed up with being the butt of the government’s jokes

26 November 2016 10:27

In the autumn statement, Philip Hammond chose to mock Boris’ failed leadership bid. This wasn’t the first time that one…


Tory Brexiteers pressure May to quit EU single market and customs union

19 November 2016 10:10

Normally, the Saturday before an autumn statement would be dominated by speculation about what is in it. But, as I…

Britain’s troubled housing market is fuelling social immobility and resentment

7 November 2016 12:00

‘Prefabs to solve housing crisis,’ screamed the front page of the Sunday Telegraph last weekend. Can the shortage of homes…


Watch: Theresa May’s embarrassment after PMQs grandad gaffe

2 November 2016 12:34

Poor old Theresa May. The Prime Minister did her best to try and share some good feeling with those on the…

Amber Rudd is right, Orgreave is best consigned to the history books

1 November 2016 16:17

So, there will be no public inquiry into the Battle of Orgreave in 1984, and no left-wing lawyers making a…


Tory MP compares unpaid internships to the slave trade

1 November 2016 15:27

As the government considers a ban on unpaid internships, Theresa May has been accused of pursuing a ‘purge of the posh’.…

The Heathrow saga: What the papers are saying

26 October 2016 9:21

Heathrow’s third runway has won the backing of the Government but the long-running saga over the airport’s expansion rumbles on.…

Theresa May should ignore the privately-educated elite and press on with her grammar school plans

24 October 2016 12:12

It has become customary in the great grammar school debate to declare where you went to school. I attended the…

Theresa May’s Ukip opportunity

23 October 2016 11:13

Since Nigel Farage’s latest resignation as Ukip leader, it has become clear that he is the only person who can…

Tories on 47 per cent share of the vote in latest poll

19 October 2016 16:27

Polls have made miserable reading for Jeremy Corbyn ever since he won his first leadership election last year. And the…

Will Brexit butcher the banks?

16 October 2016 11:33

The financial crisis defines our age. It helps explain everything from the presidential nomination of Donald Trump to Jeremy Corbyn’s…

Theresa May is Blue Labour at heart

15 October 2016 12:18

I never really agreed with the central-thesis of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy — that ‘42’ is the answer…

Why are some trying to turn life into one big hate-crime?

10 October 2016 17:14

After voting for Brexit earlier this year did you come over all homophobic? I mean after you did all the…

Shami Chakrabarti isn’t alone in her selective stance on schooling

10 October 2016 12:57

The only thing to be said for Shami Chakrabarti’s stance on selective education – she’s against the reintroduction of grammar…

Theresa May has helped Brexit seem doable

9 October 2016 14:33

People attack the whole business of having an EU referendum, but one of its pluses was that it invited millions…

Theresa May’s plain style is a blessed relief

8 October 2016 15:06

Mrs May’s plain style may well come to irritate people in a few months, but just now it is extremely…

A good Brexit is a hard Brexit

8 October 2016 8:17

What you really should have done if you were in Birmingham on Monday this week was skip the not notably…

Coffee House Shots: The verdict on Theresa May’s conference speech

5 October 2016 15:46

Theresa May has brought the curtain down on this year’s Tory party conference with a speech in which she made…


Full text: Theresa May’s conference speech

5 October 2016 14:19

When we came to Birmingham this week, some big questions were hanging in the air. Do we have a plan…

Theresa May’s Brexit vision gets the thumbs-up from the traditional Tory troublemakers

4 October 2016 12:49

Theresa May hasn’t been Prime Minister for 100 days yet but already she’s achieved what few other Tory leaders before…


Full text: Michael Fallon’s Tory party conference speech

4 October 2016 11:57

This week our party is putting forward a vision of a country that works for everyone. Where you can go…

Coffee House Shots: Philip Hammond’s conference speech

3 October 2016 13:57

Philip Hammond is the unlikely headline act of the day at the Conservative party conference. The Chancellor used his speech…

Full text: David Davis’s conference speech

2 October 2016 15:59

Ladies and gentlemen, on the 23rd of June the British people voted for change. And this is going to be…


Full speech: Theresa May on ‘Britain after Brexit’

2 October 2016 15:39

81 days ago, I stood in front of Ten Downing Street for the first time as Prime Minister, and I…

David Cameron resigning as Prime Minister (Getty).

Will David Cameron only be remembered for Brexit?

15 September 2016 12:21

At the moment, the consensus is that Brexit will be Cameron’s legacy, that the thing people will remember about his…