Tim Montgomerie. Photo: BBC.

What’s next for Tim Montgomerie?

10 March 2014 22:42

Normally, we wouldn’t blog about a journalist moving jobs — but Tim Montgomerie is an exception. He is an actor…

A Conservative rally, from when the party had a mass membership. Photo: Ray Moreton/Keystone/Getty Images

Conservative party membership has nearly halved under Cameron

18 September 2013 8:45

134,000. That’s how many members the Conservative Party now has, according to Paul Goodman at ConservativeHome. Despite months of campaigning…

Will our press be gagged by statutory regulation?

The View from 22 — the fight for press freedom and an EU problem for Cameron

1 November 2012 10:02

What effect would any form of statutory regulation have on the press in this country? In this week’s cover feature, Nick…

Has Obama lost his super powers? We discuss on this week's Spectator podcast.

The View from 22 — Obama in free fall, an EU referendum promise, Andrew Mitchell and Tory strategies

18 October 2012 9:12

Has Barack Obama rediscovered his magic powers just in time to take him back to the White House? In this week’s…

Iain Duncan Smith has suggested there may be further welfare cuts. Photo: Getty Images.

Conservative conference: Iain Duncan Smith admits ‘We will have to take more money out of welfare’

7 October 2012 19:56

The Tory party loves its former leaders and the queue for Conservative Home’s fringe event with Iain Duncan Smith went…

Frankie says no dice to wasteful quangos. Photo: PA.

Firestarter Francis Maude needs to keep fanning the quango bonfire

22 August 2012 13:30

The Prime Minister once promised a ‘bonfire of the quangos’. Although his government has sometimes failed to fulfil expectations, his firestarter…

Ed welcomes in the Northamptonshire voters. Photo: PA

Conservative Corby slips away

16 August 2012 18:30

The first polling on the Corby and East Northamptonshire by-election is out today and not surprisingly, it suggests that Labour…


‘David Cameron stands for being Prime Minister’

6 July 2012 15:30

‘What do you think David Cameron stands for?’ a Tory MP asked me recently. Unsure of his point, I burbled…


The 301 Group purge the 1922 committee

16 May 2012 20:25

The 1922 elections were not a clean sweep for the loyalist 301 Group slate, they missed out on one of…


Boris keeps on charming his party

14 May 2012 12:10

Not since Michael Heseltine has there been a politician who is so adept at finding the g-spot of the Tory…


Tory Ministers need to back the Health Bill

19 February 2012 10:55

Tomorrow’s Downing Street meeting on the implementation of the health reforms is meant to send the message that the bill…


Lansley’s holding on — for now

12 February 2012 10:08

After originally deploying Sayeeda Warsi against ConservativeHome’s anti-Health Bill sentiment, David Cameron is now doing his fighting for himself. He…


Lansley’s battle should’ve never been fought

10 February 2012 14:54

A small war has broken out over Lansley’s NHS Bill — ConservativeHome has three Cabinet members attacking it. I find…


Lansley’s health problems are starting to look terminal

10 February 2012 9:14

The discontent with Andrew Lansley’s health reforms has been rising since the New Year. But, one or two threatening quotations…

It’s all in the cost

9 May 2011 14:44

I’ve just caught up with Tim Montgomerie’s exhaustive and tremendously insightful account of the successful No to AV campaign. For…

Downing Street’s bureaucratic burden

24 February 2011 10:04

Do head over to ConservativeHome, where Tim Montgomerie has put together a comprehensive guide to the revamped Downing Street operation.…

Why Coulson’s departure matters

22 January 2011 13:00

Courtesy of the ConHome tag team of Paul Goodman and Tim Montgomerie, two articles that are worth adding to your…

The coming battle over Mainstream Conservatism

10 December 2010 11:52

It’s not just the students who are waging a political struggle. In yesterday’s Times (£), Tim Montgomerie fired up a…

ConservativeHome goes global

15 November 2010 11:54

A post about the blogosphere, I know – but I thought CoffeeHousers might appreciate a link to the new ConservativeHome…

Did business interests or media interest sink David Rowland?

19 August 2010 18:13

Today’s most intriguing political story is that David Rowland will not become Tory Treasurer after all. The press release from…

The Tories’ final push

30 April 2010 9:02

Fresh from David Cameron’s victory in the final TV debate, the Tory campaign has taken another assured step this morning. …

The Tories invite you to join government

12 April 2010 23:29

Battersea Power Station was the site of one of the Tories’ most effective publicity stunts of recent months – and…

Memo to the Tories: stop talking about being authentic, and just do it

22 March 2010 9:08

Paul Goodman wrote a thought-provoking article for ConHome last week, in which he suggested that “authenticity vs artificiality” will be…

Brown faces the Rawnsley revelations, while the Tories face the polls

20 February 2010 22:37

The question tonight is: which piece of bad news will make the biggest impact?  The bad news for the Tories,…

Tim Montgomerie’s broad church

13 February 2010 14:02

The FT Magazine has a cover boy today: Tim Montgomerie. It’s about how “a small group of Christian Conservatives are…